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June Y.
Last year my brother and my daughter bought matching 4 Touring Priuses last July. It was an easy and straight forward purchase. Evan made sure we were happy and the price was per the Edmunds quote.

At the end of February 2017, we contacted Evan. We were retiring our older Camry and were trying to line up the purchase of a new car to swap it out. Evan let us test drive cars since we were not sure what we wanted. After driving a few cars, we emailed him what options, colors we wanted for our Camry Hybrid. With his help we were able to synchronize the purchase of the new car.He got us the car we wanted and we are very happy.

If you want great customer service and attention to detail, call Evan.  We will refer friends and family to him in the future.

Madaline C.
My husband and I are so happy with the level of customer service and professionalism that we always get when going to Cabe Toyota.   You never feel pressured into buying a car or just somebody not caring  about what you can afford and just wants your money .
Joe Garcia ,Ron and Charlie are the best. 
We have purchased 2 cars with Joe and recently we traded in our car for a bigger car  because we had a baby.
With two kids we definitely need a bigger car. We traded in our 2010 Corolla sport and got a new 2017 RAV4.
Ron gave us the best deal for our new car and we are so thankful!
If there is anyone I know that is looking to get a car , I will definitely be sending them Joe, Ron and Charlie  at Cabe Toyota!
Thanks again guys

Monica M.
1st time buyer from Cabe Toyota. After shopping around for a week and a half at many dealerships including this place we returned here. They beat every deal we came across and matched our trade in offer. We purchased 2 vehicles same day and will definitely be returning for a 3rd soon. I look foward to being a loyal Cabe customer. 10years free oil chqnge isn't bad either!! Icing on the cake!

Laicee C.
I went into Cabe Toyota expecting to be turned down, with a chapter 7 BK on your credit report most people won't touch you until it's been a few years. I discharged late June of 2016. Joe Garcia worked some serious magic and was able to get me into a 2017 Toyota Corolla in beautiful slate gray. He was super helpful, fun and easy to deal with. I will be sending friends and family there and I will be back there the next time I want to buy a new car! Thanks Joe !

Christian R.
Took my truck this week for lots of major services all waz Great, thanks to service consultant Kenny Trent for his excellent out standing customer Services. Thanks to the young porter for his help to. On Sunday, amazing Sunday morning staff. 
Although i would say Cabe Toyota will get my business back, because of the excellent Customer service., it is very important top priority on the front desk service, i had left because of the previous shitty attitude service, from previous service consultants, 
I hope Cabe can keep up the good work with staff he has now. 
Thanks to Maricela for her help at the cashier desk. I will be going back for more service soon. Im very happy, proud for the work performed in my truck thanks to technician 2296 Thanks team... 
God bless you all.

Destiny J.
Evan Morikawa is an awesome sale agent here at Cabe Toyota of Long Beach, who helped me get my very first Toyota.. A 2017 Prius Two!! He got me a great deal, allowed me time to roam the lot and see what I liked. He was super chill and answered all my questions regarding the Hybrid vehicle and was very knowledgeable in give me a run down of all the features and benefits of the Toyota Prius during our test drive. If you're a first time buyer or new to the whole "Eco-friendly hybrid world" Evan is your go-to guy! From the time I enter the dealership until I drove off in my NEW car, I was in great spirits! Seriously grateful for such a smooth, no hassel car buying experience. THANK YOU! (beep beep)

Jazmine H.
Cabe Toyota is awesome! They did everything they could to score me a great my credit is not the best. They were very patient with me as I pondered over the idea of adding a car expense to my budget. From when I inquired about a car on the internet, they were attentive and never made me feel like I was being taken advantage of. Charlie ushered me in, Evan showed me around and allowed me to test drive, John handle the financing, and Dwayne sealed the deal! From start to finish, Cabe Toyota displayed superb, genuine customer service!!!

Jes D.
I must've picked the most treacherous day to buy a car, but the downpour didn't stop Charlie from showing us around & making sure we were happy with our (potential) purchase. Not once did I feel pressured into my purchase, or uncomfortable in any way. 

I came into the dealership already knowing which car I wanted, after some painless browsing of their website (which is wonderfully set up, and easy to maneuver). Charlie greeted us, offered refreshments, and walked us through the entire process. Partnered with Dan, they did everything they could to make this a memorable experience and I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new (or used) car. I can't thank them both enough.

Chris G.
Excellent service from Cristina Morales, very helpful and patient with all my questions. She helped me get my Prius

Taryn H.
Evan is amazing! He is straight-forward, kind, and doesn't BS you with his answers. He is quick to reply, competitive with pricing, but most of all, he is so genuine. So hard to find that with car buying/leasing--that whole process is so stressful! Him and Kenny were a breath of fresh air and I am so thankful I came across them and ultimately decided to lease from them. I am super happy with my 2017 RAV4 Hybrid! If I ever want another Toyota, hands down, Cabe Toyota is where it's at, I would never go anywhere else. Thank you so much guys!!!

Jonathan M.
Bought a new Camry here as well! When I'm in the market again I will definitely be back to purchase another car!

David D.
Leased a brand new 2017 Camry SE from Cabe! As always with all the past purchases we've made here this one is just as sweet!! Thanks to Charlie and Dan in the sales/leasing department for making this happen!

Lillian N.
I do not have any complaints about this place  . I have went to different car places looking for a car and Toyota showed me the amounts they were giving me were unrealistic and they showed me why it wasnt realistic . They broke down every little piece of what happens and how THE process works . Even though I did not find a vehicle for me they made sure I didnt leave there with the knowledge I needed to buy a car even if it wasn't from them . When I walked in I met with LULU the 1st thing I told her was I didnt want to be treated like a customer just a person . And thats what she did . And I asked to understand whats going on and she gave me to JOE man ole man he knows numbers and he makes sure  you understand it all . This is the best place I have gone and ive went to side car  places , KIA , HYUNDAI , Worthington ford . So thank you guys so much . :) walked out of there with no new vehicle and still got the best deal!

Julia A.
I am not the type to deal with jumping around to people and I believe in loyalty. This particular sales expert has been amazing help for any of my Toyota car needs. I followed him from his previous dealership to this one. Richard Garcia is a pleasure to work with making things strait to the point and working with the customers needs. I leased my last car through him and will be leasing a new one again from Richard. He is truly wonderful to work with! Thank you for all your help and your future help!

I just purchased a 2015 prius at cabe toyota. My experience was very smooth. Cristina Morales was the internet sales that help me out. Best Car buying experience I've had. We did everything thru email once everything was ready to go, went to the dealership and pick the car up.Sign the paperwork which was already ready and waiting to be signed. Spent less than 30 minutes in the dealer. Would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family. Thank you Cristina for making this car buying experience very smooth.

Brendon D.
Staff was super nice and helpful.
Chuck and Joe (beard dude in service) were great.  They were upbeat, helpful and informative.  It was my first time here.  I'll be back.
Don't half step.  Drop by for service and you'll be stoked.

Jasmine R.
My grandfather and I stepped foot at CABE Toyota only to get information on leasing a car. Upon our visit Joe Garcia greeted us immediately and we stepped into his office to further discuss leasing  a vehicle. We were very straight forward in letting him know we only wanted information and we would still be looking around at other dealers as well. Instead of brushing us off like most dealers do to indecisive customers he took his time to explain every single step of leasing a car and the difference between buying. He then showed us a few different cars that he thought met my desired criteria and also showed us a few used cars that met our financial needs. He gave us his business card and we told him we would be in touch. Two days later we decided to go back, but Joe was not in the office, so he recommended us to Maddy Flores (I believe was his last name). He was very kind, knowledgeable, and helpful through this whole experience. We took a test drive and he made me feel very comfortable while doing so. We decided on purchasing a 2013 Toyota Yaris and I am absolutely in love with it. The price seen online was different than the advertised on the car and Maddy had no problem matching the online price which was awesome. Maddy then introduced us to Mike Shaw whom gave us who was also very helpful and kind throughout the whole paper work and financing process. Overall, this experience was great. What I loved about CABE was they are not vultures and they do not bully you into buying something you don't want. I also loved the great customer service and the awesome deals they have. I would DEFINITELY recommend this dealer to anyone interested in buying!

Jena H.
Everyone gets flowers today and my husband buys me a new car!!! My family and I came in today to lease a car and came out of there with my mommy mini van. Happy wife happy life. My husband and I went to other dealerships to price check a sienna. As we all know that most salesmen are pushy, aggressive & they love to pure pressure you into buying a car. Which for us is such a turn off because we end up walking away. I don't deal with anyone who forces us into doing something we don't want. In that note, if you want to buy or lease a car go see EVIN who was beyond helpful and explained everything step by step. Wasn't pushy at all gave us exactly what we wanted and ask for. It was a easy, fast, smooth, process if you have little ones like me (1yr & 3yr) you know that is a definite plus. We like things to go fast, easy & smooth, hassle free when we have our babies around. Go see Christina if EVIN isn't free even though she didn't get the chance to process our paper work. She was sweet, professional and will also give you the best deal you can find anywhere else. She was the one I spoke to on the phone but when we arrived she was on lunch break. Our daughter approved she loves our new van we also have a Camry so we needed another car that was comfortable for everyone.

Linda B.
I was dreading starting a car search - started by making an inquiry online about a specific certified used car, the nicest salesman Joseph called me - no high pressure - introduced himself - told him I was looking at other dealers in Long Beach but would get back to him - after several frustrating visits to local Long Beach dealers I decided to go and see Joseph @ Cabe - so glad I did - I can see why this dealership has such good reviews - we didn't get the typical back and forth when it came to financing - just straight forward.  Bought a beauty and couldn't be happier.  Will go to see Joseph when I'm ready to replace my Honda CRV.  Best car buying experience - after all the paperwork was signed Joseph took the time to go over all of the features of the Camry, how they worked, etc.  Great people here!

K G.
I am so grateful that I purchased my car at CABE.  I had the best 2 salesman ever helping me.  Single Mom thought no way am I going to be able to get a car.  Joe Garcia worked his magic and made it happen for me.  I don't know how he did it but he did and I will send my family and friends from now on only to see him. Also, a shout out to Michael Reyna for being so kind and understanding.  Thanks you guys!

"Went To The Right Place"
Great experience, great service, found the right car that was exactly as advertised. Lulu was very charming and great to deal with. Buying my next car there. Thanks Klaus

Jason K.
My wife and I were out looking for a new car for her mom. We had just left the Cadillac dealership and was going to consider the deal when my mother-in-law suggested we check out a Toyota.  Luckily there were a couple of Toyota dealerships pretty close by and we decided to give Cabe a try.  
We were greeted immediately upon arrival by Maddy who was VERY courteous and professional.  He listened to the important criteria that my mother-in-law was looking for and BAM! He had the perfect car for us.  My mother-in-law took one test drive and the Cadillac she drove 30 minutes ago was gone from her thoughts.
We got ourselves a killer deal on a FULLY loaded left-over BRAND NEW 2013 Camry SE V6 and could not be happier.  Maddy was there every step of the way making sure we were being taken care of.  I would recommend Maddy to anyone who is looking for a car.

A. K.
Recently leased a 2015 Toyota 4Runner from Cabe Toyota.  Did research on-line and contacted several Toyota internet sales depts.  Richard Garcia @ Cabe was my internet sales person - he was very informative on the phone in prices, options, etc BEFORE I went in. Answered all my questions without pushing "coming in" like another dealer did.  The test drive process was smooth and Richard took time with me.  He was able to get the car and color I wanted next day. Negotiation was straight forward and all the $$ were up front and clear matching the deal I saw online.... did not have to go back and forth with another "manager " and no silly up-sell stuff ... Finance dept paperwork was quick and straight forward too - Probably ranks in the top auto buying experiences I've had - everybody seemed in sync - VERY enjoyable experience which makes owning my new truck all better.

First and best dealership experience. Excellent customer services. Friendly/Kind. Patient. Down-To-Earth. Easy-Going. Helps you save a lot of money. Humble. Great offers. Reasonable.

Donald A.
Evan Morikawa! Ur d man! Excellent service! Bought 2 minivans with this guy! Keep it up! Ride with us (road bike)! Hahaha

Jennifer V.
Seriously, the best car buying experience ever!  We were ready to go with another local dealer when Oni called us and gave us a much better quote on a highlander.  To our surprise, Oni was able to beat the other dealers price by a couple thousand dollars and gave us a fair price on my trade in.  The entire time, we did not get pressured to buy the car nor did she give us the "sales person" pitch.  Down to earth dealership and sales persoThey are currently upgrading there current location and after going to universal city Nissan and feeling like a piece of meat this was a totally different experience!
Cristina Morales greeted us and was so professional. Explained everything to my mother from A to Z. (My mom was the one purchasing a new car)  The finance office was great, and not only did Cristina get my mom in a beautiful 2015 Toyota Corolla but also gave her maintainer and oil change for some crazy 3-5 years. (So so awesome!) 
Oh and she speaks Spanish too! Thinking of getting a toyota, don't hesitate and go see Cristina. Thanks again cabe Toyotanel.  Thank you for helping us with such a big purchase, Oni.  If you are considering a Toyota, you MUST go to Cabe Toyota.

Sandra D.
Seriously, the best car buying experience ever!  We were ready to go with another local dealer when Oni called us and gave us a much better quote on a highlander.  To our surprise, Oni was able to beat the other dealers price by a couple thousand dollars and gave us a fair price on my trade in.  The entire time, we did not get pressured to buy the car nor did she give us the "sales person" pitch.  Down to earth dealership and sales personnel.  Thank you for helping us with such a big purchase, Oni.  If you are considering a Toyota, you MUST go to Cabe Toyota.

Huying C.
Went here to buy the Sienna SE 2015 and was very pleased with the friendly service, no hassle financing, and its current promotion of free oil change for 10 yr or 150,000 miles.  If you go here, ask for Charlie who helped us and was very patient and friendly. Dwayne in Finance was very helpful as well in closing our purchase.  Overall, they exceeded our expectations and we're happy we chose Cabe.

"Found Santa from Cabe Toyota"
we got the best gift ever , just let them know what you want then sit down and relax and Cabe Toyota will help you to find what you want. Thank you Cabe Toyota especially to Cristina your so professional and very approachable. Your place is highly recommended.

Paige H
I was looking to lease my first car, and requested a Prius C quote online from Toyota. A few dealerships contacted me about my request right away, but no one was as helpful as Cristina at Cabe. 
Cristina found two rebates for the Prius C that allowed me to lease my car with no money down, and at a low monthly rate! She also went out of her way to get me the Prius in the color that I wanted, and did not pressure me to chose another color or model (like another local dealership tried to do).
Mike handled my contract, and was also very helpful! Although he was swamped with holiday contracts, he took the time to answer all of my questions and clarified the terms of my lease. As a first time leaser, I felt very comfortable with Cabe during the entire process, and I love my new car!

Honey M.
Awesome experience! They got us a good enough deal when we traded in our car. We got what we asked for! Thank you Charlie for all the help!

Nicholas S.
This is the only place in the South Bay area to buy a Toyota.
I cannot recommend Cabe Toyota enough if you are in the market for a car.  First off, there are no predatory sales people waiting to pounce on you when you pull in to the parking lot like at the other Toyota dealerships in the area.  Lulu and the entire sales team have a very down-to-earth, relaxed style.  We showed up looking for a used Sienna - gave Lulu our budget and must-have features.  She showed us what was available, and let the vehicles speak for themselves.  She did not try over-sell it to us or try to push us in to something outside our price range, she didn't try to get us to compromise in order to make a sale - she genuinely wanted to help us get what we want.
Sean, the sales manager, gave us a great deal.  Even the Finance Department had great costumer service.  Dwayne had the same easy-going approach - was very thorough in going over all the terms and conditions, was not pushy in trying to sell us an extended warranty (which we ended up getting anyway), and was also genuinely happy to serve and make sure we walked away happy.
This is a dealership you can trust.  
*I hate to be negative - but, unless the sleazy used-car salesman experience is a must-have for you, avoid Carson Toyota and Hooman Toyota at all costs.

Linda E.
I just bought my 2015 Camry XLE this past weekend from Cabe.  I had to order it because no dealerships in Southern California had one back in Oct.  They had SE, LE and XSE but not the one I wanted.  
Other dealerships tried to get me to choose something they had on the lot which got irritating.  Some even told me they had it, only to find they really didn't.  From the first conversation, I really liked Evan Morioka at Cabe.  He spent however long I wanted on the phone going over details of the car I wanted.  I sent a barrage of texts and emails asking so many questions, and he always replied promptly.  He listened to all of my feedback and ordered exactly what I wanted.  
I felt very well cared for.  He was very knowledgeable, very helpful and always very kind.  There are many Toyota dealerships much closer to my home but I will be coming here from now on!!!
Thank you Cabe Toyota & Evan!!!   I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!
OHHHH, I forgot to mention...   When I got to finance, there was a rebate listed on the screen that I hadn't known about.  Mike asked around and was told it was new as of the day before and I got $500 that I wasn't expecting!!!   SOOOO nice!!!

Lem S.
I just bought my 2015 Camry XLE this past weekend from Cabe.  I had to order it because no dealerships in Southern California had one back in Oct.  They had SE, LE and XSE but not the one I wanted.  
Other dealerships tried to get me to choose something they had on the lot which got irritating.  Some even told me they had it, only to find they really didn't.  From the first conversation, I really liked Evan Morioka at Cabe.  He spent however long I wanted on the phone going over details of the car I wanted.  I sent a barrage of texts and emails asking so many questions, and he always replied promptly.  He listened to all of my feedback and ordered exactly what I wanted.  
I felt very well cared for.  He was very knowledgeable, very helpful and always very kind.  There are many Toyota dealerships much closer to my home but I will be coming here from now on!!!
Thank you Cabe Toyota & Evan!!!   I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!
OHHHH, I forgot to mention...   When I got to finance, there was a rebate listed on the screen that I hadn't known about.  Mike asked around and was told it was new as of the day before and I got $500 that I wasn't expecting!!!   SOOOO nice!!!

Lem S.
Very helpful people here. Specialy the manager and the sale person Maddy flores. Thanks you guys for good service and good deals.

David L.
I have many cars and dealt with quite a few dealerships. Cabe is a notch above them all. Joseph Saller and John B. took care of me like family. This is my second Cabe deal and it won't be the last!!!

Anjail M.
I had no idea that most Toyota dealerships were closed on Sundays, including ones I had previously patronized on Sunday so I was pretty panicked and called at least 10 dealerships until I got ahold of Cabe Toyota in Long Beach and they were open! It was around noon and they closed at 3pm that day but the service advisor Kenny Tran said "sure come on down!" I was ecstatic because I like to stay on top of my car servicing and this was my 50,000 mile service. I live in Santa Ana and they are in Long Beach so I hurried to get there. I arrived just before 1pm and Kenny Tran was there to greet me and advise me of the services needed without trying to upsell me or pressure me into unnecessary repairs, which was totally refreshing. I was all prepared to camp out for a few hours, and maybe get a nap in but that wasn't necessary I don't think I was in the waiting room for 30 minutes before Kenny came to tell me my car was ready and washed before my butt had a chance to make a good impression on the chair ;) Even though it is a distance from my home I will definitely be back here because the service is unbeatable! Oh and did I mention Kenny Tran ROCKS!

Perry K.
I came to cabe toyota because I had a terrible experience with hooman toyota which is actually closer to my house. At cabe toyota I spoke with Chuck one of their customer service representatives and i have never experienced such customer service from from a repair shop in my life. Chuck helped me in every way possible and made sure I was happy when I left. I will be coming to cabe toyota for all my car needs from now on just because of how chuck treated me even though it is a little further of a drive it is without question worth it for me. There knowledgeable and friendly staff made an impression on me I will not soon forget and I believe they would do the same for everyone.

Jammys S.
Bought our second Toyota from Cabe in 6 months, tried to do the whole internet price search deal and Cabe still ended up very aggressively priced. 
That out of the way, their sales department especially Oni Johnson are exceptional.  It was never made to be a "sales" experience and they did exactly what they said they would.  They always followed up with friendly calls or emails.  Best car buying experience I've had and won't hesitate to go back. 
If you live in So Cal and need a Toyota you would be nuts not to go here.  Ask for Oni, she's a pleasure to work with and I am going to refer anyone who I know is looking for a Toyota to call her.

"Straight forward. Good to work with."
 I liked working with everyone at this dealer. They were honest throughout the process with me and my wife. While we found a slightly lower price at a couple other dealerships, we felt like it was worth it to go with Cabe because of the maintenance plan they include with purchase. 10 years of free oil changes after 3 years of Toyota Care! This will more than offset the slight price difference we found, and they have the best service of any Toyota dealership in the area. My wife and I highly recommend them.

Zynette C

We are very very pleased! We've been coming to Cabe for maintenance for our cars since we moved here in LB. They take care of us. Kenny always do a great job when it comes to our cars. They really get the job done and then a car wash! 
Recently we just bought a car. My husband called every Toyota dealers in Southern California to get a great deal for a Prius C, package 1. Charlie, Dan, Sam, finance guy tall guy with glasses (sorry we can't remember your name) and another guy (who sat across Dan in the office), ALL followed through with their words and promises. Usually the salesmen we meet or come across twists and manipulate their promises, NOT Cabe! 
We drove off confident and impressed by Cabe and their staff. We HIGLY recommend this place. 
Sorry we couldn't remember all your names, none the less you are all equally equally amazing!
Rai C.
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I want to give a shout out to the newest addition of Cabe Toyota, Mr. Sam Chroeng. The typical sales agent would pressure me into a sales deal for their commission, but Sam here gave me the facts and was truthful with what I was facing, and the best route to take. I appreciate his professionalism, his kindness and his courtesy. For a zero pressure, zero trouble, zero b.s. and all you ever do want is to have an agent who knows what he's talking about, telling you what It is, How it is, go to Sam. More dealerships need to use Sam as an example and I assure you that their sales will skyrocket. Mock my words. If you're in disbelief, visit Cabe Toyota yourself and talk to Sam personally. I recommend it..

Jasmine E.
10/16/2014  Click here to view all of Yelps reviews.
Just picked up my car from the service center... Guy is a great advisor and is awesome at explaining things!!! Super satisfied!  I'll be bringing my car here for EVERYTHING from now on.. lol.

Brian M.
First of all, a HUGE thank you to Paul Runco, Dan Duddridge, Mike Bingham, Cristina Morales and Mike Shaw.
I purchased my 2015 Toyota Tacoma and all these great people were involved. I work in a dealership so I am well aware of what goes on in the dealerships.
When I was ready to purchase my truck I contacted over 15 dealerships. The first dealership to reply was Cabe Toyota (Paul) They advised of the current stock of the vehicle, the packages the vehicle offers, the maint. plan as well as all the other features they offer. There was nothing pushy about it, just putting the dealership out there and the incentives they offer. I then searched yelp and dealer rater and saw other customers with a 5 star experience. Again working for a dealership I know how huge it is to not only have your Yelp reviews very high but also your Dealer Rater reviews.
Yelp is a community where people will ALWAYS go to complain. I've learned that if a customer has a bad experience anywhere, they WILL tell all their friends and family. If a customer has an exceptional experience they MIGHT tell a couple people.
All of these employees provided me with an exceptional experience... The best that I've ever had when purchasing a vehicle. They answered all my questions, kept me updated with the status of my truck (I had to order mine) got me in and out of the dealership when I arrived to purchased it within a hour and a half and they provided me with the best deal I could get.

Matthew D.
This is where I should have been taking my truck all along.. After a few visits to the worst dealership, I finally decided I needed to try Cabe..
As soon as I walked in, I knew I should have been bringing my vehicle here.. I got set up to bring my truck in for recall work and a remote start install..
Five stars for Cabe!

Esmond D.
I want to thank Paul, Evan, and Mike for their assistance with making this buying experience an enjoyable and memorable one.  Customer service is above and beyond than what I expected. 

My last car purchase was in 2012 at another Toyota dealership in Cerritos and the fleet manager wasn't that attentive. We were even left waiting in the negotiating room multiple times not knowing where their fleet manager went for long durations. At the end, I requested Toyota brand roof rack rails which they promised me for the price "THEY" quoted. A week later, they tried to discourage me from getting the part and even offered me a third party roof rack rail which involved driving screws through the roof. I declined the 3rd party product and was given a refund check for the roof rack rails. 

Moving forward, there were no empty promises made by Cabe Toyota about the purchase of the Camry I was making and everyone was to the point. I was never left a stray by anyone at that dealership. At the end, I got the car I wanted. 


Alexis B.
I've never made a review before but I had to let everyone know that Dana Jack is the man! He helped my dad and I get the car I was looking for. We are a family that drives Toyota's and this is the best Toyota dealership that we've worked with. Dana was very honest and upfront about everything, he kept his word from the beginning. Mike Shaw handled the financial aspect and he was another great guy. These guys are super nice and funny and will make sure you go home happy!

matilda n.
I was a first time buyer they made the process very fast. All of the staff were nice and attentive especially Mr. Madison Flores. great dealer will definitely purchase my next car with them

"Painless and successful visit Thanks to Maddy!"
Came to check out a car I saw online. Had just gone to a Honda dealership. Their staff was not approachable and seemed bothered that we had appeared unexpectedly. When we arrived at Cabe, Maddy came over and was very helpful. He made us comfortable to ask any questions. And, even though I had come to a Toyota dealership for a Honda, everyone was supportive if my choice and didn't try to sell me a different car. I would return again even though this is 45 minutes from my home.

Vaisa Fua
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Excellent Service by Paul and Christina all the way to the finance dept Mr Mike himself.  Keep up great work team. Ask and you shall recieve...they went out of their way to meet our expectation.  We love our new Tacoma

Garrett C.
Just got a RAV4 2014 Limited Edition couple weeks ago. Had a great experience working with Evan Morikawa(Sales), Charlie Ellison(Sales), and Mike Shaw(Finance). They kept me up to date when they were locating for a particular RAV4 and was able to get it transported fast to their facility. I got the car for the price I wanted and everything was straight forward. I have nothing but great things to say about all the people who helped me out. I would highly recommend anyone to ask for Evan or Charlie, if you want a great car buying experience!!!!

Marilyn V.
While searching on the Internet i was given 3 different dealership. i picked this dealer because i like the way the tone and pleasant they sound on the phone. i am one of those first impression people. Paul was the first one that i was in contact with then i had the opportunity to speak with Christina whom was very pleasant. The truck i wanted was not on their lot but she was able to take the time to find what i was looking for and met my expectation. i trusted them with my information and told them exactly how much i have for a down payment and how much i can afford to pay monthly. They met all my expectation from dealing online, phone conversations up to the time we went to the dealership. We took the truck for a spin and it was very nice. the process took less time i couldnt believe it .she had everything done all we had to do is fill the application and sign...then off to the finance dept. the finance dept took time in explaining all the options of the extras we can get in making our new truck last longer. he answered all our questions since our family have been a part of the toyota family for many years too. all our cars are mostly toyota so i am introducing them to my kids and grandkids. i would highly recomment this dealership to my families and friends if they are interested in buying a CAR rather it be new or used. i am sure Christine and Paul as a team could put something together for them since they make the time for their customer. Our family is very happy with the service and especially our new TRUCK sincerely Marilyn Fua, Ryan Fua and Vaisa Mamea

Len F.
Madison Flores recently got me a sweet deal on a 2015 Prius 5!  I strongly recommend that you see him for your next car.  I've bought 4 cars from Cabe through him and I plan on coming back for my future cars.

"Excellence Service""
While searching on the Internet i was given 3 different dealership. i picked this dealer because i like the way the tone and pleasant they sound on the phone. i am one of those first impression people. Paul was the first one that i was in contact with then i had the opportunity to speak with Christina whom was very pleasant.  The truck i wanted was not on their lot but she was able to take the time to find what i was looking for and met my expectation. i trusted them with my information and told them exactly how much i have for a down payment and how much i can afford to pay monthly. They met all my expectation from dealing online, phone conversations up to the time we went to the dealership.   We took the truck for a spin and it was very nice. the process took less time i couldnt believe it .she had everything done all we had to do is fill the application and sign...then off to the finance dept.  the finance dept took time in explaining all the options of the extras we can get in making our new truck last longer. he answered all our questions since our family have been a part of the toyota family for many years too. all our cars are mostly toyota so i am introducing them to my kids and grandkids.  i would highly recomment this dealership to my families and friends if they are interested in buying a CAR rather it be new or used. i am sure Christine and Paul as a team could put something together for them since they make the time for their customer.  Our family is very happy with the service and especially our new TRUCK

Marilyn Fua, Ryan Fua and Vaisa Mamea

Tammy Heilemann
9/22/2014       Click here to view all of Google's reviews .
I recently had the privilege of working with Cabe Toyota in search for a vehicle. There were two outstanding members of the sales team I would like to praise. Dana Jack in sales and Johnathan Beard in Finance. Professional, knowledgeable and honest. Please, if you are in the market for a car, please stop by their business. It is a GREAT Team.

Jenn D.
Purchased my vehicle from Cabe Toyota & had a great sales experience with Evan as well as manager, Dan. Excellent service and follow-up on all fronts.

"Excellent Customer Service Great Dealership"
I was looking for a new truck and had some very specific requirements that were not locally available. Evan at Cabe Toyota went way above and beyond in his effort to get me exactly what I was looking for. I would not even consider going anyplace else in the future.

Janell A.
This is the best place to buy a car...i checked most car dealers n they gave me a quote but not as good as Cabe.  Friendly down to earth and no pressure to get a car.  How many people can say that the owner of the dealer took the time for their customers in person.  It was a pleasure to deal with the owner Mr. Cabe n Kenny R. (fellow coworkers) thx to all of u i got my 2014 prius c..Best place ever for shopping for cars ..i will for sure be coming back n letting people know how well i was treated.

Dan I.
Purchased a 2014 RAV4 LE a few weeks ago.
We worked with Evan Morikawa and a little bit with Jon Beard - very down to earth nice guys. They were both up front about pricing and dealer incentive stuff and made it easy for us to see what comprised of the Out-the-door  (OTD) cost.

The process went relatively quick as this was my first "new" car buying experience. My newlywed wife and I didn't feel pressured to buy the car or get other options (although they were offered).

Financing department was relatively straight forward too.

Lastly, Evan was nice enough to drive my wife home (newbie driver) after the purchase and we gave him a ride back to the dealer.

Thanks Evan, Jon, and Cabe for as smooth of a car buying experience as possible.

Wallace G.
The best experience in a car dealership hands down. From the first greeting to the handover of car keys after the service. Definitely recommend.

I am so happy bought my prius here at cabe toyota. Very excellent costumer service especially madison flores such an excellent helper . He did help us through the whole process . Everyone at cabe toyota does the best to make a buyer feel welcome. I would 100% recommend cabe toyota to everyone. Thank you for gving us the the best buying experience . Recommend to all 100%

Josh F.
We bought a car from Joseph Saller and his service was excellent. He was always ready to answer questions and offer assistance. He was with us the whole process to make it as smooth as possible. Even after we drove off the lot, he followed up a few days later to check up on us. Awesome service all around!

Matthew C.
I used to sell cars...My wife and I had been to 3 dealerships...we were about done with the process because it was the same story, salesman at each spot... We took our last shot at Cabe from Yelp reviews, and well, it was as everyone said - Enjoyable, relaxing, and you at least didn't' feel like you were getting haggled around with prices. If the price is right I will buy my cars from these guys again. Charlie was our salesman, I strongly encourage you to ask for him although I don't know the quality of the other guys who were also could have been great. Mike our finance guy was just real - Nothing feels better when buying a car if the salesman make the whole experience feel real, understand you, and don't push.

Brianna S.
I am so happy we chose Cabe. Evan and Paul really made my first car buying experience so easy and they are so welcoming here! Ask for Evan he doesn't try to scam you like other dealers and he explains everything so thoroughly. Choose Cabe!!!

Ryan R.
I had the best car buying experience ever at Cabe Toyota, Evan M. was the easiest person to talk to and get help from with everything for our car buying. it's really nice to feel good about buying a car and not feeling swindled by the normal car salesman! GO TO EVAN M 
and go to Cabe Toyota!

Katie G.
Joseph is honest and fair, and he made my car buying experience a positive one. I highly recommend Cabe Toyota; Joseph has earned a life long customer!

Elissa Wildermuth.
8/27/2014       Click here to view all of Google's reviews .
I recently had the privilege of working with Cabe Toyota in search for a vehicle. There were two outstanding members of the sales team I would like to praise. Dana Jack in sales and Johnathan Beard in Finance. Professional, knowledgeable and honest. Please, if you are in the market for a car, please stop by their business. It is a GREAT Team. 

Damond H.
This is a great Dealership. Joseph Saller is a good sales person. he has great customer service skills. The staff here is very Friendly. I found a used 2005 Dodge ram truck here very low miles on it, If i told you, you wouldn't believe it. The price was right and the finance department is great. Very friendly place. No pressure at all. I was in and out with my new car in less then 2 hours. I would go here again to buy a car any time. Thanks a lot to Joseph and the staff at Cabe Toyota,. Everyone i seen leave this dealership had a smile on there face.

Carl S.
I bought a new FJ Cruiser at Cabe Toyota and I couldn't be happier. Cristina M helped me find the perfect car for me. The experience from start to finish was the easiest, most enjoyable car purchase I've ever had. This is how car buying should be done. If you despise the typical car salesman as much as I do, do yourself a favor and skip all that and go to Cabe Toyota. No key stealing, title holding, 4-square bs. It's 11:00 pm and I'm sitting in my cruiser right now in the driveway. I might even sleep in it. Ask for Cristina or Jonathon B. You won't regret it. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Erwina C.
Finally I saw the dealer that I'm looking for.i've been to a couple of dealership but CABE TOYOTA was the one who got me a great deal. Everything is straight forward.Wether you have good or bad credit they treat you just the same and all the people that made CABE TOYOYA #1 are all working together to give you the car that you wanted.I will never trade CABE TOYOTA to any other dealership and I'm proud to recommend it to all my friends who wants to buy or lease a car cause I know they found the dealership that will not disappoint them! Thank you CABE TOYOTA for having me the car I always wanted..

Greg C.
I am SO HAPPY I was referred here by a gentleman named Brad Hart after I had an atrocious experience with the sales team at the Capistrano Toyota dealership. My girlfriend and I almost gave up on Toyota's altogether after a certain Capistrano Toyota salesman tried to tell us the Toyota pricing on their site of $199/mo, and $999 down wasn't real. He instead tried to sell us on a $2,500 down and $299 a month deal. Saying in order to obtain $199/mo we'd have to put nearly $4,000 down! He then told me to stop talking and let my girlfriend make her own decisions. Then I heard him yelling to his manager, swearing about us wasting his "effing time" on the other side of the showroom, so we left after that. (when my girlfriend went back there to get her ending lease Camry serviced, the sales manager talked to her and we she told him about the swearing, he said "oh he's just passionate about getting people into the right car! Sorry, but I've worked sales my whole life and that's not how you show passion). Anyway, I'll put more of that detail into the San Juan yelp review, which by the way, they only get 2.5 stars opposed to Cabe's 4 stars!

I learned Cabe gets 4 stars for a damn reason. (4 stars at a car dealer to me is 5 stars in any other industry. You're never going to make every single human happy)

My experience at Cabe, from the moment we walked into their office we were greeted by about 4 different people separately with a friendly "welcome to Cabe!". Not in an annoying "let me sell you something!" cars sale way either, just a genuine friendly greeting. We sat down with sales and explained what we were looking for: A new Prius C that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg since it was for my girlfriend to commute to Long Beach State from South Orange County, about 72 miles a day. She would be going to school 4 days a week in her masters program, with very little time to work at her job. So money is would be very tight! 

They got us a deal that was not only significantly better than Capistrano's "deal", but they even looked up a rebate for us of $750 since my girlfriend is a college student! This was beyond what we had imagined. The other dealership didn't even mention a rebate, and Cabe went out of their way to see if one was out there to help her out! My girlfriend went from unbelievably stressed out, expecting it to be another Capistrano experience, to absolutely ecstatic with joy! It was nice to see how patient the team was with her as she has to cross the t's and dot the i's on everything she does.They were friendly, not pushy, and even called to see how we liked the car so far. 

This team at Cabe has really made me reconsider my opinion of car dealerships as a whole. I will no longer assume every single one is a bunch of crooks, because this team has proven they'd rather have happy returning customer than just customers they can rip off. 


John C.
I just bought my second car from Cabe Toyota. I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to this dealership. They are upfront, honest, and reliable. Brad Hart guided me to the sales and finance departments where I was treated like a friend instead of an assembly line piece. Its only been a week and I've received two e-mails from sales( Cristina Morales) and finance( Mike Shaw ) and a phone call from Brad making sure I'm taken care of and happy with my purchase. I will be coming back when I wear out my new Highlander.

Jolon B.

Cabe Toyota is the best car dealership in SoCal!

No BS, no haggling, no runaround tactics, they make their money through volume, not trickery, and are transparent at every step of the way!

Ask for Joe Garcia, Finance Manager, he took me and my wife all the way through the process, from selecting the car, test drive and helped find us the best bank to finance.

We were in and out in about 2 hours, driving home in our new ride!

On top of it all, because I had been out of country for some time, I have the credit of a teenager, completely blank, but Joe still managed to make it happen. Even better, he contacted banks the next morning, and found me a new loan with a much lower interest rate!

Thank you Joe, thank you Cabe.

Nicole B.

I just got a used car that needed some work. I called Cabe Toyota looking for a new visor and RODGER was AWESOME! I felt he genuinely cared about my situation and experience at Cabe Toyota. Very willing to work with you, I'm so glad I went here and no where else. Rodger, thank you for your phenomenal customer service. You went above and beyond to meet my needs and I am so thankful for that. I will be returning for all my Toyota needs!

Frank G.

Exactly what a car buying experience should be... Quick, no pressure, knowledgable and friendly staff. This was hands down the best car buying experience I've ever had. I contacted Evan Morikawa and gave him the exact specs for the Tacoma I was looking for. He got right back to me with not only the exact truck but a ridiculous price. I looked on several online sites including to get an idea of what the truck was selling for with the package I was looking for. When Evan told me the price, I knew he was giving me a great deal and didn't need to haggle with him. When I arrived at the dealer on Sunday (8/17/2014), the truck was ready for me. He took me on a test drive to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. Evan really knows his stuff and was able to explain the truck specs as well as questions I had regarding financing. Evan was very personable and never used high pressure sales tactics. I felt at ease. Mike in the finance department also was very informative.  He did explain the different warranties that Cabe offered, but he didn't make me feel pressured to take any of them. I really appreciated that.  Overall the experience was amazing and I would highly highly recommend you come get your next Toyota at Cabe.

Inever R.

We worked with Dana Jack and this was the best car purchase experience we've ever had.  Before we ever stepped on the lot, everything was spelled out in advance in emails.  No pressure, no hassle and no haggling.  The estimate to purchase our used vehicle (sight unseen) was spot on.  The entire process took about 2 hours.  Highly recommend purchasing your car from Cabe.  Worth the drive if you don't live in Long Beach.  Your wallet and your sanity will thank you.

Diysha D.

I always work with Guy Son when I go to get my car service. I always get great service from him and he always explains everything to me.

Wendy R.

We drove down to to this dealer since they guaranteed a certain amount for our trade. We got that amount and then some. The car we got was clean and in great shape. They are running out of trailers which was odd and not very appealing at first. They are going through a remodel. Anyways the deal overall went smooth and better than I expected. I would get another car off them.

Brian D.

We purchased a new vehicle today from EVAN MORIKAWA.  I would have to say that it was the easiest car buying experience ever.  The level of service he provided was higher than most luxury car dealers I've dealt w in the past.  Save yourself some time and money and drive to Long Beach.

Brian P.

There are no shades of grey when it comes to dealerships while purchasing a car; they are either great or the complete opposite. 

Luckily for us Cabe is better than great. We walked in with cash and there was no pressure to hand it over. They have a no b.s. approach and you feel comfortable that you've received the best deal possible. They advised us to take a few days to look around for a better deal! They offered not to sell the vehicle out from underneath us while we took a few days to shop. And boy did I look. 

The price we paid was $2,000 to $3,500 LESS than everywhere I shopped. I'm definitely purchasing our next vehicle there. 

I can't remember the name of our sales associate but just look for the very friendly Filipino guy. We bought the car back in November so his name escapes my memory.

Bougainvillea G

Cabe Toyota and Cristina Morales are BEYOND superior in customer service and absolutely pleasant to buy a car from!!!!!  I just purchased my brand new Highlander from them on Thursday and was so shocked and pleasantly surprised at how smooth and relaxed the entire transaction went.  I worked for a car dealership for 5 years and I know first hand how uncomfortable buying a car is and how sneaky dealerships and sales people can be.  But Cristina was honest with me from the first phone call and she was quick to respond to my needs, never once tried to push something on me I didn't want and met all my requests for price and negotiations.  She didn't haggle me and even offered me more than I asked for.  Honestly I will never buy from another dealer again, now that I'm aware of Cabe, I will be sending all my family and friends their way.  Thank you so much for making this stressful, time consuming transition in our lives end quickly and happily!  We are loving every day with our new car and feeling good about how we were treated and the entire experience with your dealership.  I especially want to thank Cristina for being such a kind and professional person and so efficient too!  Absolute perfection!!!

Kelly J.

I NEVER thought buying/leasing a car could be so easy and painless! Thank you so much Evan Morikawa and the finance team for making our whole experience truly enjoyable and easy! 
Not only did he(Evan) get us into the car we wanted but he was able to get us the navigation package without breaking out budget! 
After going to a coupe other dealerships in the LA area, it was nice to finally work with a team of people who didn't make you feel like you were getting worked into something you really didn't want. I couldn't be happier with our decision to go with our Toyota Corolla S from Cabe Toyota!

Chris G.

Best place to purchase a toyota. I love my fj. Thanks to victor, meghan and mike(finance guy). They gave me a great price for my car and treated us professionally. I highly recommend cabe toyota to anyone looking for a new car.

Irene W.

These guys are truly the next-generation dealers and how all car buying should be! I worked with EVAN MORIKAWA, and he is simply the best! 

His emails were concise and upfront, and he didn't hassle me with multiple phone calls until I was ready to reach out. 

Evan shared his tips and knowledge freely, and never made me feel silly, nor the need to put my guard up (like I had to with some other places). 

The entire process took less than an hour; and I'm excited to check out their extended Toyota Care with my brand new 2014 Rav4!!

If you're considering a Toyota, talk to these guys. Hopefully, you will walk away feeling good about doing business with them, like I did!!

Irene W.

These guys are truly the next-generation dealers and how all car buying should be! I worked with EVAN MORIKAWA, and he is simply the best! 

His emails were concise and upfront, and he didn't hassle me with multiple phone calls until I was ready to reach out. 

Evan shared his tips and knowledge freely, and never made me feel silly, nor the need to put my guard up (like I had to with some other places). 

The entire process took less than an hour; and I'm excited to check out their extended Toyota Care with my brand new 2014 Rav4!!

If you're considering a Toyota, talk to these guys. Hopefully, you will walk away feeling good about doing business with them, like I did!!

Young Y.
This has been by far the best car experience i had with dealership. 

Within 10 years, i have owned/purchased, 2005 honda civic, 2005 honda s2000, 2008 scion xb, 2008 honda s2000 cr, 2009 honda civic hybrid, 2009 acura tsx, 2012 hyundai genesis, 2012 honda odyssey.

As you can see above list, i switch cars way too often. There are several reasons why i gave this dealer(specifically evan morikawa) 5 stars

The transaction was too easy. I received an email from evan thru His email was upfront, competitive price, and fast respond.  Although purchasing a vehicle on trailer park was awkward, the process only took less than an hour. talking with Evan on personal things cut down time as well... 

I leased plug-in prius(driving on highway feels like being on video game, frogger) and traded-in acrua tsx. Because the trade in wad registered under my wifes, financial officer went beyond his duty to get her signature at my place. 2 weeks later, he came back to our resident to drop off the tradein check.   

Im definitely coming back to evan again for next vehicle(maybe highlander or avalon)

Oscar A.
Excellent,  outstanding,  professional and diligent service.  I was relocating from work from Florida to California and need it to buy a car online. I had less than a week. After reading all the good comments online I decided to contact Cabe of Long Beach.  Evan responded immediately and offered couple of options. No pressure,  no hassle. I sent the needed information via email, five days later I landed in LAX and went straight to pick up my beautiful Toyota Camry LXE. I left the dealer in less than an hour. Thank you Evan and Cabe Toyota of Long Beach!

Elizabeth Q.
We love our new 2014 Sienna, and buying from Cabe Toyota has been so easy. Its been our pleasure to work with Mike and Oni, who helped us so much. My parents and I got a great experience working with them.  We definitely felt welcomed, no pressure, and felt we were understood.  We recommend buying from Cabe Toyota.

Eddie H.
I just bought a car here, and the level of service I received was beyond what I expect from any car dealer.  They were efficient and friendly.  They informed me of everything before, during, and after I bought my car.  Madison was my salesperson, and from the moment I called to the moment I stepped foot on the lot, I received great service!  Their prices are good and the auto I purchased was clean and in top shape.  I will buy any future cars only from them.

Tino S.
Was looking to buy a car and went through a crazy journey online and threw some dealership and got rejected. Met with Lulu at Cabe Toyota and she helped me out. Very professional and knowledgeable of what she was doing. Great Customer Service and friendly attitudes. I will recommend Cabe Toyota to anyone who wants to buy a car. A good and outstanding team standing by to help you get what you want and need. Thanks to Lulu and the Finance manager. Need a Car? See Lulu! She will help you out guarantee..

Nathaniel P.
I went to check out a CPO FJ Cruiser this past Saturday with really no intention to buy that day. Lulu helped me out. She was courteous and knowledgeable. There was not one time where I felt pushed our intimidated to buy from them. They gave me a deal that I couldn't walk away from and no I am a proud owner of an FJ Cruiser!

Lulu and the finance manager, Dwayne, were fantastic. I will recommend all of my friends and family to come here.

Joey D.
Just got a new car hear after a crazy journey around LA and OC. These guys were quick, informative and forthright. No beating around the bush, no bait and switch. Just great customer service and friendly attitudes. Need a new car? Come see Evan and the crew at Cabe and they'll do you right.

What was stolen: 2014 Prius III ;)

Jessica R.
Let me tell you how easy it was to deal with this dealership! My parents came to look for a Rav4 and Lulu came by to help us. They had previously had a horrible experience at Hooman and were very unsure and didn't want to deal with A-holes, so I went (just in case I had to be a B). 
Lulu right off the bat seemed extremely down to Earth and very honest. She asked what we wanted and what we were looking for and took us to the right lot to see our choices.
We went on a test drive and she was chatting with us and made the experience feel more laid back and not stressful. 
By the end of it all we got a Rav4 XLE and got a great deal. She was amazing and I will definitely go back when I get my own car (I would've gotten one sooner if not that day but saving for a wedding!). The whole staff is awesome and were not pushy at all when it came to getting extra packages. Definitely passing her card around and coming back on my own when I am ready. Thanks LuLu!
Ryan B.

I'm giving Cabe Toyota 5 stars for several reasons. Over the last 13 years I've purchased cars from chevy (multiple trucks), GMC, Chrysler. Cabe Toyota and salesman Evan Morikawa are what EVERY CAR DEALERSHIP should strive to be!

In looking to trade my 2011 silverado 2500HD, I sent inquiry emails to chevy, dodge Ram, and Toyota. All three had dealers in my area who responded with typical auto generated or  I don't know or care just come to the dealership type emails. Including the most convenient Toyota dealer in which the salesman immediately insulted my intelligence and made certain assumptions without caring to inquire.

Enter Cabe Toyota and Evan Morikawa. Evan's email was friendly, inviting and professional. I had real discussions with Evan over email, no pressure or usual sleezy sales tactics. Long story short when I got my credit union loan approved I let Evan know. Still no pressure! Just a simply friendly hey congrats on the loan let me know if and when you want to come check out a tundra. I went down on a Saturday , and was not harassed in the parking lot by the usual sales sharks! Met up with Evan and had a kicked back conversation about what I wanted. We walked out to the trucks and I decided what I wanted. Cabe didn't have the truck I wanted. Instead of trying to pressure me into a higher priced truck Evan said okay cool lets find your truck and have it delivered. Evan had that truck on the Cabe lot a few hours later! Evan beat's price on the truck without any games or the typical let me talk to my manager crap.

Cabe offered me $200 over what my trade in was valued by the auto trader trade in offer program. 

Being Memorial Day weekend I had to come back Tuesday with my bank check for my new truck. When I showed up the exact same deal and numbers were waiting for me. No dealer BS scams or tricks. NONE. Finance office guys mike shaw and Dwayne were easy and efficient. No pressure to buy extended anything , just one initial offer. 

Bottom line, this was THE BEST buying experience I've had. Zero bs, zero games, zero lies.

Kimberly H.

I had a wonderful experience purchasing my car at Cabe Toyota. The whole process was very easy and comfortable. I never felt like I was being pushed or pressured into a decision. We worked primarily with Madison, who was very friendly and patient (even though we were shopping with our one year old in tow). 

I found the car I was looking for online and submitted an inquiry to Cabe Toyota on a Sunday night. Madison got back to me the next morning and invited me to the dealership for a closer look and test drive. Even though Long Beach is a little out of the way, it was worth the drive for the great deal and wonderful service we received at Cabe Toyota. We got to check out the car in a very relaxed, hassle-free manner, and Madison even let us install our carseat into the vehicle for the test drive (which we really appreciated, as we were looking for a family-friendly car). 

The paperwork and financing part of the process was relatively quick and painless (remember we had a one year old with us!), and we were able to drive home in our new vehicle by early afternoon. 

We were very happy with our experience at Cabe Toyota, and we would definitely recommend them.

Jonathan E.

Best place to buy a car at EVER. 

We walked in, and there are no people chasing you down. This whole place has a no pressure/friendly approach.  The price they started us off with is the price that we got from another dealer after negotiating. lol. We sat down with Evan and was surprised at how relaxed and honest he was. No promises he couldn't keep, he didn't have to run to his manager to tinker with numbers, and he gave us his true opinions about some of the products Toyota offers. I wont mention them because I imagine corporate would want him to push everything on us like the other dealerships did. At one point, I had to have lunch and talk on the phone to another dealership about a price they said they would check on, and I expected them to not want to let me walk out without trying to sell me the car, but no. Even said, "Go ahead and take your time, and talk to them and enjoy your lunch. If you decide to comeback, we will just pick up where we left off." The dealership guy I talked to on the phone from carson toyota was a total tool. Promising APR's and crap without even knowing what kind of credit I have, and of course the old,"come in and lets sit down and talk." Pfff. I went straight back to cabe and bought a brand new Rav4 XLE. For an AWESOME price. No tools here at this dealer, no fake prices, no pressure to buy, and only 1 person to talk to that walks you through it all. 

It was a stress free buying experience that left me asking how these guys even sell cars being that relaxed!!!  Thank god they do and I'll for sure be back in a couple years.

Ricardo S.

I came in today for a recall item on my '09 Camry.  Their service was friendly, they didn't pressure me to do any additional service.  The shuttle to and from home was professional and courteous.  I would recommend Cabe Toyota Service Center to anyone that lives nearby based on this first impression.  Special thanks to Chuck for handling my appointment.

Chris C.

Recently I began my quest to purchase my dream car, a 2014 Toyota Tachoma double cab. I had no idea how horrible of an experience my journey was going to be. That is until I found Cabe Toyota through I will refrain from naming names in Toyota dealerships around Orange County and LA, but it is important to say that out of 4 dealerships that I visited in the SoCal area, Cabe Toyota were the ones I chose.

One of the dealerships tried to force me to trade in my 2011 Mazda 3, as well as force me into a truck on their lot which I did not like. Another dealership in LA tried to sell me a truck that I could not afford and stick me with a lease with option to buy. After two weeks of searching, almost being tricked, and being told "your business isn't worth it to us, this truck is rare and we can sell them in a heartbeat for MSRP" - I almost gave up my search.

And then Todd from Cabe Toyota contacted me, and right from the get-go he let me know what he could and could not do for me. There were no false promises, or lightly veiled attempts at suckering me into their office. He genuinely seemed like a very cool guy, which was a very refreshing change from the typical salesman in a cheap suit trying to up-sell their product.

After meeting with Todd and telling him what type of truck that I wanted, I ended up changing my mind a few times: "Which type of transmission, ok manual! No... automatic. Wait, I want blue, no... actually let's go with grey." Sometimes I have a difficult time making big decisions, but Todd never tried to limit my options, or pressure me into driving a truck in their inventory. I actually was looking at custom ordering a truck, and while other dealers hated this idea (because it takes up to 7 weeks), Todd and Cabe Toyota was more than willing to help me.

One thing that you will notice about Cabe Toyota is that they are still expanding, so they are currently working out of small mobile trailers. Please, don't let this throw you off. I was almost ripped off by a huge "Mall of America" type dealership with huge high-def TV's and food catering. In this case, do not judge a book by its cover. Not only is the buying experience completely personal and offered with a human touch, they show you exactly what you are paying for, and they even work with you on your APR, dropping below MSRP, and monthly payments.

Both Todd, and Johnathan were very down to earth, friendly, and professional. Even the finance guy was totally cool and down to earth during the signing process. I'm actually looking forward to seeing those guys again when I come in for servicing or upgrades to my truck. They're all very nice and the environment that they provide is memorable and pleasant. I dare you to try and find a better dealership in the OC area. Go ahead, either you'll end up being up-sold, ripped off, or lied to at some point during your buying process. Yet, with Cabe, you're going to get an exceptional and very memorable buying experience.

Linda K.

Thank you for your kindness! I drove down to Cabe to turn in a lease.  I was going to take a taxi to the airport to pick up a rental car to drive home. Sean, the man who was helping me, insisted on giving me a ride. I was very touched by his thoughtfulness.  Aside from great customer service he is a great human being. We need more people like this in the world!  Thank you so much, Sean!  I will never forget your kindness.

Mark N.

We purchased a 2014 Highlander at Cabe. It was such a good experience working with Christina Morales that we went back 4 months later and purchased a 2014 FJ Cruiser. Both times Christina and her staff were able to work with us through email, text messaging and a few phone calls to get the exact car we wanted for the best price we could find. 
We did all the paperwork possible in advance through email so that when we were ready to pick up the car we were in and out of there within and hour (both times).
Excellent experience!

Paul Y.

Great place! Dave was a pleasant person to work with. They offered a good price and the care was awesome. He spent a long time going over every gadget and parts of the Prius with us before we drove it away. He is always smiling and making the buying process easy going.

Michael P.

I recently purchased a new Prius from this dealership and I have to say the customer service was great. I worked with Cistina Morales who was extremely knowledgable and so pleasant to work with. She provided me the exact information I needed to make my purchase. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a honest, no-hassle sales person.

Kor C.

This was probably the best car buying experience I've ever been through or ever witnessed.  I initially went to a Toyota dealership closer to my house and had nothing but the whole "let me talk to my manager and see what I can do" act.  At CABE toyota, I worked with Evan on the phone, negotiated  an awesome price, went to pick up the car and was out of the dealership in less than 40 minutes.

After buying the car, Evan went through the check list of inspection and went over all the manuals I had in the glove box.  Evan even went into detail about the lemon law, saying that they know that they manufacturing isn't prefect and that if a car is a lemon I could do something about it.

Anywho, great car buying experience. Would definitely recommend CABE toyota to any friends and family. Actually the friend that went with was surprised at the awesome car buying experience I had she is planning to go back with her dad to buy a Prius C.

Julia B.

I can't believe I actually had a good experience at a car dealership. Last week I made the impulsive decision to lease a Prius Plug-in after realizing that there were only 1100 green carpool stickers left. I submitted for an internet quote late at night, and received an email with a great price early the next morning. John and Victor were quick to respond and very polite. 

I worked with Cristina once I got to the dealership. After walking into the sales trailer, not one single person approached me which was confusing but refreshing. I'm used to the vultures at every other dealership. The whole process was fun, easy, and fast. They even expedited my registration so that I could get my license plate number quickly, and apply for my coveted green sticker.

One minor negative was the finance guy who was clearly annoyed that I didn't want to upgrade anything. I'd still recommend Cabe Toyota to anyone looking for a good car buying experience!

Joseph C.

If you want to be treated like a human being in a dealership, please go here.  Had a great experience with Charlie and John. Walked out with smile. If you are planning to lease or purchase a Toyota, check this place out! I have nothing bad to say about this family owned dealership but praise.

Jeff B.

The Cabe Toyota sales department is the best I've seen with Toyota.  I wanted a very specific Tacoma and my local Toyota dealer (Manhattan Beach Toyota), wouldn't order one for me.  So I called Cabe and Dana was my salesperson.  He was more than happy to order one for me.  When the truck came in, I was really busy for a number of days in a row and couldn't get down to the dealership to take delivery.  Jonathon, the finance director offered to have the vehicle delivered to my office.  I took delivery at my office at 5pm on a Friday.  It was an awesome experience and I really appreciated the lengths they went to make me happy.  Great people there!!

Sammy R.

I'm new to this service, simply wanted to rate this place and the wonderful service I got here!

Drove from Ontario just to buy my wife a Sienna, after spending hours and hours at Longo which was cheaper and a lot closer.. This place bought me with the great customer service! 

Desire, my representative was AMAZING Let me just say! She stayed past her work shift just to make sure all out questions were answered! Most dealerships bounce you around and forget about you. Not her! She assisted us in everything. 

David was great as well, knew what he was talking about and he didn't try to push us into anything unnecessary.

All in all I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend Cabe to family! The drive is definitely worth every penny! 

Happy shopping to all I hope this helps your doubts!

Ria C.

I was in the market to purchase a Camry and that's exactly what I left with!!!!!!! I was shopping online and was contacted by Jason Kim. I had many Demands with not so great credit. Jason made it happen! I recommend this dealership and would buy from them again.......I bought a 2014 Camry, used with 16K miles. Beautiful car! Please come and see Jason Kim at Cabe Toyota! Great service!

Lyn C.

I got my first truck at Cabe in 2011 and was shopping around for a new truck. I have been going back and forth between Cabe and another dealer who was offering a good deal. I also went through and presented the quote to Cabe. My main concern was the overall price. We finalized the pricing but it was hard to find the car i wanted.Cabe did all their best to get the vehicle and we closed that same day. Madison was the sales rep i worked with and he was awesome! He keeps you posted with every bit of information they receive. I then worked with Mike from financing and gave me an amazing deal. Very low APR compared to my first purchase.


I do not normally submit reviews online but I decided that I should after a FABULOUS experience I had at CABE Toyota buying a new 2014 Toyota Corolla. I knew CABE Toyota's customer service had very high ratings before I went to CABE Toyota because I looked at many online review sites. And CABE Toyota delivered! Don't let the renovations that are underway dissuade you from visiting CABE. That would be a huge mistake! The entire staff at CABE Toyota is friendly and helpful, especially Cristina Morales. She was friendly, honest, patient, answered all of my questions, was upfront about the costs, and did not pressure me like other dealers I visited. I felt really comfortable throughout the entire purchasing process and I could totally tell that she genuinely cared about putting me in the car that I wanted rather than just making a sale. And the finance guy, Dwayne, was really nice! He was very patient and explained everything that I was signing in a very calm way. No rush, no pressure, no hassle. Very easy and quick. I hope the renovations to the Sales Department's building get completed soon. Cristina, Dwayne, and the rest of the staff really deserve to work out of nice new offices. I can't really put into words how awesome my experience at CABE Toyota was!

John D.

Normally I would never go to a dealership for repairs, service, or parts. But hot damn! Cabe Toyota is a must go. These guys will work with you to the fullest. If something is not right just be straight up and humbly tell them. They also do military discounts.

Kudos to PETE at the Service department he worked with me on the service I wanted and might I add it is a modified car and they still worked on it. Basically I wanted an alignment, brake service, and the red service. He calls me up later in the day and told me I don't need the brake service because I still have brakes. How awesome is that? 

All in All everyone should go here! Especially if you own a Toyota!!!

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My husband bought his Prius C last Sept. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I also needed to purchase a car. Spent all day visiting car dealers narrowing down my search to the car I wanted and the price I was willing to pay. I was so tired and did not look forward to talking to anyone else. My husband called Cristina and I told her what I wanted and how much I was wanted to pay. Bingo! The dealer had exactly what I wanted. Drove down to dealer that evening and drove back in my brand new Prius. The best part was that even though Christina had to leave, she waited for us and sped along the purchasing transaction. Cristina at Cabe Toyota is the best.

Alvin C.

I decided to go through in order to avoid the hassle of visiting multiple dealers to purchase the car of my choice at a fair price.

After submitting the information for the 2 types if cars I would consider, I started to receive my dealer quotes.

Cabe Toyota provided me one of the better initial quotes, however, I also decided to further pursue them as Dana Jack (Internet sales manager) was the only dealer to provide me all the details of a vehicle that met my requirements and that was sitting on their lot!

I was extremely impressed with his customer service skills and his willingness to work with me without the entire hassle and haggling of price negotiations.

It is now obvious to me why this dealer is rated so high on Yelp.

I purchased the vehicle described to me on the spot.

I would highly recommend them.

Lynne C.

I came down all the way from Northern CA to buy my Toyota Sienna and I am so glad I did!  Meghan Burianek is fantastic.  I emailed my request to her (no one could find what I wanted here locally, even got the line that they don't make that model in that color etc.) and she had the car and the price to me in less than a day.  She then followed up with paperwork etc. so that it would be easy for me to come down and pick up the car.  She even sent me pictures. This was the most wonderful experience I have ever had in buying a car. There was absolutely no funny games played or pressure just pure wonderful customer service.  The whole experience was flawless plus I saved money!  Thank you Meghan and Cabe Toyota...

Mike B.

I came to this dealership specifically because I had seen all the good reviews on Yelp.  A 4.5 is incredibly rare for a car dealership.  So I was skeptical but hopeful.

Now I can see why:  This dealership is much more down-to-business and transparent than most places.  I had gotten an online quote from so I contacted Cabe, and they quickly sent me a quote that beat the price by 700 bucks.

I knew what my trade-in was worth (I went to CarMax two days earlier and Cabe matched the CarMax offer).  And so when I got to the dealership, there was zero haggling or headaches.  The price was the price, they didn't try to tack anything extra onto that price.

The whole thing was very simple.  Christina and the finance manager took their time explaining all the numbers so I really understood what was going on.

It was basically unlike any car-buying experience I've ever had.

Huyen L.

Thanks for being honest and great service, Cabe Toyota, you have earned my business from now on. Thanks Cristina and Josh for doing such a great job, from picking me up at home, to setting things up in the new car, and explained everything I need to know. I can't say enough about  how great you guys are.

Josh W.


The staff is very professional and were able to answer all my questions.  I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and came out with just THAT.  The process was as smooth as can be and it all started at the top with Jonathon.  He was willing to work with my every need.  And Dana was great too!  I highly recommend these two individuals.  I even received a golf lesson while waiting for my car to be washed!!! Above and beyond service comes to mind when i think about Cabe Toyota.

If you haven't been yet, give it a try, you will NOT be disappointed.

Don F.

I live in San Diego but traveled to Long Beach to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle they had listed through USAA. I spoke to Charlie by phone, and they made it painless. the price online was lower than what was on the windshield, and they honored it without question. The car is in great shape and as advertised. I have had to call a couple of times with questions, and they are outstanding with follow up. I'd definitely consider making the trip again and would recommend them to anyone.

Lowell T.

Great experience here from a pricing and customer service standpoint. This was my first visit to Cabe. I initially sought quotes online for a Prius Plug In. Evan Morikawa contacted me and gave me the e-price for the vehicle. When I went in to see the vehicle I felt the price they gave for my trade in was low, but Evan actually encouraged me to get other quotes and told me if I got a better deal from another dealer that I should take it.  I appreciated his lack of desperation and hard selling. So I went to get other quotes and I did get a better price on the new car somewhere else, but I could not find a better trade in deal. So I told Evan about the better price a week later, he matched the price, and gave me the trade in price he said he would initially.  In fact, I only verbally told him the better price I had been quoted and he told me he would match it without needing to see anything written, which I found to be pretty high quality stuff. I wouldn't do it ha! 

The buying experience was great. In looking back I can see in comparison to other dealers that the people at Cabe do it right. They treat customers with respect, they don't hard sell, they know their product, the prices were right, and they understand that car buying is as much about customer service as it is about selling automobiles.  

Good character shows through to customers. Thanks!

Jammy S.

At Cabe they have an interesting concept, they actually do what they say they will do.  The deal I negotiated with Jonathan (which was the least expensive) was actually the deal I got.  I'm in sales too so I know all the tricks and tactics and I'm happy to say I didn't have to deal with any drama.  

Great experience, friendly, knowledgable sales staff.  No pressure sales at the finest.  My compliments...

Sean S.

Man this place is the freaking best.  Meghan Burianek went above and beyond and found my GF the exact car she wanted.  She was looking for a fully loaded Rav4 with every option available including AWD.  This was about 6 months ago when the new shape was just released and this was not easy to find.  

There was literally only 1 car in the country that fit what my GF wanted and she found it.  I don't know how, all I know is I'm happy she did it.  Don't let the exterior of this place fool you.  Go in and ask for Meghan.  

One thing I didn't like...The person who did the used car inspection was a real dick.  I was literally going to punch him in the face; he was pretty rude.  I think he just hated his job or was a smart ass.  Still though, it was only a minor interaction and everything else was handled so damn well.  

It's really low pressure here and that's really the best thing you can ask for when purchasing a car.  Finance department was also very low pressure.  Gave my GF a great rate and beat the rate she got from her bank.  

It goes without saying we would come here again, we'll just avoid that used car guy.

Jin T.

One word comes to mind when you think of most car salesman... SLEAZY! Well, that's what I used to think until I checked out this place! 

I just bought my 2014.5 Camry SE from Cabe Toyota this past weekend. This dealership is by far THE BEST one I've ever been to. Never imagined that buying a car would ever go so smoothly. Not only do they offer great deals on cars, but their service & professionalism are what separates them from the rest.  

Great price, great service, knowledgeable, no hassle, are all signs of a good dealership.  Their "no BS, let's make a deal" attitude pretty much speak volumes.

I personally want to thank Madison Flores, John Beard, & Jason Kim for making my car buying experience a real pleasure. You've definitely earned yourself a lifetime customer!

Sabrina C.

I highly recommend Cristina Morales from the Sales Department.  I moved from East Coast to LA and had to start working right away, plus a million other things to do for my new life in LA.  Cristina made my car purchase very smooth and hassle free.  She's honest and straight-forward (which I really appreciate when dealing with car sales).  I will definitely do business with her again.

Elizabeth L.

Bought a Prius today at Cabe. i was very impressed by the level of service  from Jonathan, Charlie, Evan, and Jason. Friendly, professional, and very low key. It was my best car buying experience ever.

Alan F.

Loved this place! Best price by far in SoCal on my new Sienna SE! They give you a third year of free service if you get your two years of service done there also!

Christina R.

Very friendly service. I was very pleased about the professionalism of Mr. Greg Franklin. He was very through, kind and patient. He even call the next morning to see how we were. I will highly recommend this dealership to all my friends and family looking to purchase a new car.  Thank you Mr. Greg Franklin.  And I got the car I wanted at a great price.

Calina N.

Best car dealership ever and glad I purchased my 2012 Toyota Highlander here. I was dreading the fact that I have to go through the car purchasing process but at Cabe Toyota, it was smooth sailing. Charlie was such a great help, patient, and in no way did we ever feel pressured. He helped process the credit check, explained my loan options, and kept us company while we waiting for the loan person, Mike, to help us.  Since it was late, Mike processed us as fast as he could and made sure he thoroughly explained all the details with us. 

Mike and Charlie were exceptionally sincere, friendly, caring and so personable. In fact, the following day, Mike called me in the morning to make sure we made it home and asked how the ride was. The next day, another person from Cabe made a courtesy call to me to let me know that the previous owner of my car returned a second key. If you're looking for a hassle-free dealership with amazing service, go to Cabe Toyota.  It was worth the drive from OC for me 100%!!!  Thank you Cabe.

Jess M.

My visit to Cabe Toyota in Long Beach was the best car buying experience I have had.  This was my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own, and Oni was a fantastic sales representative.  At no point did I feel pressured.  On the contrary, I was put at ease by the grounded and sincere staff.  Unlike my experiences at the major "auto malls", Cabe was approachable, considerate, and respectful to women.  

I continue to recommend Cabe Toyota to everyone.

Wayne N.

I inquired about a Camry via email and Meghan responded promptly. I visited Cabe Toyota and she (as well as Evan another time) were personable and did not pressure me into purchasing a car. They were both very helpful and eventually, I purchased the Camry. I've been a Cabe customer since 2004 servicing my old Camry. They provide quality service and customer service is the best at this dealership. I trust Cabe Toyota.

Frank H.

Bought new RAV4 from Cristina Morales. I am very happy dealing with her. She is very professional, thoughtful, hard working and patience. She gave me the best price compare other Toyota dealers. Also, the environment is very relaxing. No pressure at all. Even after the transaction, she took her time to explain all of the features in the new RAV4 car. In fact, she also helped me to setup my Sienna that I purchased from other toyota dealer recently for my wife. FYI, the sales person from the other toyota dealer who sold me the Sienna just handed me the key. Totally difference experience. Overall my wife and I are so happy to purchase the car from Cristina. She is so great and amazing. Thank you to Cristina and Cabe Toyota. Definitely we will go back again some day.

Daisy G.

Came to check out Prius. Madison my sales guy was super nice and helpful!!! John was great as well. Didn't feel pressured and it was a easy deal.

Ralph G.

I've bought two cars from Cabe. They were low key, less pressure than the other dealers and we got to a "real" price a lot quicker.

Donald S.

Bought a 2013 Prius. They quoted the best price in the area online and when I went in there, they gave me that exact price. There was no pressure. They were friendly and low-keyed. It was a great experience. The service department has also been excellent.


Our experience at Cabe Toyota was perfect. Charlie was so helpful and patient with us as we selected our new car. The whole process was quick and without any issues. We would definitely go back to Cabe Toyota.

Linda S.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at Cabe Toyota.  Everyone was so helpful and the process was without any problems.  We are definitely coming back when we buy our next Toyota!

Mike J.

Cabe responded promptly to my online query, found the color and model we wanted when other dealers said it wasn't available anywhere in southern California. They also met the highest trade-in offer we had elsewhere. The car was ready and waiting when I drove up from San Diego. My wife couldn't join me to co-sign the loan papers (they found us a lower rate than our credit union) and they FedEx'd the paperwork to her. Don't be afraid to trade with Cabe from out of town. They worked hard  for our business and we have the same worldwide Toyota service network behind our vehicle, no matter where we go.

Rebecca D.

We bought not one but two new Prii from Cabe Toyota. We were referred by USAA's Auto Program. Our salesperson is Oni Johnson and she gave us the lowest prices. 
Thanks Oni!

Jared P.

i used the // car buying service for he first time and recieved 3 certified prices from 3 different dealerships. Cabe toyota's price was nearly $1,000 cheaper than the other two toyota dealers i recieved certified offers from for the same vehicle. the entire process was hands down the easiest and most stress free car buying experience I have ever had- bar none.  It honestly went so smoothly that it felt too good to be true.Through the whole car buying process I kept holding my breath for that moment where I was going to get screwed in some way but it never materialized. Christina was easily the nicest and most professional salesperson I have ever dealt with at any dealership. Finally there is someone who recognizes that pressuring people and using stereotypical car salesman tactics just leave a bad taste in the customers mouth, and dont  really work in the long run in terms of recommendations or referrals.  i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new toyota, It's worth the drive even if you don't live in the area. I don't normally take the time to post reviews, but the positive experience I had with Cabe toyota- due in large part to Christina, compelled me to post this review..

Jared H.

Got a 2014 Prius Plug-in. Great service! Worth the drive from LA!

Ryan C.

I had an amazing experience finding a Honda Prius at Cabe. Dave in their sales department really took the time to listen to my needs and allow me to take the time to make a solid decision on my car. While Cabe may not be the biggest Toyota dealer in Southern California, the personal touch of their customer service makes them very competitive. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Toyota to take a drive down to Cabe.

Andy K.

Just exceptionally great service!!!

I purchased a new 2013 Highlander here and was happy with the price and service I received while purchasing the vehicle and after.

This dealer offers great incentives from oil changes to free car washes.

Faisal A.

Good people. Upfront about prices and willing to do the best on the trade. Internet staff is great and knowledgable.

Hao P.

Purchasing my 2014 Camry SE at Cabe was by far the best car buying experience I have ever had. I've purchased a BMW and two Toyota vehicles from other dealers closer to home, but the service and price cannot compare to Cabe's. Oni, Cristine, and Mike were uber friendly and not once did I feel pressured into buying additional services. We will definitely go back when it's time to purchase a vehicle for my wife.


I visited the dealership in the early morning on a workday Tuesday. Michael Reyna had not had his first sip of coffee when I enterred the sales department. He was happy to let me test drive the highlander I was interested in immediately. I gave him an offer in writing with my number. He said he would talk with his manager. After 15 minutes or so, I got a call for Joe Garcia. After a brief discussion, he too said he would call back. Within minutes, he called back and after a few minutes of discussion, we agreed on a price. I told him I would come back that evening. Sure enough, true to his word, there were no gimmicks. They had the car gased up, washed, placed new floor mats when I arrived at the dealership, About 30-45 minutes of paperwork, he handed me an envelope stacked with paperwork and the keys. They were both highly efficient, honest, and thorough. I would be happy to work with these two gentleman in the future.

Brian A.

Evan at Cabe Toyota was very helpful in finding the vehicle I wanted.  I was looking for a specific truck and he went out of his way to find what I wanted.  They arranged to get the vehicle for me and made the process very smooth.  They are undergoing some refurbishments but they still have a great selection of vehicles or can find what you want.  Everyone was friendly and made the car buying experience easy. They also offer an extra year of toyota care and extra years of services for no extra charge.  Definitely recommend buying a vehicle from them.

Elizabeth B.

Let me start off by saying I don't know anything about cars. I was going to take my car to Hooman Toyota to deal with my check engine light since they are so close to my house but their yelp reviews scared me so I decided to drive across town to Cabe instead. Worth it! Everyone was super nice and Phil my service rep explained all the repairs and prices to my satisfaction and even hooked it up with a free rental car and a AAA member discount. So even though I'm a girl with absolutely no car knowledge I didn't get pressured into repairs I didn't need and my car is running great. Thanks guys!

Samantha P.

Great customer service from Christina. No hassle negotiating. Deal was done quickly. Highly recommend the team. Christina was a pleasure to work with. She will do her best to save you time and money.

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Wow, what a wonderful experience! After getting a bait and switch and downright lies from some local dealers I sent the Cabe Dealership an email stating what I wanted. Meghan at Cabe found what I wanted in a Sienna and she sent me the specs for the perfect match and a price within 2 hours...She guided me through the whole purchase being one step ahead of any questions I had. Since I was not nearby she sent me pictures and sent forms we could fill out ahead of time. She then demoed all the features of my new Toyota Sienna. She also followed up with emails stating that if I had any questions she was there to help. This was my far the best experience I have EVER had buying a car. Thank you also to Edmunds for the information I needed about price and dealerships out of my area to make an informed decision.


I live in San Diego but shopped online for a certified pre-owned Toyota Highlander in AWD. I found Cabe Toyota through USAA's car-finder service. Cabe offered a great price on a beautifully maintained 2010 model that had been leased. All the online reviews for Cabe were spectacular (I subsequently found them to be accurate), so gave them a call. I dealt mostly with Charlie and Dave, but all the staff including Sean, Jason and Meghan, right up to the owner, were attentive to every detail without being intrusive or overbearing. The car is in top condition and was well worth the 100 mile trip. A couple of days after I bought the car, I called with a question and I must have given the impression that I was stuck. Charlie called back within minutes, which I felt reflected true concern and very ethical follow up to the sale. Obviously, I'll have to get my regular service down here in San Diego but I would recommend Cabe as an honest and ethical dealership worthy of your trust for sales and service,

Samuel C.

It's worth the drive even if you are not from Long Beach area.

We leased 2014 Prius Plug-In last Saturday.  

I started the research on Friday by sending a few emails for internet departments of Toyota dealerships near my house in Irvine. 

I found Cabe Toyota on Yelp and read a few reviews and happy to leave a review here myself.  

Cristina was prompt and professional in her communication via email, phone, and in person.  

It was one of the most smooth car buying experience.

Sarah A.

I had a great experience at Cabe when I went in for a new 2014 Toyota Avalon this week. For anyone looking to get a new car, I highly recommend seeing Lulu at Cabe! She answered all of my questions patiently, she gave me an AWESOME price, and really made sure I was taken care of. She's not pushy and she did everything she could to get me exactly what I wanted. I was also surprised at how quickly the whole process went! I was in and out within a few hours and I'm incredibly happy with my purchase and the whole experience at Cabe.

Alison R.

I just bought my first car at Cabe Toyota, and the experience was so enjoyable! Kenny in the financing department made the whole process so easy and significantly less confusing. And his sense of humor and easy-going nature helped reduce the stress of probably the most stressful part of buying a car! Jason Kim was also wonderful in explaining everything paperwork related to me, line by line, so that I was completely informed. There were no gimmicks, tricks, or pressure. Dan came in and checked on us periodically to ensure that everything was running smoothly which I so appreciated, and other Cabe employees even offered to take my picture with my new car! It is completely apparent that this is a family business, and that is SO refreshing after visiting other big company car dealerships. I highly recommend Cabe Toyota over any other Toyota dealership, and I'm looking forward to being a loyal customer for life!


My overall experience at Cabe was beyond great! Everyone at the dealership had a very friendly & helpful attitude. When it came down to the actual purchase process, the sales associates were very willing to work with me & accomodate my requests. I had a very specific budget that I needed to stick to & I was able to walk out of the dealership with a HUGE smile on my face with the exact car I wanted! This was a very quick & painless car buying experience & I will HIGHLY recommend Cabe to anyone that is looking for a Toyota or Scion! Awesome customer service!

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Wow, what a wonderful experience! After getting a bait and switch and downright lies from some local dealers I sent the Cabe Dealership an email stating what I wanted. Meghan at Cabe found what I wanted in a Sienna and she sent me the specs for the perfect match and a price within 2 hours...She guided me through the whole purchase being one step ahead of any questions I had. Since I was not nearby she sent me pictures and sent forms we could fill out ahead of time. She then demoed all the features of my new Toyota Sienna. She also followed up with emails stating that if I had any questions she was there to help. This was my far the best experience I have EVER had buying a car. Thank you also to Edmunds for the information I needed about price and dealerships out of my area to make an informed decision.

Kaitlyn V.

Let me just start out by saying I'm a firm believer in Costco Auto Program. But that has changed after meeting Cristina from Cabe! She is an AHHHHHMAZING sales professional. No matter how much push back and haggling (as a consumer you should always push and haggle) I throw her way, she always respond with professionalism and patience. Cristina is a wealth of information and knowledge when it comes to her sales. I have worked with many sales car rep and the moment they hand over the keys the moment they rush you off their lot. NOT CRISTINA! She spent her time going over all my car features and making sure I'm comfortable before heading off.

My experience with Cabe was nothing short of amazing (all thanks to Cristina Morales of course). However, through the little time that I had experienced with Cabe, I had realized that when it comes down to the $100s they rather earn your business than profitting that $100. I had a pleasure of working with Jason Kim (finance manager) and he was ANOTHER wealth of info guidance. He explained line to line every fee on my contract no sales pitch no gimmick.

Overall this experience of purchasing 2 Prius plug-in has been exceptional!!! Going forward, anyone I know that wants to purchase Toyota will def get my referral to Cabe Toyota in Long Beach. Honestly, you will not be disappointed with experience nor price.

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Christina was great! Got me best interest rate and best price. Got all papaerwork ran and started, and had the Rav4 I wanted delivered right to the delearship. All I had to do was walk in and sign the paperwork. It was a great experience and I have already referred my coworkers and family to Cabe Toyota. Jon, the finanace person we worked with was great! Friendly and honest.

Tiffany T.

This is for the service dept: Fast. Awesome. Use the check in offer on Yelp to get a 25.00 discount. They have a shuttle to take you anywhere in long beach so you aren't stuck there. 
Didn't bother trying to push things that weren't important. 

My parents have taken their Camry and Tundra here for a long time and always recommended it to me. So we took my bf's Scion XD and had a fantastic experience. 

Don't go to the power Toyota in Cerritos, just get serviced here. 

P.s. we had regular maintenance( oil change and all the other stuff), cleaned out his air conditioner tube that always gets clogged and backs up on the passengers side(for free!), new battery, fixed tail light( bulb) for 180.00. We didn't have an appointment and it only took like 1 1/2 hrs.

Irene O.

It's as good as it gets.  We have purchased a car previously from Cabe and we love this dealership.  We currently are in the process of purchasing another vehicle with them and we'd highly recommend this dealer.  They work within your means and don't ever try to fit you into something you can't afford, nor need.  They do what it takes to keep the customer happy and make it happen. 
Thanks to Charlie E.. awesome salesman! 
Noelle and Derek C.

Jacob K.

LOVE LOVE LOVE CABE!!!! I just purchased my new Highlander at Cabe over the weekend and was just ecstatic with the treatment I received. I had made a trip to Cabe the day before to just get an estimate on my trade-in and see what payments I was looking at with a few different options. I called a bigger dealership that belongs to an Auto Square (use your imagination) that same day earlier where I had bought my 08' Tundra at and asked about bringing in my car to get appraised for a trade-in. The salesperson at the other dealership there told me in a rather rude way that there was no way on Black Friday could someone have their car appraised in less than 45 min (which was my request as I have a 21 month old who was almost ready for his afternoon nap) and that i was 'crazy' for thinking that and it just couldn't happen. Well his honesty was a turnoff as I know being in sales that 'Anything' a customer requests within reason is at least worth exploring. 

I then immediately called Cabe and asked about the appraisal and John Beard was very helpful and told me that the appraisal and the quote on the new vehicle could take about 20min-30min. I went right down and just as he had said, the quote was done very quickly and I was able to take the payment information with me and mull it over. I felt like it was a very personable experience from the first call through the quote. 

Much to my chagrin, the following day I went to the other auto square dealership the following day and tried to see what they would do based on some false promises I got over an email the night before.  Well not only did the auto square tell me their best price was almost equal to Cabe's price after i haggled endlessly, they offered me $500 less for my trade-in. After a certain sales rep told me that they guaranteed to meet the trade-in price I got appraised at another appraiser, I stood in the parking lot and called Cabe. 

Well the sales associate Meghan got on the ball right away and told me she would call me back in 5 min after talking to her sales manager. She called me back in 4. She agreed to the deal and told me to come into the dealership. I went into Cabe after a half hour break and everything that they advertised they came through on; trade-in, quote on Highlander, and the speed at which I was told i could be in&out of the dealership. I don't want this review to come off as I am just bashing another dealership. I was just trying to convey how frustrating it was dealing with a certain one, where Cabe 'exceeded my expectations' in every sense of the expression. My dad who helped cosign on the car, told me he only wanted his credit ran once and to be at one dealership for only a couple of hours; basically I had to have the deal in place and just tell him when it was time to fill out paperwork. He mentioned when he got to the dealership that he bought a used vehicle there almost 25years ago and was happy with his experience then, as he was now. 

Meghan, Dominic, John, & Jason were all great as I imagine most of the rest of the staff is. I didn't feel like a 'number' at Cabe and no goofy looking guys were waving me down in matching red shirts with flags directing me into the parking lot. I am excited to have joined the 'Cabe Family' and look forward to making my future Toyota purchases there...I highly recommend you at least look into shopping at Cabe for your next automobile purchase...


Went to Cabe Toyota and bought a new 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser.Cabe Toyota was on my list of so. calif. dealerships to try and find the best price.I live in south orange county.45 Miles away..In the end, Cabe Toyota gave me the best price, and made the car buying experience, as easy and smooth as you could possibly hope for.Evan Morikawa was the sales associate who helped me through the entire process.Dealing with Evan was as good as it gets. Very professional and easy going (non pressureing) as you will ever find.He was always getting back to me with answers to any questions I might have had,in a very prompt manner. Cabe Toyota is a throw back to the mom and pop dealerships, that we used to have. A very non Automall type feel to their dealership..If you are in the market for a new or used Toyota.You owe it yourself , to put Cabe Toyota on your list of dealerships to check out. You will not be disappointed.Overall extremely pleased with the car buying experience at Cabe Toyota.

Eddie D.

Cabe Toyota is awesome. Meghan the sales person was wonderful when my husband bought his new Toyota 4-runner. She went out of her way to get the exact color and options that he wanted at a great price. He had special TRD wheels put on it before we picked it up and she made sure it was ready. Much better then Cerritos that only wanted to sell us the stock they had on the lot.

Thanks Megan and the crew at Cabe family owned and awesome.

Diane C.

We had a wonderful experience at Cabe! I called and lucked out by talking with Joe Garcia. I explained what I was looking for (very specific truck with specific features) and what color I wanted. He not only found the exact truck I wanted but made me an offer right over the phone that I couldn't refuse. I have bought many cars but none with the ease and professionalism Joe provided. I would highly recommend dealing with Joe Garcia at Cabe.

Madaline C.

I absolutely love the service I get at Cabe Toyota. I took my car in today for a repair. In a few hours they were done.  They even washed my car! I was so grateful that they even fixed a dent that I had due to a lady hitting my car and running. 
THANK YOU TIM & everyone in the service department. :)

Nick N.

Bought my Tacoma here, they had great service and did a great job installing my supercharger and lifting truck. Service is great. Highly recommend.

Mike Y.

Excellent car buying experience! Not an ounce of sleezyness that you get at other dealerships. All my car purchases in the future will be done at Cabe from now on. Highly recommended!

K Y.

Came here to replace a headlight bulb, reverse light, and cabin light. No appointment, just showed up on sat around 1pm and was seen immediately. Good pricing, great service from Guy, and a complimentary car wash!!

Sery S.

I had two visits at Cabe Toyota.  The first visit was strictly browsing and getting a feel of the Prius V.  The salesman, Dave Donahue, approached me and gave me his card after I told him what I was looking for, and that I wasn't ready to buy.  He respected my wishes and left me alone, unlike Hooman's Toyota in Long Beach who aggressively tried to pressure me in immediately driving the car and persistently tried to get me to finance the car when I told them I wasn't ready to buy.  

My second visit to Cabe Toyota, I gave Dave a call about my interest in purchasing the PriusV and told him about another one I looked at in Longo's Toyota.  Spoke about prices over the phone, and I decided to go to Cabe Toyota's first before making another trip to Longos.  

When I got to Cabe, Dave had already had the PriusV washed and parked right in the front where I can see it.  He had a very calm demeanor and was the salesperson that I was very happy to work with in purchasing my very first car on my own.  

The entire process was very easy, honest, well explained, and I felt that we were both on the same page as to how much I was willing to spend.  

Overall, I was very satisfied with Cabe Toyota.  The construction and small site did not bother me at all.  Dave Donahue was a great salesperson, friendly, and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in visiting Cabe Toyota.  

Oh, and I am totally in love with my Clear Sky PriusV!

Ray A.

They were awesome , helped me get the car I wanted a 2010 Prius and I love it drives smooth and did I mention gas is amazing been driving from long beach to downtown la to pasadena to Cerritos to torrance and back for the past few days and still haven't hit a half a tank!!!! . I would of paid the same amount at another dealer without all the good perks can't beat it !!!!!

Jeanese R.

Dominic, Evan, and John are amazing.  Just purchased my Prius C and had a superb experience.  I received a call from Dominic within 30 minutes of e-mailing the dealer for a deal.  Not only did they meet my request, they were quick and knowledgable about the car.  Evan gave me a walk through of the car and even connected my phone thru the blue tooth.  John made the finance section of the deal - quick, easy to understand, and is a great conversationalist.  

Anyone looking for a Toyota - NEEDS TO SHOP HERE!

Nicole B.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to own a Prius. When it finally came time for me to trade in my old car, I did what anyone would do: Asked friends and family for advice and dealer referrals, and sought out online reviews to help me find the perfect place to purchase my Prius.  Those two things led me to Evan Morikawa and Cabe Toyota in Long Beach.  A friend had just purchased a Prius from Evan, and he assured me that Evan was a straight shooter who would make shopping for a new car easy.  The online reviews said the same thing:  If you want a hassle-free, fast and painless car buying experience, shop with Evan at Cabe.  After emailing back and forth with several dealers just to suss out my options, I ultimately went with Evan, even though his quote was slightly higher than several other offers I received (he evened out the difference by offering me a free extra year of Toyota Care, which I was very grateful for) .  Evan was kind and straightforward.  He could tell I was overwhelmed with options and offers, and instead of using that to his advantage to push me into making a hasty decision, he was patient and worked with me to make sure I got a good deal for the car I wanted.  He didn't jerk me around or pressure me.  His numbers always made sense, while several others seemed like "too good to be true" ploys designed to get me into the showroom and then slam me with additional fees.  It felt like Evan and I were on the same team.  I really appreciated that.  When I went in to Cabe to purchase my Prius, I was equally impressed by the whole team.  They gave me a great deal on my trade in, and the person who helped me with my financing, Jason Kim, was particularly kind.  He explained everything to me thoroughly and answered all of my questions patiently, and I trusted him to help me make the best decisions on financing and extended warranties.  I can't speak highly enough of Cabe Toyota.  My experience there was honestly delightful, and I would heartily and without hesitation recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a Toyota.

Amanda G.

I WISH I HAD GONE HERE FROM THE BEGINNING! I had a TERRIBLE experience at another nearby Toyota dealer where I was lied to and really felt that they were trying to take advantage of a young woman purchasing a car on her own. Little did this other dealership know that I am well educated and know a bait and switch trick when I see one.

I still wanted to to purchase a RAV4, so I started doing some research online and saw that Cabe Toyota had really good reviews. It seemed a little too good to be true, but I went to check it out anyway... and WOW, what a difference! This family owned dealership was amazing and had such a different vibe compared to any other dealership I have previously been to.

Upon arriving there I didn't feel like I had been pounced on by some desperate salesman, just a really friendly guy that was there to help me out. By the way, the salesman's name is CHARLIE, and he's amazing, so ask for him! I told him about my bad experience at the other dealership and his assured me that I wouldn't have to worry about anything like that happening at Cabe, and he was right.

When it came time to crunch the numbers and make a deal, the process was so easy! There wasn't a lot of back and forth and there were no tricks. They gave me a great deal for my trade in, a great deal on the car and a really good interest rate, without feeling like I had gone through an exhausting battle afterward.

This was the first time I had ever been to this dealership, but I will recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a car and will definitely go back here when it comes time for me to purchase another car. Everyone was so genuine and I felt very respected there. I am so glad I went to Cabe... and ask for the salesman CHARLIE!!


I bought my first car scion tc here in 2006, I still own my scion and love it but wanted something with great mpg. It took me 2 months to deal with other dealerships and I finally realized I should try to go back to cabe, it's out of my way since I live in yorba Linda but after the experience I got it was well worth it. Everyone was so nice and I never felt the creepy sales pitch. Cristina was awesome, no haggling and gave me the best price all around. Once I picked up my car she took the time to teach me all the tricks to be able to work a prius. I love my car thank you Cristina!

Tessie N.

I usually don't write reviews very often, but I feel compelled to write one about Cabe Toyota.  I just bought the 2014 Corolla, and after visiting two previous dealerships, this was by far the best.  Even my mother, who is a hard to please customer, was happy with the service and treatment we received here compared to the other places.  
Dan, Michael and Joe helped me and they were all awesome!  
I would definitely recommend this dealership to any of my family and friends.

Keith E.

Make no mistake, I'm a tough customer. I know my way around cars and dealerships. From the moment Cristina answered the phone at Cabe Toyota, I knew this place was different, in a good way! After a moment of confusion regarding my previous lease termination, Cristina made it alright and we concluded negotiations on my new Prius Plug-In and I am extremely happy with my overall experience. 

I highly recommend Cristina and Cabe Toyota. You can feel that it's a family-style operation. I never felt like a piece of meat to be consumed in a maze of false promises and predatory floor managers and finance managers like I've experienced at other Toyota dealerships. Cabe is good people and I look forward to recommending them to my friends!


We contacted Evan Morikawa and Oni Johnson about 6 months ago regarding a Tundra they had on the lot. They were always very professional and answered all of questions quickly and honestly. We took a while to make our minds up on exactly what we wanted and they were always very patient with us - never pushing us into a deal. We must have exchanged over a 150 emails/text messages over then span of 5 months and they never made us feel like we were bothering them. They also gave us a great price via email and stuck to it. 

On the day we went to pick up our truck we had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners - Dan Duddridge. He helped in making the deal easier and smoother for us and we really appreciated everything he did in making the deal come together. 
We live about a 130 miles away from this dealership, but it was definitely worth the drive to have the quality of service they offer. They are a family run Toyota Business that CARES and you could definitely feel and see it. Thank you again for everything Dan, Evan, Oni and Jason (finance guy)!! We love our new Tundra!

Matt M.

go see Cristina Morales fleet Mgr she is a true professional this is a great place to buy a car no games no high pressure tactics, i just bought a 2013 Rav 4 would definitely recommend this dealership

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I just got a 36 month lease for the Prius plug in. I worked with Oni, who is great. She is honest, straight forward and easy going. She was available via email to answer all of my questions before and after purchasing. The price was just what she said, no add ons. Everyone I met at the dealership was straightforward and not pushy at all. I have bought 6 cars in my life and this was the easiest. The price was the best out of 5 dealers I emailed. They even sent a car to pick me up the day of the sale. I would come here again.

Gary Z.

I just leased a Prius plug in.  I worked with Oni via email before/after the sale.  There was no hassle or pressure.  She was professional, honest and straightforward.  They were competitively priced and the final price was exactly as she quoted, no surprises.
I've bought 6 cars.  This was by far the easiest and fastest.

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This was not the typical car buying experience we always hear horror stories about. We purchased a new 2013 Prius Two with this dealership, and it was relaxing! The people were very down to earth, respectful, and straight forward. No song and dance, no dog and pony show. Honest, fast, and easy. The color vehicle we wanted wasn't on the lot, but they arranged to have it there the very same day for us to take home. I don't care if we move to New York...from now on, we will always shop here for a new Toyota.

John H.

Just wanted to put another update on here.  Went to Cabe to purchase another vehicle in April and walked out with a brand new 2013 Tundra.  The whole process was just as easy as the last time and the service was equally great.  Cristina, Kenny, and Dwayne  took care of me this time.  Thanks guys!

Maureene M.

This is my 3rd car purchase within a year.  By far the most enjoyable.  It's so nice to see that there are still family dealerships left out there.  Sooo tired of dealing with big car companies that don't care about their customers.  Worked with Tina Muniz and she was wonderful.  Plan on buying ANOTHER car in less than a year.  We will be back!!

Joy Bell
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Thanks to Cabe Toyota for the friendly, no-pressure professional service. A special thank you to Maddy (Madison) Flores for your courteous and helpful service. We love our "new" car and are very satisifed with the great price. The overall experience was excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new or used car.

Phil S.

meghan, victor, jason and mike were the ones who helped me buy a new car.

they made the entire process as easy as it can be, despite some hiccups i ran into, due to out-of-state co-signer issues.

great people, great service.  what else could i ask for?  this is how a car-buying should be.

will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a toyota.

Monica H.

The staff here is amazing. It has a laid back feel with no pressure. I shopped at about 7 other places and felt very pressured into buying all sorts of stuff I didn't need. You won't get that here. Meghan is SO amazing, she will work with you for as long as it takes to find exactly what you want. Go here for a excellent car buying experience.


Charlie, Madison and John Bambauer were all wonderful to work with. Very attentive, friendly and accommodating when working with me to make sure that I was satisfied with the vehicle that I purchased. In fact, all sales employees were very friendly, Sean etc........I would definitely recommend this dealership, in fact, my daughter and son-in-law will be coming in to Cabe when they are ready to purchase a new vehicle.

Alex R.

Came in to Cabe Toyota and spoke with Evan. He was kind, sincere and full of integrity, I was sold! I didn't purchase my car but he broke it down for me. Gave me the price and what my monthly payments were going to be. I will definitely be returning within the week to pick up my car. Thank you Evan for being who you are and honest. You're very legitimate and will be recommending you to others. Live long and Prosperous.

William T.

Got my dream car!  I wanted a red, double cab, pre-runner, Toyota Tacoma with SLR with options package. Evan Morikawa worked with me on finding the 2013 Tacoma (2014 was still unavailable).  After some leg work and a trade with some dealership in Bakersfield he was able to get me the exact truck I wanted in the 2014 model!  I think I might be the only guy driving a 2014 Tacoma in So Cal for the next couple months.  Ask for Evan, very easy to work with.


Evan was great and easy to work with. He didn't give up until I got the exact truck I wanted. Definitely would recommend to my friends and co-workers.

Laura M.

Excellent car buying experience.  Cristina Morales quickly replied to emails and submitted the best quote. Mike in financing made the process simple. Cristina went over the Camry's features and even set up my phone on Bluetooth before leaving the dealership.  If you want an easy car buying experience, go to Cabe Toyota, and talk to Cristina. (Cabe offers many extra perks - such as free car washes, free oil changes. etc.)

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Cabe's is a departure from what you've come to expect when buying a car. From the beginning they responded to my emails quicker then any other dealership and gave hard number's, not the usual tag lines ( ie. Best pricing, fleet deal, ect). Once I was at the dealership Dominic and Christina were amazing. Friendly and personable, they walk me though each component of the deal including lease vs buy options, what you will be getting for your trade (most dealers won't tell you, they go in low and hide it in the financing). They even went over tier credit placement and interest rates, a first for me. The whole possess moved quickly and Christina made any downtime fun by just chatting with us. Got the car a wanted, an Avalon Touring for a great price and actually really enjoyed the car buying experience without any regrets. This is the only place I will ever buy a car from and I would strongly encourage the same for others.

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Bought a Scion FR-S 10 Series at Cabe. Cristina handled the sale and did an awesome job. She actually new about the FR-S and it's features, a nice change from the other Scion dealerships I visited (they were clueless). She was very pleasant, helpful and not pushy at all. I knew what I wanted and she saw to it that I was in and out of there without too much wait. Very nice! Thanks again.

Adam H.

Best car buying experience ever! After 2 months of research and using both TrueCar and CarWoo I got a great Avalon Hybrid at a great price at Cabe. Christina and Dominic were awesome! Super friendly, upfront, and no tricks here. They explained and show all the numbers like trade-in value and actual price paid that other details dealers normally skip over. They were fast, coming in under 2 hours. I was a great experience in all areas and the ONLY dealership I will be going to in SoCal. Its worth the drive!

Kazu K.

i just purchased a brand new 2014 car from Cabe Toyota and it was easily the best experience I've had at any dealership.

The whole team over there were very genuinely friendly and helpful but I'd like to give a special shout out to Evan.
He gave me the best price for my car over all the dealers in the south bay. Was very helpful and patience the entire time with me over the phone/email/text and in person. Buying with him was like more like buying with a friend of mine who happened to sell cars. He gave me very thorough with all the details on purchasing a car and broke down everything I asked and anything that I might need to know.

If I could give them more then 5 stars I would.

Cabe Toyota will definitely get my entire families future Toyota Buys!

Alex L.

When you are looking for a popular vehicle, chances are that a given dealership may not have it in stock.  This means that the dealership you go to will have  to trade and negotiate on your behalf....the reality is that most places won't do that for you.  However, at Cabe Toyota, Cristina Morales will make things happen to get you the car and model you want.  She is credit to Cabe Toyota and and to herself .... her super high degree of professionalism is outstanding.  I highly recommend Cabe Toyota, ask for Cristina, you will not be disappointed.  This is a smaller, family owned business, it really makes a difference...the big guys with the familiar jingle, they don't care about people as they should, and they don't value loyalty.

Ask to talk to Cristina, she makes all the difference !!


The salesmen were very friendly, and there was no pressure. The sales manager did a great job in securing a very low rate for our used Lexus.

Thanks, again, for the great service!


This was my 5th Toyota purchased from CABE (2 new, 3 used). I have always been satisfied with their honesty and willingness to work with me. I have recommended them to my friends and to my daughter and son-in-law (who also purchased a car there). I will probably buy my next vehicle grom CABE.


The staff was honest, friendly and sold the car for the internet advertised price. No pressure, just helpful and courteous. I would recommend this dealership when buying a new Toyota.


The Bizarro World version of the stereotypical car dealership. 

Buying a car is supposed to be stressful. Smarmy, borderline-dishonest sales people. Pressure to buy add-ons. Confusion mixed with an overall feeling that you're getting taken for a ride (and not in the preferred sense of the word).

Cabe Toyota was the exact opposite experience. Straightforward, upfront about costs, with zero pressure to do anything, Cabe made the entire process simple and painless. Almost...(gasp)

Ultimately, I'm not sure I can say much more than the other five star reviews. This was the best car-buying experience I could've imagined. 

Oh, if you can, ask for Oni Johnson in sales. She's fantastic and made all the difference for us.

Christina C.

I just spent 3 1/2 hours at Cabe Toyota...and by golly, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had at a car dealership. 

The internet sales team (Dominic, Tina, and Kenny) got us the car we wanted, with the exact features we asked for, and gave us the lowest price of the 5 dealerships we contacted. 

Kenny, the internet manager, was easygoing, laid-back, and just not what you'd expect from a car salesman. 

We recommend anyone and everyone to check out Cabe Toyota!

Sharon D.

I'm a loyal Toyota customer, because of that I have had lots of experience with purchasing Toyota's and various car dealerships.  The buying experience I had at Cabe Toyota was by far the most pleasant one I have ever encountered.  Joe Garcia gave me a great deal on my new Prius 4 and I didn't feel pressured or talked into anything!  I highly recommend Joe Garcia and Cabe Toyota to anyone looking for a hassle free, great deal!


Excellent customer service from all employees there. They were undergoing some renovations and moving buildings so they were operating out of some portable trailers and despite the fact, they did awesome! I saw the car I wanted online and scheduled an appointment to go see it. I waited on the lot for about 1-2 minutes before I was approached by Maddi and greeted very friendly guy and knows a lot about not only Toyotas but Volkswagen as well (purchased a 2010 VW Golf). Very satisfied and will definitely recommend to family and friends.

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I came here originally looking for a used car and walked out with a brand new 2013 toyota corolla. I just wanna say as a first time car buyer this was by far the best experience I've ever had. I could't be happier with my decision to purchase my vehicle here. If you want to buy a car don't waste your time with other dealerships and go here. I got the best price and deal here. Other dealerships quoted me much more. Also other dealerships made me feel uncomfortable and kept trying to force me to buy cars i did't want. Here at cabe toyota they have the friendliest people who really care about getting the car you want. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Sang P.

This is my first Yelp review despite years of relying on it for recommendations. Recently picked up my Avalon Hybrid Limited from Cabe Toyota and the experience was great!  Buying a car can be stressful but I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay.  Did all my research on Edmunds and sent a request for quotes to various dealers.   I chose Christina Morales and her team because they were not aggressive, very knowledgeable and genuinely wanted my business.   Negotiated pricing via email and received an extremely competitive quote. They were able to deliver on the car I wanted as promised (with only 4 miles on it!).  Christina even knocked down the price a couple hundred once I finally met her!   I'm out of the market for a new car in the near term but Christina has earned my future business with her professionalism and her prompt follow-up throughout the process.  I highly recommend Cabe Toyota.


Over the past 25 years or so I purchased a new truck every 2 years, so I am no newbie to purchasing vehicles. I can say that purchasing my 2013 Tundra from Cabe Toyota was by far one of the most pleasant experiences I've had. Dealing with Charlie in Sales was like dealing with an old friend. No pressure, no games, just down to earth friendliness.
Before going to Cabe I shopped several other dealers. I ended up in Long Beach because another Toyota Dealer in Long Beach said they had 2 of the exact truck I wanted but when I got there they had nothing but excuses. Headed over to Cabe and I'm glad I did. What a difference from the other Dealer! Cabe is truly a pleasure to deal with.

Phillip C.

Best car buying experience from a dealer ever. 

I used TrueCar to get a few bids for a Sienna minivan. Cabe was the farthest dealership from me, so I tried going to the others first. That was a mistake. One dealership was disrespectful and treated us poorly. They probably get a lot of business, so their sales people don't find it worthwhile to spend time with customers. Another one was deceptive, claiming they could get the vehicle we wanted, but it turned out to be a different vehicle, or one they would have to *drive* over from another dealership 100 miles away. There was no way I was going to pay full price for that!

So I started talking to Meghan at Cabe via email, who was able to give me the exact vehicle I wanted at a fair price. We went back and forth a few times about some details and options, then made an appointment to come in to finalize the sale. I submitted my financing info online in the afternoon, then drove over about an hour before closing. After about 45 minutes, we were done! It was definitely worth making the 25 mile drive down to Long Beach.

These guys seem to be a smaller dealership than some of their competition, so I think that helps in terms of having sales people who are friendlier, personable, and straightforward. I had a good experience, and would certainly recommend Cabe to anyone else looking for a Toyota or Scion.


Great experience, I never felt pressured to buy, Charlie and the team at Cabe Toyota did everything possible to find the right vehicle for my wife and I. The price was better than I thought . My wife and I are very happy with the vehicle we purchesed and would highly recommend Cabe Toyota to our family and friends.

Kristin H.

Very happy with my maintenance experience. Very friendly and helpful staff.


What a great experience! I was looking for used Toyota Prius and couldn't be happier with my experience at Cabe Toyota. Madison Flores was friendly, courteous, informative, and responsive via telephone and email. Mike Shaw walked me through all the finance stuff with thoroughness and good humor. I would recommend this dealership to everyone.


In spite of some construction going on, we were met immediately by very friendly staff who helped us locate Tina, who had been handling our deal. She had already arranged to have our car available on the lot and the paperwork was already started which made for a swift process. Also, Dwayne was very friendly and made the contract portion of our visit seamless. Thanks to all on the team at Cabe


Joe and Charlie were great to work with and very helpful. I found the perfect car for me and I loive it. I would recommend this dealship and them to my family and friends

Toyo K.

After my 2nd car purchase in my lifetime, I feel like I can write a book on how to research and negotiate - it was quite exhausting but I am very happy with the outcome.

It all started with a quick internet search for Cabe Toyota.  They have some cars I was interested in, and Victor was quick to contact me to follow up.  After asking some questions and telling him I would think about it, he gave me just enough breathing room to follow back up a few days later (he was not pushy at all).  

Eventually, I went in and test drove some of the models and negotiated a little bit.  Madison was the sales rep who helped me, and he was very kind, patient, and up front with me. 

In the end, after visiting 6 dealerships spanning 2 weeks, I went back to Cabe to trade in my car and drive off with the best deal and service I got.  

They really are haggle-free and patient, unlike many of the other dealerships I went to.  They made me feel the most comfortable, and they came through with their promises.

One thing that was a little surprising is, after I signed the papers and drove off, I realized my car had no floor mats! (I bought a used car).  So in the follow up email they had sent, I asked if they could provide these for free, and they said they would order new ones, no problem.


I began my research for another Toyota and happened upon Cabe Toyota because of the reviews that it had on the internet as well as being a top seller. Because we live in Monrovia, CA, and didn't want to drive more than 50 miles to get hassled, frustrated and badgered, we read the reviews and narrowed our choice down to 3 dealers that we would visit over 2 days. Our first choice was Cabe and it was the best for us. My husband and I knew what we wanted to purchase and were pleasantly received by the staff. Charlie Ellison was very personable and knowledgeable about the vehicles we questioned and he allowed us "space" which is what we needed to think. I am very appreciative of his professionalism and amicable attitude. We got the car that we wanted for the price that we wanted! I strongly recommend anyone looking for a Toyota to take a drive out to Long Beach to Cabe Toyota and ask for Charlie Ellison! Our experience with Charlie as well as the staff of Cabe Toyota was a 10! A special thanks to Dewayne Porter, Finance Manager, as he was articulate and worked with us.

TMany thanks to Charlie and Cabe Toyota for a wonderful, stress free experience!

Sophia & Manuel Ledezma

James T.

Incredible service! I had a great experience purchasing a car at Cabe. Oni was amazing, and so was Evan and John. We communicated via email for a few days, and not once was I pressured into anything. All of my questions were answered before I actually went to the dealership to test drive a car.

Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I truly wanted (Oni actually drove to a different dealer to pick it up for me), and I got a great price for my trade in. All in all, best car buying experience I've ever had...And I've bought 5 cars in the last 11 years lol. Great job guys!!!

Blas V.

Incredible service! I had a great experience purchasing a car at Cabe. Oni was amazing, and so was Evan and John. We communicated via email for a few days, and not once was I pressured into anything. All of my questions were answered before I actually went to the dealership to test drive a car.

Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I truly wanted (Oni actually drove to a different dealer to pick it up for me), and I got a great price for my trade in. All in all, best car buying experience I've ever had...And I've bought 5 cars in the last 11 years lol. Great job guys!!!

Anna W.

Evan is the best. In addition, every Cabe Toyota staff is nice.
Since we are keeping changing our ideas, he is so patient with us to deal with every question that we throw to him.
The finance guy Dwayne is good as well, but it seems he is very tired.
Anyway, I have a great auto shopping experience with Evan and Cabe Toyota. Definitely will suggest my friends or family members to shop at here (If they like toyota's car).

Katherine B.

Cabe Toyota is not like the rest!! From beginning to end, our experience at Cabe was nothing short of exceptional. Upon arrival, we were greeted with smiling faces eager to help us find what we were looking for. With a plethora of different car options to choose from, Charlie was the man that led us to our brand new Toyota Camry SE! Charlie was so patient with us and did not make us feel one ounce of pressure the entire time. He knew we were undecided between the Corolla and Camry and took us on test drives of all the different models to make sure we got a really good feel for each of the cars. One thing that really stood out for us is that Charlie insisted we test drive the EXACT car we were planning to purchase. That showed that Charlie's first priority was to make us happy and have all of information we needed to make our decision. He was also very knowledgable and able to answer all the different questions we had. It is obvious that the Cabe Toyota employees go above and beyond to ensure an exemplory car buying experience. Car buying can be a stressful experience and often feel like a pressure cooker at some dealerships, but Cabe Toyota is not like the rest. I can say for certain that when it comes time to buy a new car, Charlie and everyone at Cabe Toyota will be seeing us again!!


Madison went beyond being courteous, helpful and efficient to really listening to and helping us find exactly what we are looking for. We are very satisfied with our purchase!

Mary N.

Great Sales Team!

No Pressure, very informed about the vehicles without having to read you the pamphlet.  

Looks a bit on the warn side right now but they are undergoing renovations.

If you can get Evan! He's absolutely the best on their sales team!  Our family has purchased 3 vehicles from him and were all very happy with the service.


Ist time at this dealership. They are great. No pressure very fair prices. I bought a 2013 Tacoma. My new favorite place to buy a vehicle.

Virtuous X.

We came here after a terrible experience with worthington ford.  Bought a brand new camry and been loving it since.  If you want a car that is going to last you a long time and the people here about seeing you walk out with something you want.  This is the place to go.  Thank you cabe toyota.


I submitted a web inquiry through auto trader and a rep called me within a couple hours. I also received two more e-mail follow ups very quickly. I had questions, they had answered and worked very hard to earn my business. I am in sales and appreciate the hard work they put in. You don't appreciate great service until you've had really bad service. I've seen really bad service at many locations but not at Cabe. They deserve every dollar the make. Continued success to all. :-)


I purchase my Toyota 4runner on June 9, from Cabe Toyota. I received an excellent service from everybody that service the deal. Starting from the Sales Person that started helping me. (Victor). and Cristina was very helpful too and making my decision. I am very satisfied with the service. I would highly recommend this dealer.


Richard G.

Same with me.  Victor Lagos in the Internet department gave me a price through email, which was fantastic.   I told him I would be there this morning to check out the new Prius Persona.  

I was a little skeptical the price I was given would be honored but there was no question about it.  The deal took less than 90 minutes to complete, including test drive, washing the car and filling up the tank with fuel.  This was the smoothest buying experience I have ever encountered.  No hot lamps, steam rooms, going back-and-forth, etc.  You need to check out this dealership and ask for Victor!

To top it off, Toyota extended their 0% financing for up to 60 months on many models.  Why wouldn't you buy a Toyota for this kind deal!

Disclaimer:  I am not a Toyota employee or employee of Cabe Toyota, nor have I met anyone at this dealership prior to my purchase.

Vitaliy U.

Just bought a second car form Cabe Toyota in last 6 month.  
First was '13 Sienna XLE in December. I just stopped by to appraise my trade in, and was surprise to get 4K more, then my local dealer. Price for a new car was noticeable lower then anywhere else, so I left CABE with new Sienna. I was so pleased with my experience,  so when time came to get a second car I contacted Cristina Morales, who helped me the first time right away. Price for the Prius III was again lower the I could find anywhere else, so they got my business again.
Thank you Cristina, you are the best.

Daniel W.

Bought a very nice used car June 6, 2013 after calling off of an ad.  I found this to be the best auto-purchasing experience I have ever had.  No pressure whatsoever.  Excellent, knowledgeable, respectful, professional, personable salesman was Charlie Ellison.  Same compliments to the finance person, Mike Shaw, and also to my initial contact by phone, Christina.  No haggling or tricky surprises. Sales price was reasonable. I would recommend these people to everyone who wants an old-fashioned honest, win-win business deal where both parties part feeling good about the deal.  I found their free Carfax access on-line was very helpful.  Also, the car came with a modest free maintenance deal, which helps when you are buying a 2005!  Good luck, Daniel.

Scott B.

I've never had better customer service anywhere else. Very accommodating! Can't say anything new that hasn't been said in other 5 star reviews here.

Iris I.

Went in last week to buy a car and spoke with Megan.  She took care of me like nobody's business. The environment is very relaxed and under construction.  There was no pushy salespeople or unprofessionalism like I experienced at Carson Toyota!

From the very beginning of this transaction  which began over the phone she was honest and willing to work super hard to get me exactly the car I wanted!  

The whole transaction took about 2 hours including the fabulous financing options they were able to find me that even beat out my credit union fees. I have to admit I was a little hesitant dealing with the finance folks but even they were super on the ball and didn't try to pull any slimy punches.

I will definitely go back to get another car there!! Highly recommended hands down.


Evan was polite, considerate and respectful in manner and action towards me. Though his price was not the lowest, I liked him, and decided to deal with him. Sean, the Manager, was very courteous as well as Dwayne. I rate Cabe Toyota Dealership as EXCELLENT.

Richard Higashi

Anthony L.

Before I get into the details, I wanted to mention one of the many positive points that made purchasing a Prius 2013 from here so memorable: We spent only 2 hours at the dealership in total. During this time, everything was done from test-driving the car, to signing the paper work in finance, and getting setup with the new car. I have never ever witnessed a car purchase being done this fast!

Having gotten this out of the way, every detail about the entire car purchase was pleasant, efficient, and personal. Christina Morales was a big part in this transaction. This was actually our second time purchasing a vehicle through Cabe Toyota's Fleet Sales Department.


During my dealings with other Internet fleet sales departments, I came across a dealership that would start attacking the integrity of another dealership. A lot of Internet fleet sales may seem a bit impersonal in general. What you get for it is efficiency.  With Christina you get quick but very complete answers on the vehicle you actually requested by email or phone depending on how I contacted Christina. I really liked the clear and honest answers that are full of integrity on what she could and could not do. I point this out because on more than one occasion have I encountered the right price but an undesirable color despite specifying what I color I wanted. Not so here: You get the exact answer, a fair quote and no tear down of other offers.


What really distinguishes Cabe Toyota from other dealerships though is the personal, almost family-feel that you get when interacting with the staff (Christina and Mike in this case). This time,  I helped my sister-in-law purchase a Prius. We arranged an appointment for Sunday at 9:30 am. Due to a tight schedule, that was the only time that worked. It happened to fall on a that Christina was off. Nevertheless, she arrived punctually to greet each one of us (mom-in-law, sister-in-law, cousin, and I). The first thing we did was test drive the car. Christina took the time to explain each feature in the Prius before taking the car for a test ride. This part took about 30 minutes. 

After signing the papers with Christina (20 minutes), we spoke to Mike in finance. All the paperwork and finance options were completed within 1 hr. The finance experience can be a stressful situation - especially when you feel pressured to buy some options. In this case, Mike gave us a brief summary of options that are there (less than 5 minutes), and then he asked us if there were any options we would be particularly interested in. This is unheard of. Normally, you get a long intro on all the features. We were only interested in the Maxguard feature, and he explained the features and costs of this aftermarket option. 1 hr in financing must be for me the fastest experience ever!


Non-pressure buying, fair quotes, really personable real people with attention to detail - that is what makes the buying experience at Cabe Toyota great. As an example, my own car (which we bought here) got a car wash during the time we finished the paperwork. Cabe Toyota at the time of the writing of this review offers little perks like 5 years of free oil changes with the purchase of this Prius, and an additional year of free minor and intermediate services. They also offer a discount card that can be used for merchandise or repairs.

Another example: Christina took the time to setup my sister-in-laws phone so that she could use it with the blue-tooth in the car. She also took pictures of us (10-15 minutes). I learned from some people in the process that her father is in the hospital.  She could have asked another person to finish the sale for her, yet she chose to come in. It's these small things that made today's buying experience pure pleasure.


Although we shopped around, this is our second time buying from Christina. Today's experience does not seem to be a fluke, but the norm. Our previous buying experience was similarly pleasant and one big deciding factor when it came to buy this second vehicle from her. The first time it took 2.25 hours to finish everything.


Great internet pricing, transparent sales process, provided with very fair value for my trade-in. Extremely happy with Cabe Toyota & my Sales Mgr, Evan Morikawa (not to mention my new 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid). Best sales experience ever!

I love their customer loyalty program for new car purchasers: free oil changes for 60k miles, ToyotaCare Plus (one extra year of ToyotaCare), free car washes, free maintenance followed later by reduced cost maintenance. They really understand what customers are looking for.

Highest recommendation.

Mark P.

Had been shopping around a Toyota HIghlander for a while. Call me a little jaded but I've dealt with the pigs that call themselves car salesmen more times than I can count. and I abhor doing business with them. I know their games which is why I'm constantly on guard to throw them off. After having walked out of a deal at Puente Hills Toyota because the "Sales Mgr" Max was trying to bully me into a bad deal as well as other unattractive conversations with other dealers, I found Cabe through American Express. 

As part of my inquiry with AMEX, I received 3 offers from 3 different dealerships. Cabe was one of them. Yes, I care about me so of course I was entertaining all three offers as well as contacting other dealers. Some points of note:

(1) Cabe had the best offer
(2) Cabe's staff was the most customer friendly. They actually CARE about you which is atypical. They want you to be happy with your purchase and the transaction.
(3) Cabe actually gave me excellent advice apropos my trade-in. In fact, they gave me a very fair rough estimate as to what I should expect on a trade and it was within the ballpark I had expected
(4) Cabe offered some nice perks with the transaction (an extra free year of service as well as other stuff)

The price they quoted was the best deal in town. i contacted several dealers and none of them could beat it....and I'm talking about the supposed "large volume dealers". They were very transparent with the transaction every step of the way. Each time I called with some random question to annoy them, they were very courteous to assist.

By the time it came to seal the deal and I had made my decision (honestly i knew i was going to go with them from the beginning but i had to keep them in suspense for a few days) we handled everything through phone and e-mail. I just had to come in and sign. The nice thing is that there was no hidden BS which was what I was on guard for.  I began to really relax when i realized "hey, they are BS at all". I got what I wanted at the price I wanted.

To summarize:
1. Meghan & Stacy were really awesome!!! Superior service. Great walkthrough of the features. Honest and very client focused. I will be back and I will refer business to them wherever possible. They didn't play games. Really straightforward and great people to deal with. Integrity!
2. Mike the finance guy was a pro. Didn't try to push me either for the extras after I declined. I appreciated that. Also was very knowledgeable and entertaining.
3. John the Manager was a nice guy and genuinely cared about me being happy with the deal.

I would strongly urge anyone who is interested in a Toyota to work with Cabe. They do business how professionals do business...not like the rest of the thieves and sharks out there. No BS, no games, no back and forth....all professionalism.

The above was a true account


What can I say. My experience with Cabe Toyota was awesome! I shopped around a lot before finding them. I had visited 5 other Toyota dealerships, 1 Ford, 1 Dodge, 1 Chevy, and 1 Nissan durring my truck search. Cabe Toyota and Evan was the easist to work with out of any of them. I was so tired of how I was being treated by the other dealerships that I had almost resolved to just keep driving my Jeep for a few more years. But then I found Evan at Cabe Toyota and now I have a truck that I couldn't be happier with. I highly reccomend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle!!!


I recently purchased a new Tacoma from Cabe, the process was painless. Although they have an older building (a new one's currently under construction) the service was excellent. I'm not into long reviews so here's the bottom line? I "would" absolutely buy another Toyota from Cabe, my brother plans on buying a new Toyota from Cabe next month and I would refer any of my family or friends to Cabe for a new Toyota or Scion!

Anita M.

One month now since I purchased my beautiful Toyota Corolla 2013 from Cabe Toyota and I still have to pinch myself each day that I drive this fantastic auto which also for the first time is a purchase I was able to make with encouragement from my family and the wonderful people @ Cabe Toyota;I filled out my paperwork and went home and waited ,not really thinking I would qualify but lo and behold, a few hours later my daughter called to ask if I had gotten the news{I was napping}, YOU GOT THE CAR!I think I said something like "should I go get it?"Oh yeah, now I have air conditioning and I actually have to turn down because it can get toooo cold!So, to anyone out there considering making a new car purchase ,go to Cabe Toyota, if it could happen for me then you might be next in line for a new car! Thank you, thank you,Sincerely , Anita Mohler, a very happy customer


I knew CABE Toyota was the best dealership based on Yelp reviews, but for the lowest price I sent out five requests to five local dealers. Only two dealerships got back to me immediately with an out the door price. I appreciated that Cabe's email correspondence clearly stated the out the door price. The initial quote I received was $499 less than the other. Another dealer offered me $501 lower than that, but a) it was from a dealer with bad reviews (2 of 5 stars), and b) it didn't include Cabe's oil change/car wash (etc) deal, which we valued about $600. To be fair I told Cabe I was contemplating the offer, and Meghan B's boss offered to lower it another $100. I bring this all up because I did all of the negotiating over email. The other three dealers could only promise lower deals (allegedly) in person, which I personally wanted to avoid. When I arrived at the dealership to test drive the vehicle, the price was already set by Meghan.

Meghan B. (friendly and pretty), let Evan M. (friendly but not as pretty) in sales take us on our test drive and we were hooked. We always were interested in the Prius, but it was the "C" line's subtle differences that made us want the car badly. It has great consumer reviews. The car parks small, but the visibility feels "tall" without the high center of gravity. Evan explained everything perfectly, honored Meghan's price, and we signed the paperwork. Mike (finance) was a very pleasant and animated fellow.

Our experience was excellent. Thanks!

Hollywood F.

My husband and I went in last Thursday to buy a Prius.  I thought the experience was going to be painful and unpleasant but I was surprised with the positive treatment we received at Cabe Toyota.  Christina (manager) was very professional, kind, and not pushy.  Everyone was very welcoming, I felt right at home.  I love that even though they are part of Toyota, they're Cabe, owned by a family who treats their customers like family.  We totally recommend their professional, prices, and customer service.


My experience here was great. Charlie was extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable of what I needed and the best way to go about the deal. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a good deal on a good car.


Cabe Toyota is a wonderful dealership. Charlie is a great salesman. He was friendly, laid back, and I never felt pressured. The dealership was willing to work with me with my budget and they were willing to go to lengths to get the color of car that I really wanted.


I contacted Cage Toyota about a Ford Focus they had that was in my price range. I specified that I preferred email contact. Charlie was prompt in getting back to me about the car in question, and he used email which I appreciated. When I called the dealership to arrange for a test drive, everyone was very helpful and direct. I felt like they actually cared about what I wanted and wanted me to be happy when I left. In person, Charlie was friendly, informative and encouraging without being pushy. I'd been to several dealerships that were closer to where I live, and felt pushed and sometimes bullied; when I left Cabe Toyota, I wished I'd just started there in my search for a car. Charlie answered my questions clearly and quickly and the staff got me through the purchasing process with ease. They were very accommodating to my needs and my wants as we went along. I would definitely return to this dealership if I am ever in the market again and have already told my friends how great the whole experience was. Charlie even followed up on questions I had after the sale, dug up the answers I needed and let me know as soon as possible. Absolutely loved it.


Greatest experience ever while buying a new car! I got the best price with no pressure at all. Even went step by step with the monitor turned towards me, he was able to account for every penny of my money with no hidden fees or charges! I have never had a "pleasure" while buying a car but now I know how the buying experience should always be, this is the only dealer I will deal with from now on for my Toyotas and Scions. Thank you Even and all that helped! Keep up the great work and you will continue to thrive!

Sato I.

I purchased my car at the end of last year and I'm finally getting around to writing a review :)

I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew exactly what I wanted to pay for the car.  The Internet sales team was phenomenal.  They got me exactly what I was looking for and at the price that was better than what I expected.  The transaction was smooth and I was in and out in no time.

If anyone is in the market for a Toyota, they would be crazy not to check in with Cabe to see what they can offer.  I'll be recommending all my friends looking for a Toyota to Cabe!


The BEST dealership around!!!!!!!

I was in search of a vehicle larger than my current one (Corolla). After doing my research, I narrowed down my choices to a 4Runner or Tacoma. I was not interested in buying a new car because I thought I couldn't afford it. Boy was I wrong! My coworker suggested I try Cabe Toyota and I am glad I did. Cabe Toyota gave me the best deal on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma, hands down! I was able to get all the features I was looking for (White, double cab, automatic) and a great price with good monthly payments. I cannot thank them enough! At first I was a little skeptical about the price so I went to another dealership to compare prices. After I was haggled with pricing at other dealerships, I realized Cabe Toyota was the real deal! 

Everyone at Cabe Toyota is very nice and helpful. Evan Morikawa was particularly helpful and made sure all my questions were answered. He made the process so much easy and I could not have asked for a better person to work with! If you are looking for a Toyota and want to work with a dealership that you can trust and depend on, then look no further than Cabe Toyota!!

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Recently purchased a toyota tacoma from Cabe. Very competitive, straight foward, and professional. The sales and finance team (Cristina and Dwayne) were great to deal with! Definitely ask for Cristina if you're in the market for a new vehicle! By far the best toyota dealership and staff to buy from.

Constance B.

I have bought many cars over the years, and this was by far the best buying experience I have had.  Evan was my salesperson, and I highly recommend him.  This dealership is family-owned and has been in business for many decades, and clearly there are many happy customers who come back repeatedly.  Don't let the physical looks of their site put you off - they are working in temporary quarters during renovations.  But right from the start, Evan was wonderful.  He said they are very transparent and that is so true.  The deal I got on my new 2013 Prius V was even better than I thought I'd get, and that was Evan's first price to me.  I was trading in a 2008 Prius as well and the offer they gave me was actually a little more than I thought I'd get.  So the whole experience was great.  Usually the financing person tries to sell you a bunch of add on products, but the guy I worked with told me right away that a couple of the optional products were things I didn't need to even consider.  I didn't buy any add-ons and the deal was complete very fast.  In the meantime my new car was washed and detailed.  Then Evan spent time going over all of the features to my satisfaction.  He synched my phone with the car too.  And this is a small thing but the gas tank was full when we drove off - just another example of attention to detail.

Oh by the way, there were several other customers looking at cars or finalizing their purchases while we were there.  I never heard one person raise their voice or get agitated the whole time we were there.

I do plan to take my care to Cabe for servicing too.  Hopefully I'll be writing another good review about that part of the business.

Pete R.

There are books on how not to get ripped off by car dealerships, because most dealerships are crooks. I've read those books, and I'm a very paranoid buyer. To buy a new Prius for my wife, I bought Consumer Reports' online pricing guide on the Prius. That tells me dealer invoice, holdbacks, incentives, and generally gives an idea of what a fair price on a new car is. It can't tell you what internal metrics a dealer has that might make them lower the price, like making way for new inventory, but it's about as good a picture as you can get. This time around the system was a little different, and in addition to the standard info, it showed me several price guarantees from local dealerships. However I had to click to the next page to see the actual names of the dealerships -- and when I did, it automatically sent them my email and phone number info!! I was infuriated, and it seemed very unlike Consumer Reports to bury that in the fine print. Within seconds I was getting emails and phone calls, and I don't want to talk to anyone until I've decided what I want to do. As it turns out though, I think dealers who are contacted via Consumer Reports understand that people don't want to be unduly pestered, and so they don't start dogging you after the initial contact.

When I finally calmed down and looked at the emails, it turned out that Cabe's was the lowest offer, by a significant margin. It also seemed to be a fair price right out of the gate. I didn't know anything about Cabe, but apart from the significantly better offer, I stumbled on all the positive reviews here. I saw a handful of negative reviews, but I'm sure other dealerships occasionally dog the competition with fake reviews, or perhaps there are occasional misunderstandings. I saw that Cabe tries to address concerns, and I would do the same if I were an honest dealer. That and the huge number of 5-star reviews gave me confidence that Cabe was the right choice -- though I still approached with my usual caution. So I emailed Stacy back, and eventually sent a number of emails back and forth with Meghan, who was very understanding in dealing with a paranoid customer. ;)

Now, by that time I had already secured financing through my credit union, since it would never occur to me to finance through a dealership. There are even more potential ways to get ripped off if you do that. But based on the positive reviews I stumbled on here, I decided I would go for the 0% financing though Cabe as well.  Anyway my guy at the credit union wanted to see Cabe's numbers, both for himself and because they use a nationwide auto-buying service, and that service's numbers couldn't come close to Cabe's. So I had Meghan send me the offer on a form that included the VIN of the vehicle and sent it over to the credit union guy. He called me back, and the tone of his voice was incredulous. He couldn't understand how I got this deal, and would be pleasantly surprised but amazed if it went through as stated, etc. etc., but the paperwork all looked fine. He sounded confused. ;)

SO I grabbed the wife and headed down to Cabe. We chatted with Meghan while filling out paperwork, checking out the car, etc. Basically you couldn't ask for a smoother, simpler, more pleasant car deal. The finance guy was nice as well, and before too long my wife was happily driving the new Prius home.

The next day I was at my mechanic's shop getting our old car, and I mentioned that we bought a new Prius at Cabe. What he said was very revealing. He said that as an independent mechanic, dealerships are his parts warehouse. He said Torrance Toyota rips him off on part prices, and Carson Toyoto, while they don't screw him on prices, will promise that a part will be to him by a certain time, and then it's not. So he only deals with Cabe, and he's happy with them. That's a great data point that Cabe is an all-around class operation.

Frankly, in a sea of crooks, it's just a smart business model to be the rare, up-front, honest dealer. It's the right way to be in a perfect world, but in the far-from-perfect world of car dealerships, Cabe is the only dealership that I can recommend as actually doing it.


If you are looking for a new car and not sure where to start, please give Evan Morikawa and his team a call. You won't be disappointed with the price and your experience there at Cabe Toyota. They make you feel right at home with best value and excellence service. Before I bought my car at Cabe, I was looking at other great Toyota dealerships, but this one beats other dealers hands down in the best value and service. They are upfront, helpful, attentive, and not trying to force you to spend more of your hard earned money. You get exactly what you want to pay and more. 

Thank you Evan.

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Excellent Dealer! I bought 2 cars with cabe toyota . The Prius C I bought about one months ago. And my wife bought another toyota corola last week. the best experience ever! I had no hazzel to buy car from Cabe toyota . CRISTINA is the one help me from A to Z on the pricing & financial . My credit is below 650 fico . Christina she help to get approval from the bank. She's so honest and helpfull! She never pushed me with anything and helped me to get the right car & right color & the right price I wanted. Once i got approved i went in to the dealer the very next day and left with the best price and monthly payments. THANK YOU CRISTINA M.


One of my friends purchased a vehicle here so I thought I would give Cabe a try. Dealerships usually intimidate me - salesmen start talking about add-ons, don't listen to my concerns, and are very confusing in their calculations. Cabe was quite the opposite. Charlie was very helpful and understood what I was looking for. He was knowledgeable and straight-forward. It was a stress-free and positive experience, and I drove off in my new car that day. The financial aspects were explained thoroughly and options were given. Cabe also offers great incentives, like free car washes and service. Highly recommend! It's a small place, but much more personable than the "big" guys.

Kimie K.

The sales team at Cabe made my first car purchasing experience amazing. Absolutely wonderful people who do not pressure or haggle. Everyone there makes you feel welcome. Evan, Dwayne, Christina and Oni were top notch. Do not be deterred by their "under construction" facade! Definitely a diamond in the rough when it comes to customer service and pricing.

Maria M.

Cabe beat out other Toyota Dealerships - specifically Manhattan & Torrance - due to their 5 years of free car washes, oil changes & 30K complimentary maintenance check.

Meghan, Cristina & Victor were very engaging & thorough with their offers & explanations of the differences between & among the different car choices.

Highly recommend this dealership to take the Stress out of the Car Buying experience!


Dan Duddridge called me up and handled my concerns like a pro. They obviously take customer concerns seriously, so I'd have no problem going there for a purchase or service. Very professional, good guys.

Mahee M.

Do not go anywhere else, go to Cabe in Long Beach if you are looking for a Toyota car or truck. No haggle, no ripoff, no lies and no pressure. I do not even know they exist until I got a price quote through consumer report car buying program. They offered the best price than other dealers (power Toyota Cerritos and Buena Park). First I was reluctant to go there because the other two dealers are close to my home, ready to match the price and Cabe is 15 miles from my place. Went to Cerritos power Toyota fortunately dealer does not have the options I was looking for, sales person said they can get it from power Toyota Irvine. 

Then I decided to call Cabe Toyota and spoke to Stacy over the phone. What impressed me most with Stacy was she told they are very small dealership does not have the car with options I am looking for. If I can give her an opportunity will find one in two hours. Decided to wait until she comes up with a car I was looking for. After an hour got an email from Stacy with less quote than what she quoted earlier. Think of it how many dealers will do it, this was the first time ever I found a car dealer being so honest. 

I went to the dealership met with Evan the Internet sales manager. He turned his computer screen towards me and showed the cars available with same options in different colors. Once I decided on color he told me it may take some time to get the car from other place and ask me to come after three hours. It was amazing he did not ask for deposit or any security to bring the car from some other place. 

After two hours got a call from Evan, me and my wife went to dealership traded our old car. That was Saturday evening around 7 PM, Toyota financial was closed to get the loan documents approved. The sales manager ran the credit report gave us the keys even before loan getting approved. He told us your credit is good I am confident you can get approved take the car home. They are running business in old fashioned way, hard to believe.

The finance guy Mike Shaw so cool and funny it was a great experience dealing with him. Up front he told what options available to purchase no obligation on my side. After purchasing more than 10 new cars from different dealers this is one gem of dealership I found. If I ever need to purchase a Toyota this is the place want to go.

Charles B.

Great, great, great, bought my 2013 Prius today from Evan and he was great. The story starts with a friend from work, his brother-in-law works for another Toyota dealership and was going to "hook me up". I told him I could get $3000 off the MSRP and he never got back to me. Evan on the other hand found the car I wanted at another dealership, matched the price with no issues and gave me exactly what I wanted for my trade in that I bought from Power Toyota in Cerritos, will NEVER go to Power again, in fact I will only deal with Cabe and Evan! Even went though every dollar I was going to pay, flipped the screen over and asked several times if I was comfortable with everything and if I understood all charges. Finance department did the same, he gave me a AAA discount for the warranty and the other add-on that he did not pressure me into, very helpful!

No pressure, no hidden fees, and very open and honest. 
Will be coming back and telling all my friends and family!

They add a year of Toyota Care for a total of 3yrs, 5 years of oil changes, free car washes, and $500 credit for parts and service. 

You must buy your next car from here!

Eric C.

I believe that Cabe Toyota really succeeds in delivering high customer service. They're local, close by, and my parents and I have been going here for years. I would always go with my dad to get our oils changed or get it serviced and years later, I'm doing the same exact thing just without him of course.

They friendly, efficient, and they always do a good job. I'm waiting for when my vehicle reaches 70,000 miles and then I can get it fully serviced and use the Yelp Check-In deal at that point for $25 off.


I walked into Cabe Toyota a little discouraged, after being turned away from many other dealers the previous day. I had seen their internet ad on, for a used 2010 Kia Soul! at a great price. The first person to greet me was Madison "Maddy" Flores. He was very friendly and set up a test drive for me right away, with no hassle and without trying to convince me to view a different car. He was very informative about the car and it's features during the test drive. Once we moved to the dreaded financing, he continued to be very friendly and helpful. He was always going over and beyond; helping me get quotes for auto insurance, getting me coffee and water, reminding me to relax and smile, he even found a charger for my cell phone during the paper work. Four other dealers had turned me away, because of my lack of a credit history and limited down payment; however Maddy and his team helped me to find a bank loan, while keeping my payments manageable.

Jeff D.

I am fortunate to have found Cristina Morales and Cabe of Long Beach. 
The selection of cars are remarkable. In my case, I am extremely picky and Cristina found exactly what I needed on a timely manner. She went out of her way to find the style and color at such a rapid time frame ! I also have to mention how I hate dealerships because of the babble, annoying, in your face, and pressuring your ass to drop tons of money that you don't have on a vehicle. But this was not the case which surprisingly went very SMOOTHLY. I purchased a new Scion 2013 TC with no FORCE from her and especially at a good rate ! I even got a quote before hand to make sure the price was something I can afford without her giving me an attitude. Cristina accommodated me every step of the way and glad she did. The experience with her was A+ and i recommend her to anyone and so will you !

Vinh T.

I just bought a Prius C from here.  It was in record time.  No hassled.  Evan my sales rep is very knowledgeable.  I had a lot of questions considering this is my first hybrid car.  These guys professionalism are to notched.  I highly recommend this place if you are looking for the lowest price without any hassles.  They are the second oldest Toyota dealership in so cal and are also privately owned.  I like to support small family-owned business and I encourage everyone to do the same.  They have lower overhead cost and therefore can save you a ton of $$$$.  If you do visit, ask for Evan.  Top notched and outstanding service.   Vinh T.

Mike W.

Picked up a 2013 Prius III and received excellent no-pressure quality service from Kenny Rossi, Dan Duddridge, Tina Muniz and Mike Shaw.
They gave me an excellent price, no-hassle purchasing and I was out the door in a matter of hours.

Great place, quality customer care, highly recommended.

-Mike Wong

Teresa R.

Cabe Toyota contacted me after getting a trade in quote off Auto Trader and they offered me top dollar for my trade. I don't like to spend hours in a car dealership and since I have two kids and live in Corona there was no way I'd be able to drive back and forth. Victor and I worked mainly through text message and e mails. They gave me a great price on my 2013 Sienna and gave me the most out of anyone for my trade in. Victor is so friendly and didn't waste my time. I told him what I wanted and him and the Internet manager gave me that exactly. Sean the used car manager was very polite and friendly and worked with me on my trade. The numbers were exact and there was no BS given to me. Once everything was settled I came in and met with Evan who helped with paperwork and got us out the door in 2 hours. I am so extremely pleased with everything. My husband wants a Tundra and we will definitely be going back to Cabe when it's that time.

Jane K.

My first time with a Toyota purchase and I was very happy with it. I negotiated online with Evan in sales and I had a specific amount I was willing to purchase a Prius for. I was actually negotiating with other dealerships via email but Cabe Toyota was the only place willing to give me the price range I was looking for. 

They were the only ones quick to respond to all emails which is important when you are negotiating with others at the same time. 

I was also not hassled when I came in to pick up my car after we came to an agreement. 

They also provide a three year Toyota care and Five year basic maintenance oil changes with a purchase. Nice. Plus free car washes anytime. 

I did my test drive at another dealership and told them that. But after the fact I wish that they had given me a run through regardless because each seller points out different things and leaves out different things. 

But happy with it all and hope to be back for another purchase in the future

Rosario K.

I just bought my new car after looking around for the best price in all the other toyotas dealers  on my area like Cerritos, buena park orange, Tustin , Longo toyota , Ontario, Carson toyota . No one gave me the price cabe toyota did  and the customer service like cabe toyota .i was just looking in the lot and mr josh Shuttlesworth came and ask me if I wanted to test drive a car, I told him no , I already did, I just want. Price and he went inside came back a gave me a very good offer the same day he tex me and thank me for my interest in his dealer, I keep looking in some dealers the next day but the effort to please me and help me out to by my car with out the pressured is what Finally make me by it there. Great customer service great personality no pressure .thank you mr josh Shuttlesworth for your great service. Also mr. Mike Shaw we had a great time talking to you in your office  you have a great personality and were very helpful ,very nice customer service , I'm a very happy customer , and I would for sure by my next car with you guys .thank you cabe toyota I love my car and the price I got most of all your customer service.

Jun K.

Best Toyota dealership in Southern California, period.

Cristina M, Tina M, and the rest of the sales staff here made my purchase of a Prius C Model 4 the absolute smoothest car purchase I have ever experienced. Polite email and phone contact and follow-up after I initiated the search through USAA. My car didn't come with the all-weather mats I expected; they fixed that within 48 hours at no additional cost.

The only issue with this dealership is location. There's a fair bit of construction going on (as of April 2013) but this is a small issue compared to being ripped off or handed the keys to a lemon. This dealership is on the level and the only one worth it for buying a Toyota in LA or OC (and I refrain from talking about certain other Toyota dealerships which do not make the cut at all).

I look forward to going through the hassle-free parts and service desk here for maintenance. If they don't change what works here, my next car several years down the road will be certainly from Cabe Toyota as well. If you're thinking about visiting this dealership for a showroom stop or a purchase with a car in mind, go. You'll do yourself good that way.

Rocky O.

Great experience, Meghan took care of me. It was a painless process. After talking to Tina and Meghan by email I knew how much I was paying for my car.
Meghan was great no BS , I would definitely recommend Cabe Toyota.

Haowei Wang.
3/30/2013       Click here to view all of Google's reviews .

Bought my car on my birthday. The process was very smooth. No pressure from the salesperson when I first left. Had a great deal and they told me they even lowered my APR more because of my credit score was good. I will recommend them to my friends.

Doris T.

Car buying can be such a stressful experience, but not with Cabe Toyota! They really know how to treat a customer to earn their business for life.

I'm of course always suspicious of car salesmen, but Internet Sales Evan Morikawa at Cabe was straight, honest, and professional with me from the start. He gave me the best initial quote, then BEAT the best price I was able to find by shopping his first quote around. He took his time answering every question I had and provided every documentation I asked for. 

Their maintenance package is a full 3 years longer than I've seen with any other Toyota dealership, prices are basically unbeatable, and most importantly, customer service is great.

My husband and I were actually ready to buy from another dealership closer to home whose price was just about the same, but they were too sure of a sale and jerking me around, so in the end I decided to go 20 miles farther and I'm so glad that I did.

Evan went above and beyond. Knowing we were going to be bringing our infant twins, he and his partner Kenny Rossi had our paperwork ready for us to sign when we got there. He was quick but thorough-- I think all of it was done in about a half hour. And even though we were there on a busy Saturday afternoon, he sat with me in my new car patiently going over all the little things before I drove off the lot. He even paired my Bluetooth for me. In fact, I think he would have delivered the car if it weren't a busy Saturday, despite us being out of his delivery radius.

There was a little mixup buying the all-weather floormats, which I emailed him about after I got home. He promptly emailed me back to explain, apologize, comp the mats, and arrange to ship them for free. Spectacular!

If you're shopping for a Toyota, go here. It may be a drive away, but you won't regret it. I wish I could drive Toyotas all my life just so I don't have to ever deal with any other dealership but Cabe! 



Best Dealership!! I bought my car about 2 weeks ago and it was the best experience ever!

I was a first time buyer with no experience on what to expect! I emailed cabe toyota and other dealers...Christina replied to me right away and helped me right away. She's amazing! so honest and helpfull! She never pushed me with anything and helped me with my credit application process! Since i was a first time buyer it took a little longer to get approved but with in a short amount of time i was in and out of the dealer with my new scion!!!

Once i got approved i went in to the dealer the very next day and left with the best price and monthly payments! It was very intimidating seeing all the reviews of first time buyers write on other dealers websites of how horrible their experience was!? be honest i was scared to even go meet with Christina! But as soon as i got there she was so helpfull, no pressure, took her time, showed me everything she even turned her computer to me and explained everything very thouroghly!! Dwayne a finance specialist was also an amazing help! He explained everything to me very well and adviced everything that was best for me! He didnt pressure me into anything and was great on understanding how hard it was for me as a first time buyer to understand everything that came with buying a car..overall everyone there were amazing and i can assure they have gained a lifetime customer because ill be back again with my husband so he can buy his next car and with the rest of my family! We will definetly be back!!


Thank you Christina Morales & Dwayne!! IM LOVING MY SCION! :-)

Jay O.

Great experience at a dealership ever. I went around looking for a tundra at a bunch of Toyota dealerships. I went to cabe and Cristina Morales helped me search for a truck. She ended up finding a truck I wanted at the price I wanted. Every dealership I went to lied to me about pricing and not wanting to search for a car but wanted to sell me a car that they had on the lot that day. In the end I bought a truck from Cristina, she was very helpful and I felt she was honest with me the whole time I dealt with her. If you are looking to buy a car look for this girl. She gave me the best sales experience at a car dealership ever!!!


Got a good, fair price on a Tacoma reg cab 4X2 from Evan. They went out of their way and found the right one 50 miles away. I recommend these people.

Pam H.

We had the pleasure of working with Cristina Morales when looking for a car. FINALLY  a person at a dealership that WASN'T FULL OF SALES PITCHES. She was so pleasant & patient. This is the one you want to work with you! Thank you Cristina!


I just bought my second car from Cabe Toyota in Long Beach. I have to say it was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had. Everyone was so helpful and straightforward. I look forward to many years of being a customer of Cabe Toyota. I would highly recommend them.

Smith L.

Just wanted to say "Thank you" to Meghan. I saw the add for a 2010 Toyota Venza on line and it was everything I wanted....called Meghan and she had it ready for us when we got there a few hours later.  In the past we sat for hours in dealerships with our heads spinning, by the time you talk to the salesman and then the financial person, but not this time. Thanks to Meghan everything went very smoothly and painlessly.
She went out of her way to make us be happy shoppers!!! Thanks again

David C.

Best dealership that I had the pleasure of dealing with.  I highly recommend you contact Cristina Morales.  She was very professional and provided excellent customer service.  She was very prompt on returning phone calls.  She made the process smooth and easy.  Call Cristina Morales!!!!!!

Preston W.

The best dealership ever!

Recently bought/ leased my 3rd car from Cabe.  Christine Morales as always was a pleasure to work with, never felt pressured or swindled!  Mike Shaw though a fast talker is straight up, up front and honest.

Recommend, Recommend and RECOMMEND, AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Claudia P.

After lots of research, I decided that the Toyota Pruis was for me. I wasn't in need of a new car but wanted to save $$$ on gas so my husband and I decided we would start looking at the 2013 Prius. We headed over to Power Toyota in Cerritos and had the WORST experience.. they were horrible and I would never recommend them even though they are super close to my house. A friend of mine recommended Cabe Toyota, I was already skeptical because of the games that were being played at Power Toyota, so I decided to go online and see what they had. I requested an online quote and within the hour I had an email quote that was already better than I had received at Power Toyota. Needless to say, the team over at Cabe Toyota (Cristina Morales and JD Duddridge) were awesome!!! I didn't have to haggle, or feel pressured into a car they were really helpful and extremely nice. If you need a car you MUST go to CABE Toyota ask for Cristina and JD they are awesome!  I looooove my new Prius!


Very please with the sales person Cristina Morales, finance, and management here. I traded in my 08 Altima to buy a new 2013 Tacoma. I got an incredible deal for my trade in and the best price for my new truck. Cristina was great explaining all of my buying option between a V6 and IL4 PerRunner double cab truck. I choose the V6 after test driving both trucks. They were fair with my trade in and I couldn't be happier with my new Tacoma truck. If you're looking for an incredible deal please visited Cabe Toyota in Long Beach, 

Thanks Cabe Toyota and Thank You Cristina M

Nima K.

Ask for Cristina Morales. She is the first person in that video they show. She has so much patience, and walked me through every step. We went on a test drive, and she explained all the parts and pieces of the car to me and made certain I understood everything. I truly only have nice things to say about Cabe Toyota. They have two giant lots full of cars, they are extremely helpful and nice, no pressure, no gimmicks, clean facilities, just good hard-working people in a family-owned business. These "mom and pop" dealerships are rare to find unfortunately, but Cabe Toyota does a great job in getting good deals for the customers. Definitely start, and end your car search at Cabe Toyota with Cristina Morales. She will take great care of you.

Paul R.

After months of car searching and looking for a dealer that was fair and honest this place is it!  Ask for Christina, she was amazing!  No pressure, great price and very professional.  Great follow up on the FJ Cruiser I ordered and very professional with delivery.  You wont get hi pressure sales and you get a price that is in line with all on line research.  Thanks to Christina at Cabe Toyota


Our experience was a great one,working with Evan Morikawa, helped us make the right decision as to the car we wanted, we had been to several Totoya's Dealerships, and were not satisfied with any one of there salesman, but Mr. Morikawa, explained everything that had to do with the Totoya Camery, we are very satisfyied. we even but two Camery's one for us and one for our daughter. Thank You
Mr. & Mrs. Yanez


We recently bought a new Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE from Cabe Toyota, Long beach. Evan Morikawa was excellent. The whole process was smooth and prompt. In less than 2 hours we were already out with our new car. Evan offered us a good price to start with and the negotiation process was very smooth. There was no haggling. The person who handled our paperwork took less than half an hour. 
I would certainly recommend this dealership to anyone. Overall, we had a great experience and Thanks to Evan and Cabe Toyota for providing such a great service.

Tiffany A.

Finally an Honest Car Dealer!!!

This is a reivew for the sales department, not the service department.

After an awful experience at Power Toyota of Irvine, we set out to find a dealer that wouldn't attempt a bait and switch attempt (like Power Toyota of Irvine did).  We checked out reviews, and although Cabe Toyota is a bit far from our house, decided to check them out.

We started our process by contacting Cabe Toyota via e-mail.  They were responsive and very straight forward.  After negotiating for a bit online, we decided to come in to the dealership.  There we met with Christina Morales, internet manager/finance manager.  Christina was a godsend- absolutely the best saleswoman I've ever met in my life.

We sat down with her and told her what our goal lease terms were.  Unlike every other dealer in the world, Christina turned her computer screen around, explained to us the Toyota program, and entered in our numbers.  We could see absolutely everything- there was nothing hidden from us. Other dealers will take your offer to a back room, make you wait 20 minutes before coming back with a counter offer- and all of the terms are hidden.  This is not the case with Cabe.

Not only was Christina super honest and forthcoming, but she also informed us of two rebate/downpayment incentives- and credited us those.  No other dealer did that!  Her honesty saved us a lot of money.

In the end, having been accustomed to so many of the other dealers who are just awful (Power Toyota of Irvine, I'm looking at you), my husband decided to take a quick break to grab a soda and to talk about it (this is when Power Toyota would come running out and try to strike another deal, and would put a lot of pressure on us).  Cabe Toyota doesn't play those games.  We knew exactly how much money Cabe was making, how much everything would cost us.  We went and grabbed a soda, talked about it, researched a couple of things and realized we were getting a great deal.  

We made our way back to the dealership and cut the deal (we leased two new Priuses).  Even though it was quite late (we had gotten to the dealership late), Christina stayed with us the entire time, reviewing everything to make sure it was exactly what we had discussed.  

Even the finance guy was great- no pressure to buy any of the extras, although he would answer any questions we had.  He worked fast to get the deal done (two cars at once is a lot of work).

In the end, Cabe Toyota was just amazing.  Amazing.   The stress-free environment, coupled with the professional and friendly staff (especially Cristina Gonzales) made our car buying experience painless.  

Without a doubt they've gained lifetime customers through this transaction.

As a side note, we leased these cars when I was 8.5 months pregnant.  All of the other dealers used that as an opportunity to prey on us- to put stress and pressure on us.  Not at all the case with Cabe Toyota.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, was super helpful.  Offering seats, giving me water, asking how I was doing, apologizing for how long it was taking (although comparatively it did not take long).  The human touch at Cabe is just amazing and heartwarming.

Cindy W.

After driving my dad's minivan and seeing how useful, convenient, and comfortable it is, we decided that we needed one too, especially with an active toddler.  We called fleet managers from different dealerships as well as a car broker.   My sister told me to check out Cabe if I didn't want to haggle and play the price game.  Their pricing is modest and will tell you if they can sell it to you for that price or not. 

We walked in and was introduced to Evan Morikawa, who ended up very instrumental and informative in helping us find the minivan we want.  Because the minvian we wanted was a rare (blind spot monitoring in a specific exterior/interior color), it did take a little while. (Totally worth the wait!)  We loved that Evan was sincere, honest, and humble.  He showed us his screen on where he could find our car or if it's in the process of being made.  He wasn't pushy and never made any promises he couldn't give us.  When we was busy with other customers, he let us check out the van were about to buy.  He checked on us a few times to make sure we were okay.  Even though it was past his shift when we bought the van, he stayed to make sure we were completely okay.  I asked him for some of the paper mats (the kind that service puts in your car to prevent it from getting dirty) but they were closed.  So, he went and got plastic covering for us which was even better!  We are super appreciative of all the effort.  You seriously don't feel like you like you're at the other dealerships.  

Regarding pricing, Cabe's pricing was really in sync with the fleet managers and car brokers we worked it.  We bought our car with everything we wanted.  What's even better is Cabe's loyalty program and extended Toyota care.  We really want to thank Evan for letting us know about this ahead of time.  It really put Cabe in our forethought of car shopping.  So, we get 3 years of Toyota care (2 yrs from Toyota, extra year from Cabe) along with 5 years (or 60K miles) of free oil changes as well as major and minor service.  Oh, and free unlimited carwashes!  What other dealership is going to offer you this?!

Shane M.

The reviews for Cabe seemed too good to be true, especially when most of the car dealers in our area receive 2 to 2 1/2 stars.  But the experience of buying a new car from Cabe proved they deserve their high ratings from customers.  Not only did they offer the best price, but they also offered the best service.  Negotiations were done over the phone with Oni, who was honest, fair, and diligent.  She was never pushy.  I never felt like I was dealing with a salesperson.  Her tone was so different from the other salespeople I dealt with at other dealers.  We finalized the price and I picked up the car the next day.  At the dealer, I dealt with Evan.  Again, he had the same approach as Oni.  It was a no pressure environment and he took the time to show me the vehicle and answer my questions.  Finally, I went to the Finance Department, where Dwayne helped us out and moved the process along in an easy, straightforward manner.  Car dealers usually provoke a feeling of anxiety in me - the high pressure tactics, the fear of getting ripped off.  I am happy I found a dealer I can trust and would buy from them in the future.  We even drove down from Encino.  It was well worth it.

Alex N.

Honestly, the best dealership in Los Angeles to buy a Toyota.  I thought the customer service was great and other dealerships need to learn from Cabe Toyota on how to treat a customer.  In this day and age, you don't have to deal with shady car salesmen due to the advent of the internet.  Cabe Toyota understands that and provides amazing customer service with no pressure, stress free, and explains everything that you would need to know when buying or leasing a car.  Cristina Morales was awesome and such a sweetheart and she helped me through the stressful buying process that really put my mind at ease.  There is a reason why they keep getting repeat business because they know a happy customer will keep coming back year after year if treated the right way the first time.  I will definitely come back to this dealership and refer my friends to them when they want a Toyota.  Keep it up Cabe and keep treating your employees well (I'm assuming lol).


I purchase my 2013 Scion FR-S here and I have to say that my visit and time here was quick to the point and no headaches! Evan Morikawa made my first visit here a great experience. He was excellent at answering all my questions and is honest with his opinion. Kenny Rossi who is the Internet Sales Manager provided great service. All in all, excellent service, friendliness and keeping things simple and quick. I recommend you pay a visit to Cabe Toyota if you are in search of a new car or used car!

            Click here to view all Edmund's reviews 

Cristina M was my sales manager and she was great to deal with. After a couple of e-mails back and forth on specifics of the lease, I just came in and picked up a 2013 Highlander. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who doesn't want pushy sales people, just nice customer service! Thanks again, Cristina!


I recently purchased a used 2011 Corolla from Cabe Toyota. Like any first time buyer, I was apprehensive and overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing a new vehicle and all that it entails, but I have to say that the entire process was a breeze. Their selection of certified per-owned cars really surpassed my expectations and their customer service really is outstanding. The employees have the greatest personalities and really care about finding exactly what their customers are looking for. I never felt pressured or that I was being given the "run around". Both Evan Morikawa and Joe Garcia made my experience enjoyable and surprisingly fun.. I had an overall great experience with this dealership and have recommended their services to all of my friends and family.

Brett R.

I've purchased numerous cars from numerous dealers and have never had such a great experience as at Cabe Toyota.  In fact this is the second vehicle I've purchased from Cabe in three years.  Not only is their staff extremely friendly and welcoming, but also very fair.  They offered me 130% more for my trades than any other local dealer, including Chevrolet, Ford and Nissan.  They allowed me to complete the majority of the deal via phone, which eliminated hours of time I would have had to spend at any other dealer.  Cristina M., Mike S. and JD D. were absolutely terrific to work with and I highly encourage anyone looking for a vehicle to visit Cabe Toyota, I'm quite certain you won't regret the decision.

Dario M.

I just leased a 2012 Camry there last night and I have to tell the world that I had the best car buying experience to date. I visited the store this past weekend with my wife for a test drive of the vehicle that we were planning to lease and was presented with a deal on a vehicle equipped on a way that I would of have never imagine I would be able to get for the monthly payment that I was presented with. After taking my time to check on things for the next three days and a fair share of emails to Cristina Morales (Fleet / Finance Manager from Cabe) I came back last night and completed the transaction. I was able to apply for the financing on-line and they almost had everything ready for me when I arrived after work last evening. From beginning to end, I was in and out of there in a couple of hours or so (a record for me).  Finance Rep Dwayne was also great to deal with, very knowledgeable and providing common sense advice. This is my 2nd car leasing experience with Cabe Toyota Long Beach in 3 years and I have to say that I'm not planning to ever go back to the mega dealers were you always leave feeling like something is not right and the next day you feel even worse.

Carolyn K.
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I was referred to Cabe Toyota by my dad who has bought several 4-Runners and Camry's from them. My boyfriend and I were looking for a truck to purchase and wanted to look at the Tacoma. We have had trouble being taken seriously and being helped at other dealers. We assume it is because we are both young and the sales people don't want to waste their time if they're not going to get a sale.  We lucky to met Madison Flores when we first arrived at Cabe. He was gracious enough to drive us around the lot so that I wouldn't have to walk too much (I'm currently in a large leg brace which limits my mobility)... none of the other dealers ever thought to do that for me, and we went to A LOT of dealerships. He was very knowledgeable about the different trucks on the lot and was eager to answer any questions that we had.  The truck that we wanted was quite specific, and there wasn't one like it on the lot. When we spoke to Madison the next day he was able to track one down for us! Being first time new car buyers we weren't too sure of what to expect during the process, but he explained everything very well to us and was very patient. The entire process was very simple and very quick. The entire team at Cabe seemed very friendly and always made sure that we were being taken care of.  We will definitely recommend Cabe Toyota to all of our friends. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience.

Kathleen C.
2/26/2013       Click here to view all of Google's reviews .

My experience at Cabe Toyota was GREAT! I had to pre-order my 2013 Avalon the way i wanted it because it was not made in Moulin Rouge Mica with a Black Interiror. I waited a few weeks and Evan Morikawa was very hepful keeping me updated. Once the car was delivered I went to the dealer and was out in a matter of a few hours with a brand new car. If I have any questions about the car I shoot an email to Evan and he responds back, EVEN ON HIS DAYS OFF!! I am extremely happy with my purchases and the service Evan and Cabe Toyota Provide. Would Recommend it to Friends and Family.


If you are looking for a quick, simple yet reliable Toyota Dealership, then Cabe Toyota is the place to go!

I began my search for a car by visiting a competitor and was given the typical sales pitch and unpersonalble experience. After realizing that the out the door price of the Prius I wanted to purchase was being quoted as way above my budget, I decided to e-mail Cabe (and a few other dealerships in the area). 

Cabe was one of the first to respond with a very fair rate and professional demeanor.
The sales rep at Cabe was very flexible, quick to respond and within a few e-mail exchanges the car I wanted to purchase was within my budget.

The Cabe team quickly coordinated the delivery of my vehicle, called me upon arrival the next day and I was in and out of the office within an hour with the keys to my new Prius C. 

I highly recommend Cabe Toyota of Long Beach for the purchase of your next Toyota vehicle!

M. T.

Awesome service!

Very impressed with the service and professionalism--from the initial phone conversation until I drove off the lot with my brand new FJ Cruiser.  No hassle or haggling, simply straight talk.  What i enjoyed most was the amount of time the process took--I walked in and the drove off in a little over an hour.

Thanks Christina 

Pat N.

We have bought four Toyotas  from Cabe over the past few years. The service is outstanding, no pressure, no double teaming. I traded in once and the price was fair for a dealership. I try to use the same salesperson every time we buy and feel he is professional and knowledgeable. You know its a family owned business and I support 
family owned business. Kudos to Cabe Toyota.


Excellent experience buying a new car, the best part was that Joe has lot of patience and understood my needs rather that just trying to close a sale. thank you Joe, appreciate all the help buddy!


This was the last dealer I went searching for my FRS. At this point I was done looking for FRS due to poor lease prices from other dealers. I didn't expect much from here thinking my experience would be the same from other dealers. I was totally off on my assumptions. I called to get estimated monthly prices and Joe kindly gave me the numbers and it was satisfying! In fact, it was the number was lower than I was hoping for. Joe never pushed me into signing the contract, unlike other scion dealers around. When I visited the dealer, Madison took us in and helped us out with signing the contract and even let us test drive the car before getting into the car info and prices. Madison gave exact numbers that Joe told me over the phone which was beyond what I was hoping for. It was fast, accurate and reliable. Mike financed our deal fast and even took overtime getting us through the whole process. All of the employees I dealt with were very friendly and made us feel relaxed all the way through. Respectable dealer, no doubt.


because i had an excellent experience with costumer service, madison flores was able to explain me everything that i need to know about buying a car and gave me a very good deal!


Went to check out a Scion FR-S. Jason helped me out. Super nice guy, knows his cars! He was really generous with his time and expertise.


Several other dealers told me that the 4Runner in the color I wanted was nowhere to be found. So I dropped by Cabe Toyota, which is near my office in Long Beach. I was welcomed by Evan Morikawa . We discussed the vehicle that I wanted and Evan went to work. In less than one week, Evan found the 4Runner, brought the vehicle to Cabe, persuaded me with a fair price and I drove off the happy, satisfied owner of the exact 4Runner I wanted. Evan's efforts made the difference.


Madison Flores and the Cabe team went above and beyond the standard customer service standards. We drove from fontana to long beach based off the positive reviews and we were not let down with our experience. Thanks to Madison Flores and all Cabe toyota personnel for the great service and respect.


Cabe offered me a very good deal without playing any "salesman" games. The low pressure, friendly atmosphere was a welcome change compared to other dealerships I've been to. There are many other dealerships much closer to me, but it was worth the extra distance to go to Cabe. Evan was very friendly and also very thorough in explaining all aspects of the car and the sales process. I've bought a lot of cars and he was the best salesman I've dealt with!

            Click here to view all Edmund's reviews 

Cristina & Oni were the first to reply to my on-line inquiry the quot was right on and got the car I wanted in 2 days...the other dealers who responded could not compete and asked if I would change any of my requests.Cristina was and very professional..very good car buying experience Rich

Daniel H.

I hate buying new cars due to depreciation and prefer to buy used, but I had a wonderful and enjoyable experience buying my new 2013 FJ Cruiser here this past weekend.  With the exception of trying to get a better price on my trade-in, the whole experience was stress free, honest, and sincere.  I can say the customer service here is TOP NOTCH.  Immediately upon my arrival, someone greeted me and made me feel welcome.  Unlike some car dealerships I've been to where a sales person did not even approach me, three or four employees must have introduced themselves to me.  I quickly felt comfortable as the people at CABE really treated me more like a friend rather than a customer.

MAJOR PROPS to MEGHAN - I dealt with Meghan most of the time as she let me test drive the 4runner and FJ Cruiser.  She had a very good vibe and was easy to talk to.  She was very patient with me and let me fully examine both vehicles.  She even let me test drive the FJ by myself.  Heck, after I purchased the car, she even offered to take pictures of me with my new and old cars.  And on top of that, she texted me the photos the following day on her off day in Vegas.  That is what I call service!

Besides negotiating on my trade-in, I didn't really have to negotiate on the price of my FJ as I did my homework prior to coming here and I knew I was getting the best deal.

KUDOS TO STEVE for showing me ALL THE FEATURES on my FJ before delivery.  From my experience, I usually know more about the car I'm buying than a lot of salesmen, but I was really impressed by Steve's knowledge of the FJ.  He did a complete walk-through with me of the car and took his time showing me everything and answer all my questions.  He even paired my iPhone with the FJ's Bluetooth system for me.  

THANKS to Mike for trying to get me the best rate and hooking me up with a sunshade.  Keep on drumming!

John (I'm guessing the sales manager) was also a pleasure to talk to and deal with.

Overall, I had a great new car buying experience here and if I ever buy another Toyota, I won't hesitate to go to CABE.  

Now, I can't wait to get into my FJ and go for a drive!!

stop s.

bought a car here yesterday.  great service.  Much quicker than any sale I have been involved with.  Our salesperson, Madison, was great.

Crista B.

If you read my other review you'll see the horrible service I received from the Toyota dealership in Huntington Beach. 

I decided to come to Cabe, which is a lot further for me, though it was where I purchased my 2012 Scion TC. They were wonderful then, and they still are now.

I couldn't even walk in to use the restroom with out being greeted politely and asked if I needed any help. 

My car's passenger mirror was broken and they fixed it no problem. I was charged a total of 90 dollars. Which is yes expensive, but it's a new car and I don't have any mechanically inclined friends who would be of any help. :P The HB Toyota told me they have to replace the entire piece, and that they cannot just replace the mirror. That would have run me well over 300 dollars i'm sure. 

I also was having some issues with an obnoxious loud rattling noise when I drove at highway speeds and I could not figure out where it was coming from. The HB dealer told me there was nothing they could do about that, but when I spoke to the guys at cabe Kelly being one of them they assured me they would try to figure it out and they let me take it on the freeway with a mechanic to see if he could figure it out. Turns out it may have been something from the sunroof. They replaced a part and hopefully I will never hear the noise again, though if I do at least I know they care enough to check it out for me. 

To top it all off they gave me a rental car knowing I was not from the area, and it only had 2 miles on it. 

From the moment I spoke with them they treated me with respect and it was a wonderful experience, and they didn't even know my uncle is good friends with John Cabe. :P

I love love love them and will never go anywhere else to service my car ever again!

Bernadette O.

As a first time buyer of a new car, car shopping seemed so intimidating, especially since I am a young woman. However, everyone at Cabe Toyota made the process so easy! First, let me tell you, I sent a request through Edmunds for dealers to contact me with offers, and Cabe was the first to reply. Oni was a total sweetheart. She didn't make me feel pressured once. The phone call I had with her was SO different from the other calls--other dealers were SO condescending: "Sweet-heart," "young lady," "are you SURE that's what you want, sweetie?" "wouldn't you like the better model?" "come on cant you come in tonight just to look at them?" Ugh. But not Oni! She was so down to earth over the phone, and really made me feel valued. She was quick to do whatever she could to make me happy. This excellent customer service is what made me want to give Cabe my business. And when I got there? Even better! (My father, who went with me to co-sign even commented that he has never had such a wonderful car buying experience in all his years purchasing cars, co-signing with my mom and four siblings, etc). Cristina was an absolute pleasure to speak to. EVERYone there was so polite. No pressure. No sleaze. No BS!! I feel confident and happy about my purchase. I even got a follow up call to see how I liked my car. And this morning, I called the maintenance dept with a question about my car and they were happy to answer! I will definitely be recommending them to everyone who wants to buy a Toyota or Scion. And btw, my Prius C is SO awesome. I love love LOVE it. Thank you once again, Cabe Staff, for making my first time buying a new car an awesome experience.

Mike S.

I have dealt with numerous Toyota dealerships over the decades.  I moved to Long Beach, CA last summer and decided to get my Prius and Camry serviced at Cabe since it was closest of all Toyota dealerships.  Boy was I surprised.  When you arrive the place looks like a throwback to the 1970's with it's retro buildings and narrow driveway.  Once you start interacting with the staff, you realize that this is no ordinary place.  The staff are knowledgeable and genuinely courteous (none of that condescending fake niceness b.s. you get at most places).  The estimates are realistic and the final invoices are fair (no hidden charges that are difficult to argue).  Last month my Camry's electrical system was acting up after a break-in at home, so I had it towed to the service shop.  They told me that it would cost at least $320 just to remove the dashboard and test all the wiring to find the problem (which was going to be covered by insurance, fortunately).  The next day they called to tell me that they couldn't find anything, that the car was working fine now, and that they WEREN'T going to charge me for the labor.  This was so unusual, since they could have charged the insurance anyway for the $320, like most places would have done.  I appreciate their honesty and integrity and can think of no reason not to recommend Cabe Toyota.

Cecilio Rodarte

My experience at Cabe Toyota was GREAT! I had to pre-order my 2013 Avalon the way i wanted it because it was not made in Moulin Rouge Mica with a Black Interiror. I waited a few weeks and Evan Morikawa was very hepful keeping me updated. Once the car was delivered I went to the dealer and was out in a matter of a few hours with a brand new car. If I have any questions about the car I shoot an email to Evan and he responds back, EVEN ON HIS DAYS OFF!! I am extremely happy with my purchases and the service Evan and Cabe Toyota Provide. Would Recommend it to Friends and Family.


Ok, before I say anything, I must admit that I did not trust this dealership at all since everything I heard over the phone was too good to be true. I WAS PROVEN WRONG - and I thank Joe G.a for his patience while dealing with me and never giving up. BACKGROUND I am a member of a credit union (SchoolsFirst...woot woot) and they were offering me an awesome APR with a pre-approval which was to expire on January 1st. On top of that, if I purchased from one of the three (3) Orange County Toyota dealerships specified by the credit union I would receive an addition 0.5% discount. Pretty awesome, right? I used CarWoo, Edmunds, TrueCar, and CarsDirect to get some online quotes before I headed to the dealerships to negotiate. First dealership listed by was Toyota of Orange. I HATE THEM FOR MANY REASONS. If you ever have to buy a Toyota, avoid them. The price they negotiated was higher than what Cabe offered online and they told me that the only 2 colors I would find out of 900 dealerships was Silver and Beige. LIARS! Second dealership listed was Miller Toyota in Anaheim. They offered me a White car but again for more than what Cabe offered online quote. They said they could trade for the color I wanted but it would cost an additional $400. The last dealership I called said that they could get the color I wanted but there was no way I should believe any dealership that offered what Cabe quoted and get me the color I wanted without charging me extra. All three dealerships were wrong. EXPERIENCE Tina M. initially sent me the quote via email but the price was so low I thought for sure it wasn't valid so I put it aside. I didn't respond to her email and two days later she followed up which was perfect timing as it was the day after I visited several dealerships in which I got an idea of how many I was going to pay. She transferred me to Joe G., finance, as I had some doubts of the validity of the quote plus the incentives they were offering me. Anyways, my 0.5% additional discount was going to equate to over $300 savings spanning the life of my loan so I was trying to convince Joe that if he could take an additional $300 off to match the discount and an additional $75 for gas to travel back and forth from Anaheim to Long Beach for my Toyota Care. {Side note - in addition to the 2 year Toyota Care, Cabe includes a free 3rd year. If that isn't already awesome, they give you years 4 & 5 of free oil change. That is some major savings in itself!} Joe worked with my credit union directly and got me what I wanted through finance but he couldn't adjust the quoted priced. After I called my credit union several times to verify what Joe was telling me was the truth - EVEN THEY said that they have never seen a dealership go out of their way to make such a deal like Cabe. My credit union rep had her doubts too at first. Anyways, they had me sold and Joe G. went in on his day off (12/31/12 New Years eve) to make sure that my paperwork was ready to go when I got there. He left by the time I arrived at Cabe. I met John S. there who took over for Joe and Tina's behalf as they were both off and he did a great job starting the paperwork and showing me the car features. There was a little bit of confusion of they financial arrangements that were made between Joe and Sean, the finance manager, but somehow they figured it out. Jason helped us with the final paperwork and he was nice too. The final paperwork seemed a little longer than I expected but that could be because I was anxious to take my car home and make it in time for New Year's eve arrangements. The only little glitch, and it isn't even that bad, there was a little bit of confusion at the dealership and they called me looking for some financial paperwork but by the time I called my credit union to see what was up the credit union said the dealership contacted them already. FINAL THOUGHTS Again, I had my doubts but Cabe turned out to be awesome! I wasn't pressured once I got there for any additional features and the price and finance they quoted me was the price I paid. I even got the color I wanted which other dealerships told me was unavailable. If there service and Toyota Care incentives promised are as smooth as the buying experience of this car, I look forward to working with them for the next 5 years even if I have to drive 30 miles each way. It is one of my personal beliefs that family owned businesses should be be more powerful and competitive than major corporations so I double whammy-ed by getting the cheapest rate and supporting small business owners. Thanks Cabe! Tiffany


Bought a Tacoma here through the USAA buying service.  Easiest vehicle purchase I ever made. Vehicle was ready when promised. Paperwork was fast. No surprises. Friendly staff, not pushy but helpful. Based on the experience so far, I'd recommend Cabe to anyone and would purchase from them again.

Jason K.

I am not a great car shopper.  I don't know how to negotiate well and hate dealing with the bully sales managers.  It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  My process was pretty straight forward.  I went through Penfed's car buying service (which is essentially // wrapped by Penfed and supported by a ridiculous financing rate) and found a couple nearby dealers.  I contacted Pasadena, Cerritos and Hollywood.  I heard the all too common "there's no way we can meet that price", "you'll never find that anywhere",  and my new favorite "maybe you would be interested in a used car".

Anyways, somehow I didn't query Cabe Toyota Scion in Long Beach until today.  I do not know why I avoided them.  But they were the third suggestion on my Penfed car buying service.  So I started with an email communication with Oni Johnson there.  She was very responsive, courteous, and helpful.  It was pretty much a conversation over email, with about 10 emails going back and forth in about 20 minutes.  They gave me a very reasonable price, but I have to say there were two other primary reasons why I went to Cabe, along with the price being the most important.  1) They made for a very pleasant experience from beginning to end.  No hard positions, no games, no nonsense.  2) Cabe has a great warranty and service package - 1 extra year toyota care free, 5 years of oil changes free, and unlimited car washes (the caveat being that all of these services must be performed at Cabe in Long Beach).  Oni assured me on price and availability so I went down today. 

Once there, Oni said that I would be working with Cristina Morales for the test drive and to purchase the car should I decide that I want to.  Cristina was very professional, very kind and again, no hassle, up-sale, nonsense.  It was a very good experience and I didn't have to feel like I needed a defensive wall.  I know that I sound like an advertisement for Cabe.  But because of how unpleasant my experiences had been until today, I wanted to share a thorough review.  To sum it up, 1) solid price (OTD under 22K), 2) no-nonsense, kind, honest service, 3) great benefits in terms of extended service. 

If you're in Southern California and you're looking for a good place to go buy a Prius, give Cristina Morales and Oni Johnson an email or a call, trust me.  It was that much better than dealing with all the other sales people. 

Feel free to message me if you want some help or info while shopping for a Prius C.

M C.

Until recently we have been loyal BMW owners, 7 BMWs in the past 11+ years. We purchased a 2012 X5, but it appears to be a lemon. When we contacted BMW about the problem, their first question was: "Is this Buy's remorse?" Insulted and discussed, and the fact that the vehicle was not safe to drive, we decided to leave BMW. 

Looking over our budget, we were spending between $500. to $600 a month in gasoline plus a huge monthly payment. 

After much consideration and research, we decided to purchase a Prius Plug-In. We wanted to save money but it would allow us to have access to the HOV lanes in California.

Once we started our inquiry with various dealerships, the games began. Typical car salesperson behavior. EXCEPT for CABE TOYOTA!

Late one evening I sent an email, the next morning Tina had responded. She, replied with what she had in stock and the price. NO GAMES! The prices were at invoice, and below what other Toyota Dealerships quoted in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area.   

When we arrived, Tina had left for the day, but Cristina, Tina's manager took care of us. Cristina was with customers, she apologized, introduced Arron to us. Arron offered a test drive, answered our questions, and never pushed the sale. 100% professional! 

When Cristina met with us, 100% professional and no pressure. NO GAMES! When we said we would like to sleep on it, (having 3 vehicles until we are done with our case against BMW was something to think about). Cristina, said take your time, we are here and will hold the vehicle for you. 

Later the next day, we decided to go ahead and buy the vehicle. We were in and out in less than 2 hours. Invoice price, no games, friendly, and professional staff! The team; Tina, Arron, Cristina, and Jeff were outstanding. 

After this experience with Cabe Toyota, when it is time to trade in the "ok" BMW, we will have to go back to see Cristina's team and buy 2nd "GREEN" Toyota!

Honestly, I have bought and sold several vehicles in my life time and this was the best one ever. Save yourself money, time, and frustration, go to Cristina's team at Cabe Toyota in Long Beach, CA.

Jeremy K.

Bought 2 used vehicles from Cabe over the years. Great price on each car we wanted and was as promised before I drove in from North Tustin.  In each case, was in and out of the dealership within 1 hour.  No "game" back and forth with the "sales manager."

Just did a 50,000 mile service on my Sequoia 4WD with all items addressed.  Great price and good advice.  Saved a bunch of money.  

Next toyota will be a Cabe Toyota.  Good prices.  Good service.  Good vehicles.

Ann N.

We bought our car here after shopping around because Cabe offered us the best price on the vehicle.  They were also nearby so we took our car here for the regular 5k or 10k services.  The one thing I like about this place is that the people in the service department are honest.  They don't try and sell you extra bells and whistles or tell you x, y, and z is wrong with your car (when it isn't) to make a quick buck. 

Then we moved so I started going to the local Toyota dealership in HB for my services and needless to say that was an awful experience (see other review...).  I actually tried that other local dealership 2-3 times just because (sometimes) you can't beat convenience.  However, I finally caved in and made the drive back to Cabe on the weekends/my days off from work.  

At my last service appointment there was a small mix up with the time the vehicle was suppose to be ready; the Cabe service employee quickly remedied it and the operations manager even followed up with me to make sure everything was resolved/ok.  The waiting room isn't anything fancy, in fact HB Toyota's waiting room is a lot nicer, but I'd rather sit in a plain waiting room and have knowledge staff working on my car than a flashy waiting room with service reps. that are just out to make a quick buck (are they paid on commission?).  If you want top notch honest service go to Cabe, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Oh--and bonus point--they wash your car as part of the service appointment.  You can't beat that (my car is always in need of a car wash...).


Great experience. Very helpful. Extremely satisfied. I enjoyed my first experience buying a brand new car. Will recommend dealer to all of my friends. Thank you


They were friendly, efficient, and no nonsense transaction. I enjoyed buying my car from them. I got exactly what we discussed over the Internet and I would recommend them to my friends.


My wife and I were in the market for a vehicle to replace her 02 BMW 325i, as we have children and quite a few dogs (large breed - Dobermans); and the compact car (though fun!) was no longer really practical.

Searching through pretty much every auto dealer in California through, we settled on an 04 Toyota 4Runner SR5 (4.7L V8) from Cabe Toyota of Long Beach. For our needs from a size, performance, reliability, and price standpoint, it was the best for sale in a 300 mile radius from our home (Central Valley). Further research on both the vehicle and Cabe Toyota's excellent customer reviews made the decision clear.

Having purchased quite a few used vehicles at quite a few dealerships (eight, in all) all over California over the years, I can say without reservation that the experience at Cabe Toyota was the most positive I've had at a dealership. I can't think of another dealer I've purchased a vehicle from that I would take the time, the morning after a 450 mile round trip to Long Beach, to sit down and write a review about.

As the trip to pick up the vehicle was going to be an all-day event, I arranged the financing, trade-in, and price ahead of time so as to minimize the potential of anything unexpected and wasting such a long trip.

The staff that I corresponded with via email, Charlie Ellison and Oni Johnson, were nothing but courteous, professional, helpful, VERY responsive, and easy to work with. 

When I found that the V8 version of the 4Runner used a timing belt rather than the timing chain found in the V6 models; and that maintenance records didn't conclusively demonstrate replacement at the required interval, I arranged for the dealership to replace it prior to my arrival. This process was handled with no trouble at all, repairs were completed on-time. 

Arriving at the dealership and speaking with Charlie in person, I can say that he was as professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in person as in the email exchanges I'd had previously. Test drive, inspection, and trade in were excellent and hassle free. 
Zero pressure.

Same with Mike Shaw in finance. Fast, professional, offered an extended warranty, I declined, and we moved right along with an "Ok!" That was it. I do all of my own repairs, major and minor, and I've had to explain that at other dealerships before as my rationale for not purchasing the extended warranty; and I've never not had one continue to press the issue. 

The whole process, start to finish, was a positive one. I left impressed with they way Cabe Toyota conducts business, and would not hesitate to buy there again.

The only complaint that I have is after driving that 4Runner home, I started liking it a bit too much. And it's my wife's. Seriously impressed with the build quality on these Toyotas. I've owned and repaired Ford Broncos (78 and 91 - both 351 V8), a pair of '01 Kia Optima SE V6, a Hyundai Sonata V6, a Ford Explorer, Honda Accord, 01 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9CTD (still own), and 02 BMW 325i (e46). I've been pretty happy with all of those vehicles, they've all got their place; but I haven't been as impressed with ANY of them in the way that I am with this Toyota, in terms of quality.

Thanks again to the staff at Cabe Toyota!

ensenada E.

Just spent $30k at Cabe and am very happy. Would give 6 stars if I could. My buying scenario was "complicated" and they accommodated to make the deal. The overall deal was better then anyone expected. I went in for a certified car and left with a new one. I came armed with my own laptop to double-check anything they might say or do and did lots of research in advance expecting the worst, but instead they made my buying experience very pleasant. My salesman was Charlie Ellison and finance guy was Joe Garcia. I recommend them both and the dealership.


Cabe Toyota is the place to go for low pressure and the lowest price. I shopped around for months and looked into the clubs that refer you to their preferred dealership to give the "rock bottom" price and Cabe still beat their pricing. It was worth the drive from South Orange County!

Kevin K.

Best car buying experience I would recommend to my family and friends.

My sales woman was christina and she was very friendly and made everything happened so I was very satisfied.  I went through // and printed the quotation and went to keyes toyota and they were telling me the different price when I got there even though I called 2 times before to make sure they have the car.  So I gave it a last and final try with cabe and they had what I was expecting and process was super fast no haggle no stress deal!!!


Everyone at Cabe is professional and friendly. They work with you and really care to get you in a vehicle you want and the best service possible. This was the best car buying experience I've ever had. I will recommend this dealership to eveyone I know. Top notch and experienced sales and financial managers!

Manuel C.

Smoothest car buying experience I ever had. I did not have any drama, lies, disrespect or hassles when dealing with the sales person Lulu or the finance manager Jason.


Evan was great through the entire process. Extreme accommodating especially during the holidays. I would deal with him over and over again. I was very impressed with the whole dealership.

Daniel Acosta

We picked this dealer based on their internet reviews, and they lived up to their reputation. We were traveling on vacation and discovered the air dam on the bottom front of our Venza was sagging; it looked like one of the fasteners was missing. We stopped in Friday morning without an appointment to see if Cabe could help us out. Kelly was very responsive and brought our car right in to Michael, who discovered we were missing two fasteners. We were up on the lift, fixed, and on our way in less than 15 minutes. Our experience could not have been better. It's nice to know there's a trustworthy dealer in the area for the next time we pass through town. A big thanks to Kelly and Michael.

Albert P.

I took my car in for diagnostics (Prius PS warning indicator turned on) and a service adviser told me that there was a separate recall for my car. They cleared the indicator light which did not come back on, my power steering was working fine and they serviced the recall within one day. The service manager was very helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty when he described the results of the diagnostics and the recall. Definitely going to the place in the future and would recommend them to anybody who needs 1st class service. They have a very trustworthy and competent staff at their service department at Cabe Toyota.

Brian H.

Evan Morikawa & Meagan.  If you visit this dealership, ask for them.  Being a busy man, I didn't have time to waste.  These two salespersons were on top of their game and are very knowledgeable.  If you're looking for an excellent deal on a 2012, right now is the time to take advantage.  They will bend over backwards to get you in a car asap. 

Don't forget those two names: Evan or Meagan

Brian from the O.C.

Fran L.

Fantastic customer handling during our purchase of a new Prius III, gave us a reasonable value for trade and had us completed within 2 hours.  Evan Lewis was awesome and assisted us in the sales transaction.


I was referred to Cabe Toyota by my CPA through his good experience at Cabe and by Edmunds.Com as a five star dealership. I was not only surprised but very pleased with the entire positive experience at Cabe and Evan M. and the Finance manager, Jason. I have been drinving and buying cars for over 50 years and Cabe has been more honest and carried through with "promises" unlike any previous car-buying process before. Evan was able to dealer-trade for the 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LTD in the color and interior that I needed. I anticipate having continued good experiences with sales, parts and service at Cabe even though I live nearly 50 miles away. Thanks, MIchael

Jenna J.

I was looking for a certified used car and had already been to at least 4 other locations. I wasn't getting good vibes from the other places and had hard time communicating with the previous dealers to say the least. 

As soon as I walked into Cabe there was an immediate difference; everyone in the office smiled and acknowledged my presence which is amazing in its own right. Someone got up from their desk immediately and asked what they could help me with. They kindly directed me to Lewis and he showed me the car I was looking at online. Lewis was extremely kind and genuine-- as everyone was at this small, family-owned dealership. He simply answered all of my questions earnestly and did not go off on rants about how amazing the car is for x,y, and z reasons to try and force the car on me. 

The car purchasing process was ridiculously fast, especially for me being a first-time borrower. I needed some documents and couldn't take the car home first day, however, I returned the next night and Mike helped me process the sale in about 20 minutes right before close. I wasn't aware that they were closing because everyone was so nice and didn't say anything about it until literally the last minute. Mike was very friendly as well and made sure that I understood everything about my warranties and coverage, etc. Mike asked me if I knew how to get home and he gave me very clear directions without me even asking. I left the parking lot and had to turn around because they had closed the side gate and as I drove back past the office to go the other way, someone else came out of the office and apologized multiple times for already having closed the gate...the gate was closed because I was there past their closing time.

I just can't stress enough how kind and friendly and GENUINE every person that I came into contact with at Cabe Toyota is. They truly treated me like family and made my first car-buying experience as quick and painless as humanly possible.

Michael Serisawa

Our experience with Cabe Toyota and with Evan Morikawa and Jason (Finance Mgr)wss excellent, honesty and integrity. They offered the best price on the 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LTD. Other friends besides had recommended Cabe which lived up to their sterling ratings. Thank you Evan and Cabe.

Trevor R.

Leased my first car from Cabe Toyota.  Evan Lewis was great, and without asking he even found a promotion to get me $1000 off the down payment.  Lewis nor Jason (he helped us through financing) were pushy, or tried to get us to buy anything we didn't want.  All in all it was the best experience I could have asked for.

Tobey L.

This was an awesome car-buying experience.  I went in having done my research and wouldn't settle for anything other than what I wanted.  They didn't have the exact color car I had my eye on, but did everything in their power to get it.  They were very patient with me, letting me weigh all my options and didn't pressure me in the least.  The first dealership I went to almost had me in a car and out in an hour, and it wasn't a car I loved. Here, they let me take my time and make a decision I was comfortable with, rather than harassing me until I made a purchase. After about 8 hours of patience with me, I made an educated decision I felt strongly about and bought a prius.  Jorge even drove me to LAX to return my rental car at 10pm, well after they'd closed!  Fantastic experience, nice guys, not your typical car buying experience (in a good way!).

Diana C.

Out of all the dealerships I have been too, this location has the best customer service so far. There definitely weren't any pressuring and both salesmen that helped my family and I were very helpful with the process of buying a Toyota 2012 XLE Hybrid. Though the dealership is quite small, I believe that the customer service here is two times better than a larger car dealership. The overall atmosphere was family like and you could tell they are there to help you even if you are just browsing. No pressure, no hassle, and we also got the best deal hands down! The best part of this location is that the salesmen are especially helpful and knowledgable about the cars and the hybrid systems. My favorite part that really made my family and I a fan is the fact that they are honest and have no intentions to rip you off with unnecessary stuff. They go straight to the point, you either want it or you don' and if you do, we will inform you on it. Thank you, Cabe Toyota! I am now a lifetime customer and loving my new Camry!


We just recently purchased a Prius V three model from Cabe Long Beach Toyota and were very happy with the way Cristina and Jeanette treated us. No pressure at all and they were very patient with us in explaining the car benefits. Would definitely recommend this dealer to everyone who is thinking about buying a Toyota.

Lacey P.

I went to Cabe nearly two weeks ago to purchase a car they had advertised. I had set up an appointment with Cristina who was most helpful. The entire process was as simple as car buying can be. I was there for less than two hours and that was from start to finish. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new car.

Bruce W.

The CABE TOYOTA TEAM are true PROS! They tell you what they can do, they do what they say they're going to do and they do it professionally through the entire process. I STRONGLY recommend buying your next Toyota from CABE!

Morning Josh, Mike and Kenny?

WOW?my new Toyota Tacoma is UN-STINKIN-BELIEVABLE!

I wanted to take a minute to tell you (JOSH) how much I appreciate your very professional manner. From start to finish you responded to my every email and phone call in a timely and professional manner. Never once did I feel pressured and because of your approach you kept the door open and made it easy from me to come back to you with my tail between my legs so-to-speak.

Mike?I appreciate your straight forward approach and your willingness to work with me on the Platinum Extended Warranty. You made what is normally a long-drawn-out process quick and painless!

Kenny?for backing Josh and despite the personal loss of your Dad, you handled the transition from the other Dealership in a super quick but very professional way. You also kept me in the loop and I sincerely appreciate all you did behind the scenes!

You have a loyal customer and one who will confidently refer anyone looking to buy a Toyota!

David W.

Short and sweet: I got an AMAZING price on my 2013 Land Cruiser (a car I've wanted since my youth). Kenny R, my sales associate, was amazing, friendly, super helpful, and totally followed through! I would definitely recommend Cabe Toyota. It shows that Kenny cares!!

Christine SK

I was in the market for a Prius Two. I did my research - read car buying websites (edmunds, autotrader, etc.), ordered a report from Consumer Reports, talked to Prius owners and called several dealers. Some dealers refused to provide a quote over the phone (Santa Monica Toyota), some provided MSRP quotes (Keyes Toyota), but refused to negotiate at all over the phone. Cabe Toyota provided the lowest quote, which was a great price according to car buying websites and CR, and was willing to talk to me over the phone. No BS, no hard sales tactics, no pressure.  I worked with Evan Morikawa (sales) and Mike Shaw (financing), who were both really pleasant to work with. The whole process (from test drive to drive-off) took about 3 hours, but was relatively painless. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal on a Toyota.

Still Water Runs Deep

Took in the vehicle to get some service done on the vehicle since the price they are charging for that particular service was the same as Auto Pros in Montclair, CA.

Done in 2 hours while watching TV in their waiting area and trading war stories with the other customers that were there(just kidding).

No issues whatsoever.  Service Managers were on point.  Nice and Professional. 

They take cash or credit cards, no debit cards. 

I will keep them in mind when my next service is due.  They do have the potential to be a place that I would be a repeat customer. 

Thank U again!!!

Still Water Runs Deep

Took in the vehicle to get some service done on the vehicle since the price they are charging for that particular service was the same as Auto Pros in Montclair, CA.

Done in 2 hours while watching TV in their waiting area and trading war stories with the other customers that were there(just kidding).

No issues whatsoever.  Service Managers were on point.  Nice and Professional. 

They take cash or credit cards, no debit cards. 

I will keep them in mind when my next service is due.  They do have the potential to be a place that I would be a repeat customer. 

Thank U again!!!

Cabe Toyota of Long Beach was easy to deal with and we experience no heavy sales pressure. Provide fair quote through Was not the lowest price, but the additional year of Toyota Care (3-Years/36,000 instead of 2-Years/25,000) and free oil changes for 5-years provided us with peace of mind and sealed the deal for us. Stacy, Cristiana and Jason were a pleasure to deal with and found the Prius C package 2 that we wanted in Blue Streak with the accessories we desired. Other dealerships we went to just wanted us to come in and try to pressure us into buying on the spot whatever car they had in stock. Recommend Cabe Toyota of Long Beach for a fair price no pressure purchasing of a new car. 5-Stars!


I just bought my very first 2012 Scion xB from Cabe Toyota/Scion and am very happy with the service I received.

I knew that I was planning to purchase my vehicle through the internet sales department but wasn't sure which dealer to go with. After reading reviews throughout the internet I saw Cabe Toyota, read the reviews, and was sold. They had such rave reviews that a part of me thought maybe it was too good to be true...well I will be one to say it really is that good!

My first point of contact was with Tina Muniz. I submitted a query through their website and was contacted by her via email, which was my communication preference. She was able to answer all of my questions and her emails were always pleasant. Even with smiley faces...which I liked. :) When I decided to make an appointment to come in and take a look at a Scion she referred me to Evan Morikawa.

Evan contacted me via email immediately after being referred by Tina. We communicated via email and he too was helpful in answering all of my questions. I made an appointment to test drive a Scion and have to say fell in love with the vehicle. Unfortunately they didn't have the color I wanted in stock but I didn't mind waiting. This car was supposed to be my birthday present to myself which was in one week. Evan was aware of this and said he would do his best to get me the car before my birthday. During my wait time I had a few more questions for Evan and he was more than happy to answer my questions and even updated me on the progress of locating the car. Within the week and two days before my birthday he called to let me know the car had arrived and that I could make an appointment to come in to purchase it. I made an appointment for the same day and Evan stayed late, way past the time he's supposed to be there, in order for me to come in and take a look at the vehicle. That to me is service and shows that Evan does care about his customers. Before I drove off he made sure that all my questions about the vehicle was answered and he even helped me set up my bluetooth to connect to the Scion's radio.

Last but not least is Mike Shaw, the finance guy. He made the purchase of the vehicle easy. I understand that he does have to go through the add-on services with me and that I understood what was available to me at the time of purchase. However, there was no pressure from him to purchase the add-on services and he was willing to explain everything in detail to me.

All in all my experience with Cabe Toyota/Scion of Long Beach was a pleasant one. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Evan, especially, was a wonderful sales consultant who understood my wants/needs as a customer. The whole process was stress free, pressure free, and absolutely pain free, except for my wallet which did drop a small tear but it has nothing to do with the dealership.

I would 100% recommend you going to Cabe Toyota/Scion should you decide to purchase a vehicle. I would also recommend Evan Morikawa to be your sales representative, if at all possible.


Cristina, was great. I called her and told her what I wanted and what I wanted to pay.
She emailed me back a week later and said that she had found the car.
The whole process was quick and easy.

Nancy W.

My car buying experience with Cabe Toyota was great.
I called them from China and told them what car I wanted at what price. I told them when I would land at LAX and that I needed to buy a car soon after I arrived.
Cristina Morales sent me an email the day before I left China saying that she had found my car in the right color and price.
I landed, my son drove me to Cabe. It was quick and easy. Cristina was very helpful.

I will NEVER buy a Toyota anywhere else! I did my deal online. When I went to pick up the truck the deal was seamless. Lewis was honest and upfront throughout the whole deal, and there finance department was the best experience ever! Thank you Cabe Toyota for making this experience of buying my Tacoma the best by far.


I just bought my very first 2012 Scion xB from Cabe Toyota/Scion and am very happy with the service I received.

I knew that I was planning to purchase my vehicle through the internet sales department but wasn't sure which dealer to go with. After reading reviews throughout the internet I saw Cabe Toyota, read the reviews, and was sold. They had such rave reviews that a part of me thought maybe it was too good to be true...well I will be one to say it really is that good!

My first point of contact was with Tina Muniz. I submitted a query through their website and was contacted by her via email, which was my communication preference. She was able to answer all of my questions and her emails were always pleasant. Even with smiley faces...which I liked. :) When I decided to make an appointment to come in and take a look at a Scion she referred me to Evan Morikawa.

Evan contacted me via email immediately after being referred by Tina. We communicated via email and he too was helpful in answering all of my questions. I made an appointment to test drive a Scion and have to say fell in love with the vehicle. Unfortunately they didn't have the color I wanted in stock but I didn't mind waiting. This car was supposed to be my birthday present to myself which was in one week. Evan was aware of this and said he would do his best to get me the car before my birthday. During my wait time I had a few more questions for Evan and he was more than happy to answer my questions and even updated me on the progress of locating the car. Within the week and two days before my birthday he called to let me know the car had arrived and that I could make an appointment to come in to purchase it. I made an appointment for the same day and Evan stayed late, way past the time he's supposed to be there, in order for me to come in and take a look at the vehicle. That to me is service and shows that Evan does care about his customers. Before I drove off he made sure that all my questions about the vehicle was answered and he even helped me set up my bluetooth to connect to the Scion's radio.

Last but not least is Mike Shaw, the finance guy. He made the purchase of the vehicle easy. I understand that he does have to go through the add-on services with me and that I understood what was available to me at the time of purchase. However, there was no pressure from him to purchase the add-on services and he was willing to explain everything in detail to me.

All in all my experience with Cabe Toyota/Scion of Long Beach was a pleasant one. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Evan, especially, was a wonderful sales consultant who understood my wants/needs as a customer. The whole process was stress free, pressure free, and absolutely pain free, except for my wallet which did drop a small tear but it has nothing to do with the dealership.

I would 100% recommend you going to Cabe Toyota/Scion should you decide to purchase a vehicle. I would also recommend Evan Morikawa to be your sales representative, if at all possible.

Trvlr W.

I despise the car buying experience just because of the stereotypical car salesman. I recently purchased a new vehicle from a different car dealership and it was just a horrid experience. Now a few months later, my Father needed a new vehicle and I refused to return to that awful dealership. 

After some friends told me about internet sales and try utilizing my veteran status, I researched USAA, which had recommended Cabe Toyota, as well as a few other Toyota dealerships in the area. To be honest, I went to the other dealerships first because they were closer to home and was bit less expensive. Again, what an awful experience! So I drove by Cabe Toyota and they were closed. I didn't realize they closed at 8pm... but that was ok since it was dark and it's quite difficult to look at a vehicle without a flashlight.  

Now being a Vet and going through USAA, they already make a bottom priced offer. I actually called and asked for the fleet manager the next day and asked what the bottom price was for this vehicle. I asked if he would stick to that price if I came down within the hour and go for a test drive. So there I was. We did end up haggling for a lower price because one of the other recommended dealerships had a lower price. And (I think his name was Kenny) gave me that price, which was only $100 difference but hey, it's $100! 

I was in and out of there within 3 hours. Had a very pleasant experience. Even the finance guy (I forget his name) was a decent guy. He had mentioned his family was friends with the Cabe family and they have similar ethics (and in my mind, I was hoping it was good ethics). 

Within a few days, I got a thank-you for the Toyota Tacoma purchase and some other stuff in the mail from them. I would highly recommend this dealership if you are in the market for a new vehicle. Even though I'm not really a Toyota fan (my Father insisted his vehicle be a Toyota), I may just end up getting a Toyota from them the next time I get a new car! Anyway, I ended up getting an extended warranty on the new truck also. 

The reason for 4 stars and not 5. Since this was an internet sale and USAA made recommendations, they also gave my information (phone number and email) to these dealerships to contact me. Which means, they gave my information to one of their internet sales people who kept calling me, leaving voicemails and emailing me. It's too bad their salespeople don't talk to each other so they don't keep calling someone that already purchased a vehicle from them! 

Now imagine getting these calls from a total of 6 dealerships... so I stopped answering my phone and let it go straight to voicemail. Thankfully after a few weeks the internet salesperson stopped calling from Cabe - I still have people from the other dealerships calling and emailing me and it's been over a month already!


This was such a stress-free experience!  All the folks over there are helpful without being pushy and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a car.

Hina D.

My husband had requested quotes from We got 5 quotes from 5 different dealerships. Cabe Toyota gave us the best price and really helped us every step of the way. Meghan B. was super helpful and spend a lot of time with us to go over the different features in the Prius Plug In, worked hard to get us that car the same day in the color we wanted. The dealership itself is not your typical fancy dealership but it provides a warm, friendly, and helpful environment for its' customers and employees. All of the employees were quite friendly and eager to assist. We particularly appreciated how Meghan showed us how to program the car to charge our Plug In in middle of the night so that we don't get a huge electric bill ? this is something I know we wouldn't have figured out on our own, at least not right away. By the time the car was ready for our possession, it was closing time for the dealership, but Meghan and Jason (the finance person) did not rush us at all. Prior to going to the dealership, we had talked to Meghan several times, and each time she was very helpful and prompt in giving us the information we needed. This dealership genuinely works with you to give you the best possible car buying experience at the best possible price. Thanks Meghan for all your help and also thank you to the entire team of Cabe Toyota including Jason who helped us.

Jack Apple

I saw this 2011 toyota corolla s on the internet at an EXCELLENT PRICE. Tired of looking at other dealers i called CABE TOYOTA CHARLIE ELLISON answered after talking to him just for a few minutes on the phone i felt comfortable he was very friendly and knowledgeable on all my questions so i drove from orange county to long beach when i arrived i asked who was charlie ellison he introduced himself he was even nicer in person i said i called eariler on the phone about the 2011 corolla s he remembered my name a plus.

Though the location is quite small, the services and atmosphere in Cabe Toyota far surpass nearby larger sister Toyota/Scion dealerships. I went around to about five different Toyota/Scion dealerships looking for a new car, and at other dealerships, salesmen constantly pushed and pressured me, stating nonsense like, "Today is definitely the best day to buy this car, no doubt about it", "If you walk off this lot, we can no longer offer you any of our bonuses if you come back", etc. Yet here at Cabe, everyone was polite, friendly, and down-to-earth. Cabe employees are very honest, quick, and efficient. At other dealers, I would be waiting about 20-30 minutes for every little thing, but at Cabe, the processes were done immediately. Cabe does anything and everything to meet your needs and all dealerships should function the way Cabe Toyota does.

Claudia L.

If you are a hard working person who is looking for a reliable used car and want to get the most out of your hard earn money. We would recommend you go see Madison Flores at Cabe Toyota. He went above and beyond to ensure we drove off with the right car for the right price. We had visited a larger Toyota dealership earlier in the week and there customer service was nothing compare to Cabe Toyota everyone was kind and friendly. Thanks again Maddy !


This dealership is very easy to do business with. Evan was very responsive over email in advance, we had much of the information we needed before coming in. He was very helpful, friendly, and accommodating. This has been my best experience with a dealership ever.

We decided to visit Cabe Toyota after receiving their estimate for a 2012 Prius by email that beat any other estimate we had received. We were pretty sure we would get the car if they stuck to their estimate. They honored their quote and exceeded our expectations regarding their service. My husband and I thought we knew what we wanted, but the truth was we didn't know or understand all of our options. Christina went through the options, explaining the car better than any other dealership's sales rep we had visited in the past. We went back and forth between a couple of cars. One car had what we wanted with the exception of the paint color. Another car had the color we wanted but not the headlights. Christina was so patient throughout the entire process. She quickly found a car for us at another location and had it delivered to us at the dealership in a timely manner. We were able to leave the dealership the same day with a car we feel was made for us! The experience was not fast (our fault), but Christina's professionalism and friendliness made it a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the team that was involved!

From start to finish, my Internet buying experience was the most efficient, friendly and honest to date. Christina (sales) and Jason (finance) explained everything to help me make the best purchase decisions for my new 2012 Toyota Yaris LE. 

Dianne M.

Going with Cabe for our new Highlander was a great choice for us.  We tried several other dealers that either tried to pressure us into buying what they wanted to sell (instead of listening to what we wanted) or dealers that completely dropped the ball with their followup.  Because of the positive reviews on Edmunds & Yelp, I called Cabe:  Meghan answered the phone and we worked with her the entire time.  She found what we wanted at the price we were looking for & arranged to have it on her lot within an hour.  She was great to work with and was very friendly and helpful through the entire process -- my husband & I never thought it would be so easy.  There was no pressure to buy extras we didn't want during the finance portion either (Joe was very nice).  You won't go wrong here!


This was by far the best car buying experience we have EVER had! We requested quotes online from three dealerships via the Kelly Blue Book website. Cabe Toyota was the first one to respond?according to our request that preferred method of contact be by email. Evan Morikawa emailed in a matter of minutes, very professional and very precise. The email included all the details, complete specifications of the vehicle we inquired about and the quote which was already down to invoice price. Evan was on top of everything, answering questions and NEVER was he ever pushy like most car salesmen are. What we also loved about Cabe Toyota was their apparent team work. When Evan wasn't available we were never left waiting?he referred us to Cristina but when she wasn't available, we were referred to Jorge who took great care of us. And lastly to close the sale, Joe was wonderful?and we drove off our new Toyota Highlander VERY happy. Not only will we consider Cabe Toyota for future purchase but we will very gladly refer friends, family and acquaintances to them. Thanks again for taking care of us!

Mary Ellen B.

My husband and I just bought a new 2012 Camry Hybrid at Cabe. We went there because I had read such good reviews of the dealership. We were not disappointed. It was a very painless buying experience. Evan Lewis greeted us when we came in and showed us the car we were interested in. They didn't have the color I wanted but were able to get it for us by the  next morning. When we go to the dealership to pick up the car and do all the paperwork, it still hadn't arrived so they sent us out to breakfast, on them!  Every step of the way, the staff was helpful. No hard sell, even when they go over the optional packages - extended warranties, etc. The manager (Shawn) was very good about giving us the trade-in price we needed and Mike the Finance Manager was helpful, too. They really explain everything very fully.I liked that Mr. Lewis took a lot of time to help me understand all the features about the car and helped me set up my phone with the car. I felt very comfortable with the new car when I left the dealership to drive home.

I definitely would recommend Cabe. It was a good new car buying experience. I have no doubt that when the time comes, if my husband is looking for a Toyota, we will go back there to buy it. I will also try their service department.

Kristina Y.

This was the most painless car buying experience for me!  I had done my research and i knew what i wanted so i think that helped things go smoothly. 
Everything was taken care of online with Jeanette via email.  When it came down to sealing the deal, Jeanette was off that day so Meghan helped me out.  The color I wanted was not on the lot so she told me she would call me as soon as it came in, which would be later that afternoon or late as the next morning.  The car came in about an hour after I had spoken with her!  I went to pick up the car and in about an hour I was done and driving off in my new little car!  How easy is that?
Meghan explained all the features of the car for me and didn't make me fell like an idiot like some guys do.  I was worried because this was my first hybrid.  
When signing the papers, I did not feel pressured to buy the additional packages.  I was relieved!  But thank you for explaining in detail.
I liked the fact the sales guys aren't stalking the main entrance of the dealerships.  I find that to be intimidating!
I would highly recommend purchasing a car at Cabe to anyone who wants a Toyota!  I used to recommend other dealers but I am now recommending Cabe!

John H.

I typically hate going to dealerships for anything whether it is service or purchasing.  But, my wife needed a new car so I took a recommendation from a friend to go to Cabe.  

We were referred to Cristina Morales but when we got there she was busy, so another associate (who's name I'm sad to say I can't remember fully;  Ani I think it was) showed us around.  She was polite, and knowledgeable about the various models that she showed us.  She took great care of my wife and I until Cristina was available and then handed us over to Cristina.  

We hadn't really nailed down what kind of car we wanted, or even what price range we wanted to be in.  Cristina let my wife test drive several cars, and we never once felt rushed to make a decision.  After baking out on the lot looking at cars we went to her desk to talk.  She brought us cold water and sat down with us to go over options and pricing for several models.  She printed out several sheets with pricing and options for the Prius models, and did the same for several RAV4 models.  My wife and I sat there discussing the pros and cons for a bit, and Cristina helped us pore over the details.  We decided on a RAV4 and she gave us the price that she had printed on the price sheets she gave us.  She hadn't waited for a decision to be made to show us a price, it was on the table as we were making the choice.

Then we headed over to Mike Shaw, the financial services manager.  He was very friendly and amiable even after a long day with no lunch.  He went over the details of the loan and described all the extra options that were available to us.  We declined most of the extras (except for the GAP insurance) and he did not once try to hard-sell us on anything.  We went through all the documentation, even shared a few personal stories while waiting on paperwork to come and go, and we were done.  

We left Cabe with a brand new RAV4 at a great price.  Mike and Cristina are awesome.  This is the best dealership I have ever been to.  I had such a great experience I will probably buy myself a new truck from here when the time comes to do so.

Glen P.

I'm 45 years old and have been to dealerships all around the country and have not had a more pleasant experience then at Cabe Toyota.  I live near Power Cerritos Toyota and would recommend Cabe Toyota to anyone.  My service representative Guy Son was so professional and kind.  I never felt more welcome and taken care of.  I also met Boone Ran in parts.  These two individuals made my day and have a customer for life.  Thank you Cabe Toyots for taking care of your clients and making me feel special.

Barbara W.

We have always had a good experience at Cabe Toyota. Referred our neighbor and they had the best experience ever!! Thank you Cabe Toyota!


Evan honored us as new customers and gave us preferential treatment succeeding at meeting all of our needs in our attempt to purchase a new, affordable car. He was gracious and very patient. He made sure to go over every detail of our purchase and even endured our music we played for him.

He is a very thorough and efficient young man. Others we've encountered were more interested in just making a sale. Evan was more interested in us making the right purchase for us. That's important. A car dealer is in the business of making sure the customer is satisfied and that's what Evan did.

I must say, too, each of your dealers were very pleasant and greeted us with smiles, making us feel very comfortable. Christina was gracious and Mike Shaw was a delight to work with.

We will recommend your dealership to everyone we know and see. 

Thank you for serving us and we pray your business will increase and prosper, even as each of your souls prospers. Our prayers for success are with you.

Suzette R.

Just the thought of purchasing a new vehicle was overwhelming however the rising gas prices were killing me!  I drove an SUV that on a good day gave me 13 miles a gallon and was frankly breaking down on me.  I honestly held on to it because it was paid for and I did not want a car payment, however with the maintenance/repairs and the gas prices I was paying monthly,  I realized that I was in fact paying the equivalent of a very high car payment for an SUV that was nine years old!   

I went to Cabe Toyota and had the best experience ever!  My Salesman Joe Garcia was knowledgeable, courteous, patient, and very professional.  He showed me various cars and answered all my questions, I never felt rushed or pressured.  Joe was able to provide solid recommendations based on my driving needs and also offered me a fair trade for my nine year old SUV.   I was able to use my SUV as a down payment for a 2012 Prius which I absolutely love!  Did I mention it gets 50 miles per gallon! :)  

I would highly recommend Cabe Toyota and Joe Garcia to anyone who is looking for a vehicle.  Don't let the size of the dealership fool you, it may be small however it has that family owned feel to it that most large dealerships do not, you are treated with respect and not like a number.

Jay-Jay P.

Our purchase of the 2012 Sienna was so easy and stress free we couldn't be more happier. Although from the beginning, Cabe already gave the best price, we decided to visit a handful of other dealers to see how it compares. Not only were they not able to match/beat that price, but it seemed like they want to sell what they already have in the lot rather than find something that fits our budget and needs. 
We were taken cared of by Evan Morikawa, who kept in touch with us, pressure free, and got us the perfect Sienna which fits our exacting specifications. Evan was able to get a Sienna from a different dealer (we tried with other dealers and all refused, since they were getting rid of existing 2012 on-lot) which was exactly a fit for us. At the time, Cabe no longer had a 2012, but they went that extra mile to meet our needs.
The straightforward pricing, pressure-free customer interfacing, and the friendly atmosphere allowed for a unique kind of car buying experience, compared to the other dealers we visited.
Jason Webber, the finance service manager, was also extremely easy to deal with and the paperwork went by so cleanly and quickly. Thank you for making our car buying experience enjoyable!

Michele L.

This is place is awesome. I love the family owned dealerships. I came in for a service of my older sequoia so I expected to be bombarded with alot of suggestions from a pushy service guy but was pleasantly surprised  that they were not like other big dealerships *cough cough tustin toyota cough*. He gave me his suggestions I said maybe next time and that was it! WOW, never have had that happen. Even the service manager came out and introduced himself and thanked me for my service. I highly recommend Cabe Toyota in Long Beach!

Tara K.

Called down ahead of time that we were going to drive 3 hours to look at a Sequoia.  They took the sequoia off the lot and had our name on the hold sign.  Madison was extremely helpful, spent the time so we could look over the truck.  We didn't feel pressured at all and when it came to negotiating the price the money man came to us (at other Toyota dealers they had the salesman running back and forth).   
Cabe Toyota was very family oriented with the CFO and the owner working with the customers.  It was a very laid back, friendly environment that was worth driving the 3 hours to purchase our 2012 Sequoia.

Jennifer D

Our purchase of the 2012 Sienna was so easy and stress free we couldn't be more happier. Although from the beginning, Cabe already gave the best price, we decided to visit a handful of other dealers to see how it compares. Not only were they not able to match/beat that price, but it seemed like they want to sell what they already have in the lot rather than find something that fits our budget and needs. 
We were taken cared of by Evan Morikawa, who kept in touch with us, pressure free, and got us the perfect Sienna which fits our exacting specifications. Evan was able to get a Sienna from a different dealer (we tried with other dealers and all refused, since they were getting rid of existing 2012 on-lot) which was exactly a fit for us. At the time, Cabe no longer had a 2012, but they went that extra mile to meet our needs. 
The straightforward pricing, pressure-free customer interfacing, and the friendly atmosphere allowed for a unique kind of car buying experience, compared to the other dealers we visited. 
Jason Webber, the finance service manager, was also extremely easy to deal with and the paperwork went by so cleanly and quickly. Thank you for making our car buying experience enjoyable! -nina|jay p. Anaheim, CA


Long overdue review. I received my Scion FR-S from Cabe Toyota about 2weeks ago. It was the best experience I've ever had when purchasing a car. Evan Morikawa took care of me and kept his promise dealer addons, MSRP, kept the car as if it just came off the port and no holes drilled for the plates. Highly recommend this dealer for the customer service and no hidden gimmicks.

Paolo B.

Had a very pleasant purchase experience here yesterday.  Knowing that it was the end of the quarter, I went on a hunt for a 2012 Toyota Camry for my mother in law.  I also wanted to take advantage of the 0% APR financing deals.  I shot off an email to 10 local dealerships with a target price, and out of the 10 Cabe was the most professional from the start.  They were also the first to respond.  While their price wasn't the lowest, after reading their Yelp reviews I was convinced that price isn't everything when buying a car.  

From the get go, Jeanette Diaz was very helpful, and I let her know that we only wanted an LE model in the metallic gray color, no other options, at a set price.  After some pricing discussions with Jeanette, she handed me off to Meghan Burianek to seal the deal (all through email).  She found the car for us (it had to be delivered from another dealership) and our agreed upon price was honored when we finally showed up at the dealership.  No pressure, gimmicks, tricks, or upsells whatsoever.   Meghan kept us informed through the whole process as we waited for the car to arrive.  The financing step was easy as well, no fuss no muss.  

Car was washed and had a full tank of gas when we drove it off.  This was the easiest car buying experience ever, and we're glad we didn't focus solely on price.  Thanks to Jeanette, Meghan, and Cabe Toyota!

Gary G.

I scored the following because it was initially an inquire on the purchase price of a 2012 Prius Plug-In. Jeanette responded to my email immediately with the car and color of the 2012 Prius Plug-In. Also, I called her and she gave me a quote over the phone. I then decided to have her hold the car for me and then she sent me the car info. I requested the VIN # and immediately she responded back with it & referred me to Evan Morikawa (sales person). I confirmed my appointment. She later sent me an email with a new lower price of the car (due to maybe the manufacturer).
On the day of my appointment, I did not look forward to dealing with sales people. To my surprise, Evan was not like any other sales person. He was cordial, nice, pleasant, easy to talk to, down to earth person that you can relate to. Evan provided the monthly cost payment for each scenario. He made the process very pleasant. He also introduced me to Jeanette, who responded to me email. Later I was sent to Cristina and then Jason. Both took care of me without any pressure.
If I knew about Cabe Toyota last year, I would have leased my other car from them.
Kudos to the team at Cabe Toyota. I will definitely refer my friends and family to Evan, Jeanette, Cristina, and Jason.
Thanks again for the no stress, hassle free, car buying experience!!!!

Gerardo "Gary" G.

I, too, contacted them via internet sales. I contacted a number of other dealers as well. Josh was the first to respond, did everything he said he'd do, and followed up when he said he would. No one else did! I drove two and a half hours to make the deal, and everything was excatly as we said beforehand. No additional pressure; all were friendly, honest guys. You won't go wrong here.

Aiden A.

In September, my family purchased a used Scion with very low miles from Cabe Toyota, for me to drive. It's a fantastic car!  The experience was excellent, and we were treated well by their team.  The kindness and friendliness of our sales consultants were top notch, which was great, since buying a car is a big decision/sometimes lengthy process.  After visiting other dealers, we felt the most comfortable with Cabe.  A huge selling point was the warranty package. We first met and test drove with Rod Whitfield, and then he introduced us to the very hospitable, Madison Flores. Ask for either of them. I would rate this place high and recommend my friends and others in search of a pleasant car buying experience. Thanks, Maddy!

Bill C.

I'm havng trouble getting my review up but Kenny Rossi delivered both the vehiicle and the service at the outstanding level he has always done for our family.  This is our fourth car from Kenny at CABE.  Lowest price, exact car, timely delivery and took very little time.  Mike Shaw was great at processing our paperwork as well.  Wonderful CABE experience.  

Bill Christiansen

Vinayak S.

This is how car buying should be!!  I was in the market for a new Toyota Prius and called few dealers in orange county to get a confirmed out the door price. The usual answer was "You come here and then we will give you the price". Then I called Cabe  Toyota and then I realized that I have found the right dealer. 

Megan Burianek was very prompt and provided OTD price in an written email. Once I reached the dealership, she promptly answered all the questions and took me for a test drive. After selecting the car I wanted, she asked me to fill up the basic paperwork and in the next 20 minutes, after the credit check, I was already working with Jason Webber, the financing expert, who walked me through all the finances and showed me various options on any extras that I may be interested in. 

After the paperwork was completed, Megan demonstrated the cool features of the car and even help me setup and sync my phone with the car.

At NO point in that process, I discussed the price with anyone and did not feel any pressure about anything. The manager John Bambauer was available for any questions. 

Overall it was a very pleasant experience and I realized it was worth driving from Irvine to Long Beach to buy my dream car. I will definitely recommend my friends to this dealership.

Lois J.

A very good experience buying a vehicle at Cabe. Thank you Rod Whitfield and Jason Webber and everyone at Cabe. I recommend this dealership to others in purchasing a vehicle. 

Very positive and stress-free car buying experience. This is the third car we have bought online. Tina and Christina were honest, upfront, and there were no hidden agendas. Cabe Toyota reminds me of other family-owned car dealerships I have dealt with, they never pressured us and worked with us at our pace. Their price was very competitive with 20 other dealerships in So. Cal (only two were less and that was no more than $150), but we chose Cabe because of their approach to car buying with no-pressure tactics. Definitely will recommend to friends and will buy from them again. Worth the drive from the San Fernando Valley.


Thank you Madison for all of your help. We are very happy with our new car. Madison you are the man. We appreciate you. We are so grateful for your patience, kindness, and most of all for your time. Thank you for not pressuring us. You are a wonderful listner. We enjoyed your great sense of humor. This was my first time buying a new car, and i am so happy that you were the one to help me. Thank you again. You are one of Gods' Best. Cabe Toyota should be proud that they have you in their corner. Once again, thank you for all of your help.

Christina morales was fantastic. Very efficient, thorough and very great service. Worth the trip to long beach for such a great experience.

Yvonne P.

Was originally trying to get a Ford, when I couldn't get them to meet my terms.
(They were reasonable btw) I started looking elsewhere. I finally reached Cabe Toyota from True Car // andEvan M. totally helped me out. 
I couldn't believe it. I got the price that was quoted, "not a penny more."
I would recommend Cabe Toyota to any and all of my friends and family.
and I love my new Camry!!

Searched via internet. After receiving poor service from a dealer in N. Hollywood, I responded to Cabe Toyota. Cabe found and traded for the exact car I wanted and I picked it up all within 18 hours. Cabe Toyota is a small, family owned dealership that provides honest, professional, courteous and efficient service. Drive to Cabe from anywhere. You'll like the prices and the buying experience.

Melissa W.

Still in shock over how easy it was to get my new car. I have told everyone how spoiled I am to have had such an easy car buying experience. This is the first car I have purchased on my own and I was very nervous, having heard of all the horror stories of my friends and family. I was bracing myself for a long process and negotiations, and got the complete opposite! 

Lewis was able to find me the exact vehicle I wanted and his answer to any request was literally 'no problem'. There was no pressure from him and the whole experience was very relaxed and accommodating. From the beginning I told Lewis we weren't in a rush and were just looking to see what was out there. We test drove on a Sunday and I told him I was looking for a different interior color. He called the next day as promised and had located my car and was having it delivered. I went in to see the car and the price was still a great deal and didn't change even though they had to get it from another dealership. I didn't have to fill out any paperwork until it was time to talk numbers and I had decided I wanted the car he found. The payments came out to exactly what he had estimated on the first day and there was 'no problem' with no trade in and no money down. After all the finance and paperwork was done, even though it was after hours, Lewis sat in the car with me and showed me every single detail, button, and function, even so far as pairing my bluetooth for me! He also made a follow up call the next day, thanking me for my business and seeing if I had any other questions or concerns.

Jason was thorough and explained all of the finance details to me, which was important since I had never financed a car before. He wasn't pushy about adding on extra things like lojack, gap coverage etc. He offered everything, but didn't try to scare me into signing up! He was also very honest and friendly. 

I was in the dealership a total of maybe 2 hours from test drive to signing, which I now know is pretty much unheard of. I have been raving about my experience at Cabe and will continue to do so! Thank you so much and I absolutely love my 2012 Highlander!

Laura A.

I went to Cabe Toyota of Long Beach yesterday I got a brand new Prius C!! Not only was Dan Duddridge the easiest and most pleasant person to work with, his staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help wherever needed..Jorge Briones knew the car so well I left there feeling like I had driven a Prius for years! Cabe Toyota made the process of purchasing a new car easy and relaxed! I would highly recommend Cabe toyota for your next car purchase. Thank you Dan and Jorge! I love my new car.

Dils S.

Rating car buying experience only. Great to work with Kenny. Felt no pressure at any time. Was able to get a quote via email. They were able to get me a great 60 mos finance rate. Finance guy offered extended contract and other stuff, of course. But after a polite no thanks, he didn't press on. Overall I'm satisfied and would return for future car purchases. Loving my 2012 Prius, BTW.

Phil A.

The staff at CABE TOYOTA was excellent in handling the leases of 2 of our family Prius's. Jorge Briones, Joe, Assistant Finance Mgr and Store mgr, John in finance and Jason were all very thorough in my process. My experience overall was a 10!!
My hat goes off to Dan Duddrige for his generosity in all of this, thank you.

Cristina K.

Decided to buy a Toyota Camry hybrid, called a few dealers whom all wanted more info from me than I could get out of them. I just wanted info on their inventory.  Called Cabe Toyota who was helpful and to the point.  I did some shopping and Cabe was competitive. We purchased the vehicle that we wanted; we asked many questions and got straight answers. I was pleased to fine myself in an inviting environment simple yet a professional place.   No hint of deception, in this place. I just wanted to add that I am still getting phone calls from the "other dealers" whom I had declined to give them my phone number (they must have got it from caller ID). Nice people.

Grant B.

Meghan Burianek sold me a car from Cabe Toyota. She was very helpful and even figured out a way for me to get a better car without having to spend more by utilizing promotions. No joke. These people are really nice.

Monica H.

Went to way too many dealerships before I found a good, honest, and affordable one! I got my Lexus RX 330 with everything I wanted inside and out for a great deal. Charlie/Finance staff were extremely helpful and nice.

I would highly recommend Cabe Toyota to my friends and family :o)


Very Friendly. Timely and helpful responses. Good financial deal. No heavy handed sales push like another Southern California Toyota dealer I went to first. Recommend highly.

Steve G.  

I had a great experience with Cabe Toyota, Long Beach.  I can't really critique Cabe's floor sales associates (the salesmen that approach you when you visit any dealership), as I "purchased" my car through their internet fleet division. After all, the best way to get the most competitive no haggle price on a car these days is through the internet.   I used // to customize the Prius I was interested in.  Edmunds let's you choose the make/model of the car you want, as well as customize with the options you desire, letting you know the final Invoice Price, MSRP Dealer Asking Price, and what Edmunds considers a fair price to pay for the car (somewhere between MSRP and Invoice).  I then used Edmunds to solicit a price quote for this particular car from various dealers in my geographic area.  Tina Muniz from Cabe Toyota's Internet Sales division was very prompt in emailing me back a quote for the car I was looking for.  Over the next 24 hours I would receive emails with quotes from the other dealers I queried as well.   I would consider Cabe's quote to be quite competitive -- it was not only lower than what Edmund's considers to be a fair asking price for the car, but even a few hundred under invoice.  And almost 3K under MSRP.  A couple of other dealers who emailed me were $1,000 - $1,400 more expensive than Cabe's quote.  Now, I did receive one quote from another dealership a few hundred lower than Cabe's, but just as you're here reading dealership reviews, I read them as well -- and was put off by the very mediocre feedback others had left for that other cheaper dealer, and was skeptical of the deal.  So I gladly stuck with Cabe.

Tina was absent when I went to purchase the car, but Christina Morales took over and was wonderful to work with.   Ironically, the car I purchased from Cabe had just come over from one of the other dealerships that wanted $1,000+ more.    Christina patiently went over all of the car's features, and made sure I was 100% comfortable with the car by inviting me to take a test drive in it.  (Another dealer told me they don't allow test drives in Prius, and also told me MSRP is not negotiable -- bye).  Christina was very efficient with the closing paperwork, and their were no hidden fees beyond the standard document & license fees.  Christina also made herself available after the sale to answer any questions I may continue to have about the car.  Toyota was running a 0% for 36 months promo, so I did decide to finance, and received attentive service from Jason, their financier.  He politely reviewed options for extended warranty & paint protection, but was not heavy handed in pressuring me to purchase these options.

Cabe is a modest dealership -- it's not one of those sprawling, glitzy dealerships -- but why pay for some huge dealership's overhead?  If you really miss the atmosphere of a bigger dealership, go look at cars over there, but when you decide on the model you want, give Cabe a shot at quoting you a price.  P.S. - Cabe also offers free car washes to customers, if you're not one to wash your own car.

Larry S.  

I'm a lawyer so I think it goes without saying that I'm a difficult buyer and I had no intention of purchasing a new Prius Plug-In when I went to Cabe Toyota.  After some research and speaking to other people and hearing their quotes, I had an idea of what a fair price was for the car.  To my surprise, Megan offered me an extremely fair price as her initial quote.  Appreciating her offer we closed a deal that day in under an hour.  It was the most relaxed auto buying experience I've had to date and frankly but for the way the whole experience was handled I would not have bought my car.  I've been to dealers in the past where I've walked out on the negotiation and unfortunately that has happened on more than a few occasions.  Every person's experience will be different, however, I wanted to share mine as it was exceptional all around.

While searching for a car, I started with Edmunds and found good reviews of Cabe Toyota specifically Cristina Morales. She responded quickly to my request and sent me 2 qoutes for a Highlander SE and Limited. I took my wife and kids with me to help with the decision. We purchased the Limited Edition for the price we're qouted. Christina redefines car buying experience for us. I highly recommend her and her team.

Steve K.  

I just want to write an updated review and give thanks to the operation manager Dan D. and service manager Rico for taking care of my Prius today. After a not-so-thrilling experience with the sales manager two weeks ago which unfortunately resulted in us purchasing a Prius C Four from another dealership and me writing an updated scathing Yelp review for Cabe Toyota (now redacted), Dan reached out to both my girlfriend and I and expressed sincere apology and persistent commitment in regaining our trust. Between exchanging emails and phone calls, I rescheduled my appointment (which I've canceled due to our recent purchasing experience) to have my Prius PLUS lowering springs installed. The Prius was dropped off at 7:45am and the entire process was done at exactly 10:30am, including a complimentary car wash. The whole process went seamless, from dropping off the car, to getting our rental, to returning the rental, paying the cashier and picking up my car. Besides going to the service department for my complimentary car washes, this is the first time I've had work done to the car by a dealership in all the previous cars I've owned. If this is the service and speed I can expect from Cabe Service Department, you've already won us back as customers.

Over the past twenty years I've purchased cars from Honda, Ford and Lexus dealerships. By far my best experience up to this point has been at Lexus dealerships so I wasn't expecting much from Cabe Toyota, but the other reviews are right on. They emailed me a competitive quote right away, had me in and out of the dealership in about an hour and a half. They even apologized for the length of time it took, which was amazing considering I've spent easily double that time at other dealers. Our sales person Cristina and finance guy (Jason?) were top notch no pressure straight talking easy going people. Cabe's lot itself may be a bit small and a little old, but they have a surprisingly large inventory to choose from and I wouldn't hesistate for a second to buy another car there or to recommend friends and family.

Regan W.  

Best service! Christina got me EXACTLY the car I wanted and answered all my questions. Love the "feel" of the didn't have that "Mega" dealership vibe. Definitely going back for our next purchase.


Last Saturday we drove into Cabe Toyota to just look at new vehicles and ended up buying a new Prius! The experience was OUTSTANDING, right salesperson, Mr. Charlie Ellison, exact car (model and color), great price, and rapid processing of the transaction. If you want to buy a Toyota, new or used, go directly to Cabe and talk to Mr. Ellison, and you will not be disappointed.


I purchased a new Toyota Rav4 Sport and had a great experience with Evan Morikawa and Mike Shaw. Evan provided excellent customer service and I really appreciated his help finding the right car at the best price for me. He answered my questions directly and I never felt like I was getting the run around. At no time did I feel pressured or rushed in the process. 
When I had some concerns about the financial documents, Mike was extremely helpful in resolving my concerns, explaining all of my options and assisting me through the process. 

Thank you Cabe Toyota and to your entire support team, for making my buying experience so wonderful. I would recommend this dealership to anyone.


We were very happy with our experience at Cabe. The staff were helpful, informed, and not pushy. I would recommend this dealership to anyone interested in buying a car. We have also used their service garage and they too were excellent.


Christina Morales made our car buying experience pleaurable. My family was impressed with her sincerity and honesty. If you are in the market for a car, I would recommend giving her a call. You will not be dissapointed.


The people there are very friendly and try to help you out the best they can. They dont try to rip you off, or do anything to get you the car. There is no pressure like at a typical dealership. There first quation isnt " what can we do to get you to drive the car off the lot today?". I told them three weeks ago I was just looking they helped me then and there was no pressure to buy a car. I came back when I was ready and the process was very easy and now I own a Prius c three.

Chuck Blanford

We live in San Clemente, CA. That is quite a distance from Cabe Toyota in Long Beach. Purchasing our RAV4 from Cabe was one of the best experiences we have ever had purchasing a new car. they offered a fair price for our trade in [1999 RX300] and a very fair price on the new car, which they had to order from the factory. The service team is excellent also. We intend to use them for service even though a distance away. Mike Shaw has been on top of our purchase since the beginning and has provided a loaner since we live so far away. Would I go back there again? You bet I would!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!! A fine group of employees!

I had used consumer reports and edmunds to research my vehicle and locked in to a new 2012 Prius III. I reached out to about ten different dealerships requesting price quotes and many wanted to pressure me into coming in. I work long hours and haven't owned a car in a few years so I wanted to do as much work over the phone and email and just go in to sign the paperwork and Cristina at Cabe was very accommodating to that. She was very timely in her responses to me and offered me the a great price. I had finally narrowed it down to two dealerships that offered me the same price but decided to go to Cabe because of how please d I was with Cristina's customer service. The visit was painless and she had the car ready for me to test drive, we got to work on the paperwork and next thing I know, I was out the door, in my new car. Thanks Cristina and Cabe! Will definitely recommend you to friends and family should the occasion arise.


Absolutely the best experience I've had purchasing a new car! After dealing with several other dealers with questionable practices, I sent an email to Cabe Toyota not expecting much. To my surprise (and delight), I received a quick reply with a quote that was better than all of the other dealers and almost matching the "one only" ads that dealers never seem to have in stock. Cristina was a pleasure to work with and I was in and out of the dealer in no time. Do yourself a HUGE favor and avoid all of the BS from other unethical dealers. Go to Cabe for the best deal and BEST experience!!

I bought my new 2012 Prius through Cristina Morales at Cabe Toyota. She has a great attitude, she will let you know what her bottom line is, she doesn't play haggling games and she gets you in and out in an hour which I love. Also, the used car manager was great. He gave me a really awesome deal on my trade in and made me really happy. The best part is that you get unlimited car wash as long as you still have the car you bought from there!! I highly recommend Cabe Toyota and Cristina Morales is definitely the go to person at the dealership!

Tony Del Pinto

Cristina Morales and Cabe Toyota were an absolute delight to deal with! After negotiating with several other dealers and getting caught up in questionable practices at DCH Toyota, I sent a "blind email" to Cabe not expecting much. To my surprise, I got an email with the best price, copy of window sticker, and quick responses to all my questions. After buying over 20 new cars in my life, Cabe was the BEST experience I ever had!!! Do yourself a favor and avoid all the broken promises and BS, go to Cabe first and don't be disappointed!

Hugo L.  

Here's the deal, Looking for a new Camry, Emailed a whole lot of dealers late in the evening, Kat responded and followed up in the morning. To tell you the truth, CABE had the lowest price amongst all the Toyota dealers and Kat was Honest easy to deal with and diligent in responding with offers and counter offers. No push and I felt relaxed in dealing with her. A true professional in what used to be thought of as a hard sell and unscrupulous business. Not so any longer with people like Kat doing their honest and best for the consumer. Thanks so much Kat and CABE for your diligent assistance in my car buying adventure! I'll be buying a few more vehicles I'm sure!

Way to go CABE Toyota! I Like the way you do business!


I just walked in Cabe Toyota and Evan helped me a lot. His way to take care of his customers is very nice and kind. Though I could not leave any deposit with a reason but he was still nice and kind to me (means he did not change his attitude to me though I did not have money with me and was not sure I would buy a car or not). This was the reason I decided to go back to Cabe Toyota and bought a car which Evan showed to me (yes, of course I liked this car). Without Evan, I did not buy a car at Cabe Toyota. Thank you, Evan, for being nice to us.