Replace Your Toyota Car Battery in Long Beach, CA

Get Battery Service & OEM Replacement Batteries from the Cabe Toyota Service Center

Traffic throughout the Los Angeles metro can be time-consuming, and the last thing Long Beach drivers have time for is a failing car battery. Start your Toyota with ease and enjoy a smooth L.A. commute with a car battery performing at full capacity.

When your battery is failing, turn to the Cabe Toyota service center in Long Beach. We provide full battery service and OEM replacement batteries when a swap is needed. Test your Toyota's car battery in Long Beach, CA today!

Benefits of Battery Service in Long Beach, CA

Your Toyota is unique, which is why no ordinary car battery will do. At Cabe Toyota, we provide California drivers with Toyota TrueStart™ batteries that meet or exceed Toyota specifications for all models. These genuine Toyota batteries also come with warranty service and repair.

Toyota-certified technicians are the trusted service professionals to properly test your battery and install replacements. They use advanced diagnostics to test the car battery's voltage and remaining lifespan. We're the experts for battery service in Long Beach, CA!

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How Often Los Angeles Drivers Should Change Their Toyota's Car Battery

For peace of mind and stress-free starting, Cerritos drivers should have their battery tested at every service visit to Cabe Toyota. In Southern California, battery life expectancy is three to four years. Some batteries may need to be replaced beforehand.

Signs You Require a Battery Replacement

  • The car battery is old and well past its three to four-year lifespan.
  • Carson drivers experience inconsistent starting and notice a sluggish starting cycle with a slow engine crank. The ignition may make a clicking sound.
  • Lakewood drivers see the battery light illuminate on their Toyota's dashboard.
  • Long Beach drivers open the hood to find a swollen or cracked battery case. Watch for stain and corrosion on the battery terminals or leaking acid.
  • It's difficult to start your Toyota in extreme hot temperatures.
  • Your electrical components are failing, such as cabin lights and headlights.

DIY Battery Info:
Know How to Replace Your Car Battery Safely When It Dies

Car battery replacements can become a DIY project for Los Angeles drivers, but they should know how to safely secure their new battery when swapping out their dead one.

To replace the car battery, disconnect the negative battery terminal first, followed by the positive terminal. A socket wrench will suffice. Remove the car battery before cleaning the car's battery terminals. This will remove any built up corrosion.

Then install your new battery and place it with the positive terminal first, followed by the negative. This is the inverse way you removed the battery. Tighten the battery terminals with the wrench and make sure the replacement battery is secure.

Compton drivers can then close the hood and start their Toyota to test the new Toyota TrueStart™ battery they buy from our Toyota parts center in Long Beach.

Schedule Service Online for a Battery Test & Potential Battery Swap

Have the factory-trained technicians at our Toyota service center in Long Beach install your replacement battery. Once you schedule a service appointment online, we'll test your car battery. Swap out your old battery with a Toyota TrueStart™ battery. Cypress customers can save money on a new battery by browsing Cabe Toyota's service specials.

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